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Gemini Snake Personality

Snake GeminiThe Snake – Gemini is a real charmer — just wait until someone succeeds in charming you! Lucky for the Snake in you that you’re a bit on the self-indulgent and even lazy side, or else you might have the urge to use your powers for evil intentions.

As it is, you could be best described as romantically careless in fine Gemini style — you slide into and out of situation with an ease and grace that leaves those who should be annoyed at your oily tactics just that much more infatuated with you.

Easily bored, you often turn to literature for solace, but nothing to deep for your tastes — you’d rather pore over a book of pithy aphorisms to use in conversation at the many parties you attend, rather than some tedious tome of dialectical materialist economic theory.

You also excel at any trivia-based game, as your stock of odd facts is nearly limitless.

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