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Gemini Spiritual Meaning

Gemini Spiritual Meaning

Your Gemini spirit is eager to explore the world through your mind, your intellect and your ability to communicate. Your energy is expressive, enthusiastic and engaging.

Gemini, being true to yourself means exploring the nuances of the life around you as they captivate you and sharing your discoveries with those you meet.

Your purpose is to open us up to everything the world has to offer in the realm of our minds, learning and our ability to experience through our thoughts and ideas.

Honor Your Spirit and…….

…investigate a new idea. Express your thoughts with a sincere interest in who you are sharing with. Discover something fascinating and bring it to life through your words. Believe in the power of your joy and then give it away. Use your butterfly wings with focus and control. Explore a new pasture that exists within your life.

Plant a new idea and stay around to nurture it into bloom. Understand a duality exists only as long as you are running in two directions. Listen to your heart and allow it to guide your mind. Invent something. Discover something. Believe in something and then question it.

Pick one interest and explore it until nothing remains to be explored. Hold your ideas as if they are a glorious gift…..because…they are. Introduce your separate groups of friends to each other. Tell someone you care.

Turning Adversity into Strength.

Adversity strikes you at times when you have usually been burning the candles at both ends and have been allowing the wind to do the steering. Trying to keep up with the constant input that arrives in your life as intriguing potentials wears you thin and eventually takes it’s toll.

Learn how push yourself past that initial stage of boredom after finding a new interest rather than flying off towards something new…you’ll discover that a thing gets more interesting..more intriguing..the farther into it you get.

Believe in the power of your thoughts and your amazingly quick mind for it is that gift that sets us apart from all the other species on the planet but remember it is truly empowered when it learns to work in sync with the emotions. When your mind is overfilling with thoughts, possibilities and angst allow your innate feeling centers to ground you. You’ll find the most intriguing possibilities and enchanted pastures…have always been right there within you.

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