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Gemini On Seventh House Cusp

Gemini in 7th house – Gemini on the cusp of the seventh house

You likely seek partners or engage in partnerships to exchange thoughts, ideas, information and knowledge with others. Frequent communication is a requirement for you in partnerships of all kinds. You likely seek partnerships with people who are very intelligent or very childlike in their expression and/or appearance. Especially in your personal/romantic life partnerships, you are apt to seek partners who are younger than you, or who act younger than you in some way.

The attraction for you is someone who experiences you as a teacher or guide through life – you want someone who looks up to you. You also want and need someone who keeps you mentally stimulated, for once you get bored, you seek to get out quickly.

7th house is the house of partnership. Now, the most important partnership that we can form, or the most important partnership that we should be concerned with, is our partnership with life itself. All other partnerships, whether it be marriage, fatherhood, wifehood, friendship, or business, would reflect our basic partnership with life. With Gemini in the 7th house it should be an intellectual partnership – the understanding of life, but by direct reaction to the first house, it would be the identification of “self” with all of life, but must be extremely cautious that it is not purely an intellectual one. The responsibility here is to understand what life is all about and the knowledge and the understanding of the principles underlying life.

We are at the beginning of the intellectual and spiritual hemisphere of the chart, the Southern portion of the chart, so the responsibility of on the cusp of the seventh house is to get involved with this other aspect of life, the duality.

Gemini on the cusp of houses one through six would be more involved with the material aspect of life. With the beginning of the seventh house, Gemini can now find its balance through involvement with the intellectual and the spiritual, but the intellectual must now be coupled with the spiritual, whereas in the first six houses, the intellectual was coupled with the principle of materiality.

On its best level of expression, Gemini can operate on two levels of mind at once or interchangeably between them. There is an old astrological prayer and when it comes to God, Gemini says,”Who is God, what is God?” On the cusp of that seventh house, Gemini can now find the answer to those questions because it is the beginning of the identification of “self” with the Cosmic. This can also demonstrate itself as an integration of “self” with the Cosmic.

When it comes to the partnership of life, it must be emphasized again that it must be an intellectual one, also a philosophical one, because often Gemini in its knowledge can be cold intellectuality. Now that we are in the upper portion of the Southern portion of the chart which finalizes itself in compassion and understanding, then the partnership with life could encompass a philosophical approach, which would then soften the cold Gemini attitude.

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