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Gemini Rat Personality

Rat GeminiOthers had better keep an eye on you for your Rat-induced tendency to become that which they fear most — a terminally self-obsessed egomaniac! A social hummingbird with zest to spare, you’re an erratic lothario (courtesy of your Gemini heritage) who is only in it for the cheap thrills.

Long-term relationships are anathema to you — Rat – Geminis suffer from an extremely abbreviated attention span. Generous to a fault as far as your friends are concerned, you also tend to spread the wealth by treating your social calendar as a vast game of “musical chairs,” with different participants every week.

Same thing with “the blame game” — it’s always everyone else’s fault when something goes wrong. (This can make you especially unpopular in a job setting if allowed to go unchecked.) Fun when kept firmly in hand, you require a steady partner that can put up with your kaleidoscopic antics without getting too frustrated or losing faith altogether.

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