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Gemini Tattoos Designs Ideas

Gemini Tattoo Designs Ideas

Gemini is a mutable Air sign represented by twins. Gemini men and women are known for being witty, and talkative people yet the twin symbol expresses the fact that they have two sides. It’s almost as if they have another hidden personality that comes out when you least expect it; that would be their “twin.”

Gemini Tattoos Body Art of the Twins

Since Gemini tattoos are excellent ink choices, you can find numerous gemini tattoo ideas which you can search for on the internet or in your local tattoo parlor for you to get the best zodiac gemini tattoo style possible.

One of the most apparent features of Gemini tattoo or body art is the symbol of the twins which can be tattooed even by themselves, but still can portray a strong and enigmatic symbolism as gemini tattoo. You can also jig up your creative juices with the twins, by incorporating various symbols such as animals, flowers or any other object with Gemini quality to give smart look of your gemini tattoo.

When it comes to symbolism, Gemini tattoos can propose an array of attributes which you can relate yourself with. The types and styles they offer can stand for being versatile and can easily be integrated with any situation. Furthermore, they are great representation for your vigorous characteristic and youthful nature.

Incorporating zodiac designs gemini tattoo is hassle-free: you just need to be very resourceful and ingenious. There are many design combinations you can get insights from, which you can bring to your tattooist for him to come-up with the unique Gemini tattoo that will fit you perfectly. Since the Gemini zodiac sign is affiliated with rainbows, the colors you’ve always wanted to be inked in your skin will never be an issue.

Are you still stuck on which direction you should go for your Gemini tattoo:

You can always mix and match every single idea that comes through your mind but just limit your selection within the boundaries of the Gemini dominion. If you want a tattoo that is small but illustrates a powerful symbol you may also try the Gemini glyph that resembles the “II” Roman numeral. Since Gemini zodiac tattoo is unisex because of its duality, any design choice you put together will be universal.

You should take pride on being a Gemini because it can give you an outstanding tattoo with concrete shapes that can be spotted by the world even from a mile away.

More Gemini Tattoo Designs

The perfect tattoo for a Gemini should incorporate their mysterious dual nature. It would be a good idea to get an image of a person or animal, staring into his or her own reflection, with the reflection showing a different facial expression. This would represent that they can be feel two completely different things at once. Tatting their favorite image twice could work. For instance they could get their favorite symbol tattooed on each foot, as a way to represent the twins. A Gemini female could get a butterfly tattooed on each side of her hips for the same reason.

Since they are represented by the planet Mercury, which is the planet of communication, Gemini men and women love to communicate with others, and like to know a lot of information to talk about. Getting a wordy tattoo represents their talkative nature.

A favorite meaningful quote could be tatted on the back or side.

Since the word ‘Gemini’ comes from the Latin word meaning twin, getting a quote written in Latin is a good way to make their tattoo more mysterious and intriguing to others.

Their color is yellow, and incorporating such a bright color will make their tattoo stand out even more.

The symbol for Gemini looks much like the Roman numeral for 2. This can be a quick and simple way to represent being a Gemini on its own or added to a quote or symbol.

Air signs are known for using their minds more than any of the other signs, which is why they sometimes are not in touch with their feelings. A Gemini may find themselves analyzing their way out of their emotions and this can sometimes be a problem. A tattoo that shows that Gemini’s do care deep down is a good way for them to show those they’re close to that they do in fact have emotions even if they arent so great at expressing them. This could be accomplished by getting a tattoo that represents either an event or person close to their heart. Have the date of an anniversary or event added to one of the tattoo designs as subtle way to show someone you care without being too obvious.

Gemini’s have a youthful side, and a tattoo that represents their inner child, for instance a childhood home, a favorite cartoon character or symbol would also be a great idea.

A mysterious Gemini is likely to get a tattoo somewhere unseen rather than somewhere obvious and most of their friends might not even know they even have it or what it represents unless the Gemini decides to explain it to them.

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