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The Gemini Phase Of Seven Year Cycle

Gemini is the third phase of a new seven-year cycle and its archetype is The Twins. The Twins symbolize changeable perceptions and a mercurial disposition.

During the previous phase there was a reorientation in your life based upon a new or truer sense of what was truly valuable and self valuing. In the Gemini Phase you must now struggle with the ramifications of that choice, with the ‘new environment’ of the psyche that the reorientation necessarily thrust you into.

GeminiIn this phase your struggle is with your most immediate environment and with your relationships in that environment. In this phase you may experience your most intimate relationships and your immediate environments, the circumstances where you work and where you live, as lacking something essential. You have a need for some sort of essential support ,”friendship”, intimacy or acknowledgment of your needs.

You may establish other relationships and friendships at this time and explore those relationships and what they “mean” to you on some essential level. You struggle to understand your closest relationships and what you need in an intimate friendship, a heart friendship. You also explore your environment. The actual environment you may be in may not be ‘it’ in some fundamental sense.

You have gained a new sense of self hood and you seek an intimacy of environment that supports this new self. There is a need to develop real and accurate perceptions of ourselves and others and communicate them. You may feel extremely vulnerable during periods of this phase, struggling with the sense of feeling whether you are valued by others in your immediate environment.

There may be more need for close personal friendship, acknowledgment of those close to you. Once you have been ‘brought down to earth’ in the Taurus Phase and have lost some of your basic supports of your past life, in the third phase you move through a period in which greater self-understanding becomes critical.

Issues will arise during this phase that force a close examination or scrutiny of the truer underlying motives or ‘logic’ of your character structure. In the second phase you ‘lost’ some of the ‘things’ you had held onto to ‘worth’ yourself, and had undergone a resultant crises. In the Gemini Phase you get to take a closer look at the ‘rational’ and logic of your character. You come to a more thorough self-understanding.

In the Taurus Phase you were ‘asked’ to relinquish some of those very basic ‘things’ with which you had ‘worthed’ yourself. In this phase you begin to look around for the new ‘thing’ that will ‘worth’ you. This phase is thus an exploratory time also. New projects, new ideas, new ventures come forth; yet fundamentally these ‘projects’ may prove to be short lived. The essential ‘purpose’ of this phase, if you will, is to allow a certain level of self-understanding to arise relative to ‘how’ you are and ‘why’.

With the passage of the Taurus Phase you have chosen a new life and as a result must struggle to “get a grip on” what is going on. You may experience feeling quite lost. This forces a dependency upon close personal relationships as you steer your way to come to grips with your new world.

Your ‘self’ is mutating through it’s interaction with this new environment and world to which you have committed yourself. Your relations with others become important as a means of guidance, yet your relations with loved ones can become confusing as you attempt to understand what you feel you perceive to be true about their responsiveness or lack thereof. In the Gemini Phase you assimilate with this new environment, exploring it and being cast about emotionally as your old means of adapting no longer suffice.

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