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Gemini Rooster Personality

Rooster GeminiMutual respect can be a tricky balance to achieve in any relationship, but for the Rooster – Gemini it’s more difficult than for most. While you despise weakness in your lovers and absolutely cannot tolerate any clinging dishrags, you also can’t stand being ordered around like a galley slave — your Gemini’s reasoning being that if you wanted things that way, you’d enlist and at least get paid for your servitude.

Your major flaw lies in your Rooster-born tendency to rely on your own commanding presence to bully people into doing it your way or hitting the highway. This can insulate you from your co-workers, if nothing else.

Conversations with you have a habit of degenerating into gale-force arguments when no one is paying attention, because of your irrepressible combative streak.

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