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Gemini On Second House Cusp

Gemini in 2nd house – Gemini on the cusp of the second house

Your ideas, thoughts and your communications and expressions of them assist you in obtaining or generating the financial-material-physical resources to meet your basic survival needs. You may have many money-making ideas, which once implemented may provide you with multiple sources of personal income to support yourself and your desired lifestyle.

That, or you may find your personal finances to be rather erratic, not being able to count on a steady or consistent income. Use your brilliant mind as a resource to market to get opportunities to make money or stabilize your financial-material resources.

With Gemini in 2nd house we are dealing with values – not so much relating to the material mundane affairs such as possessions, money, that sort of thing. Many Geminis tend to have less of a value to money or possessions, although there is a quality in Geminis which demonstrates itself in liking old things, family heirlooms and possessions, and not wanting to let go of homes and places where they feel comfortable.

The karmic responsibility of the value aspect of the second house is more concerned with the value of knowledge, finding true knowledge and knowledge as it is to he used in life, not just seeking knowledge out of a curiosity viewpoint or being intellectually involved with knowledge, but knowledge applied in the practical aspects of life, and its value rests in application and communication.

On the second house there is frequently more of an interest in self values rather than in material values. And yet this is the house of self-awareness. On the cusp of the second house emphasizes once again the conflict with Gemini because this is the material side of life, and yet by direct reaction to the eighth house, there is the balance that can be struck through involvement in Metaphysics or the search for Higher Truth.

Also by direction to that eighth house, there is the responsibility of Gemini on the cusp of the second house for the manner in which he completes the Search for Truth or the conclusions he arrives at in his thought processes. In other words, it is how he mentally finishes things instead of leaving unfinished things lying around, untied threads so to speak or loose strings.

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