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Gemini September 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our September 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Gemini Zodiac Sign!

Gemini September Monthly Horoscope 2016- Overview

Dear Gemini, your mind is sharp, and you are keenly perceptive in September 2016. You can get to the heart of the matter, and this can be ideal if you need to edit or redraft work or if you have to use your words very succinctly to have a big impact.

The aspects in September 2016 favour mass communications, and so if you need to publish something or get your voice heard, on a matter of importance to you personally or to your work, this is an ideal time. Your words and the way in which you speak and communicate will have a very big impact and lasting effect.

Choose your words carefully as what you say can have a more dramatic effect than you think. Play your cards close to your chest and do not be as trusting as you usually would with colleagues and extended family members. If you have a secret, then do not tell anybody if you want it to stay a secret. You can be highly persuasive during this period, and so if you have to manipulate a situation to your advantage, this is an opportune time. You are very strong-minded right now, and you are far more likely to sway opinion than to change your own opinions.

September 2016 Gemini Monthly Love Horoscope

“We can’t go on together with suspicious minds.”

The Elvis classic may be apt in September 2016 as you are prone to distrust and perhaps are reading too much into your partner’s actions. You are craving attention, love, and affection right now, and you must be aware of a certain Diva-like behavior which may have the effect of alienating rather than bringing you closer to your partner. When you do not get what you want when you want it from your lover, you may become paranoid about his/her feelings about you, instead of realizing that perhaps your demands for attention are quite exhausting right now.

If you feel a little neglected, do not resort to cell phone checking and controlling behavior, just go off on your own and enjoy yourself. For Gemini, September 2016 should be about you feeling good and having fun; do not look for all your love and attention from your partner and then sulk if you don’t get it. If your partner is up for it, great; however, if he/she isn’t then do not sit at home, get amongst your friends and live it up socially.

For single Gemini, this is a highly enjoyable month socially, but the need to interrogate potential new partners and get intimate (both physically and emotionally) quickly may play against you, so take more time romantically.

Gemini Career Horoscope September 2016

An excellent month for due diligence and fine-tuning of strategies and reports.

As I mentioned before, this is an outstanding period for Geminis who write speeches, edit publications, write investigative journalism or do research as your ability to sort the wheat from the chaff and then communicate what you find in an insightful, impactful way is excellent.

Timing is also very important in your career – do not expect everything to be linear. Your strategy should be to push forward, then pause, re-evaluate, alter course slightly and push forward again. Be very alert to what is going on with colleagues and competitors, and do not play your hand too soon, be a dark horse and do not act in isolation – keep watching what others are doing and learning from their mistakes.

Geminis are indeed always clever with words, but in September 2016 this ability is even more pronounced and can be used very effectively in sales, negotiations and getting to the bottom of complicated matters.

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