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Gemini Rabbit Personality

Rabbit GeminiThe Rabbit – Gemini is, for lack of a better word, jumpy, and no one can predict which way you’ll jump next. Too much is not enough for you — the Gemini within you is constantly bored and crave round-the-clock stimulation from those you see as your entertainers, up to and including your significant other.

Once the show that is never supposed to end finally ends, as it must, you’re out the door faster than one can shout “abracadabra!” in search of the next big thrill.

You really need someone who can calm you down long enough to make use of your considerable Rabbit-sponsored powers of inventiveness, but it’s difficult for you to consciously accept the role of underling.

An astute balance of responsibilities works best in conjunction with your fervent creative side: let someone else shovel the coal while you drive the train.

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