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Gemini On Tenth House Cusp (the Midheaven)

Gemini in 10th house – Gemini on the cusp of the tenth house

Your public identity is rooted in your ability to gather information, develop or increase your knowledge, and to communicate the information you have to others effectively. Whether you are conscious of it or not, your intelligence and intellect define you in the public and professional arena of your life.

It is not uncommon for people with this placement to have multiple careers or public-professional roles, and you will/do probably have more than one at any given time, placing you among the “Jacks-and-Jills-of-All-Trades”. As result, you may be accused of not being “grown-up” enough because you haven’t chosen a single public or professional focus of your energies.

You may also appear or occur to others as being younger than you actually are, therefore, initially coming across as less experienced or less knowledgeable than you actually are. This may challenge you throughout your life to prove your knowledge and intellectual value to others to achieve your professional or public successes.

The tenth house is where we contribute to life and with Gemini, the responsibility in contributing to life is the mental contribution, bringing the understanding of the duality of life, making an impact on the consciousness of man that life is dual, not just material and physical, and not just spiritual and intellectual. Too often, people are either one or the other. They are either pure materialists or pure spiritualists, and through knowledge Gemini can bring that balance to the attention of mankind. And, thus, by reaction to the fourth house again creating an influence and effect upon others.

Gemini On Tenth House Cusp (the Midheaven) often indicates that in past lifetimes Gemini just gathered knowledge from the viewpoint of prestige, recognition. This is a subtle influence of the natural rulership of the tenth house by Capricorn because Capricorn spends many lifetimes seeking prestige and recognition.

Gemini on the cusp of that tenth house indicates that, in past lifetimes, recognition and prestige was through knowledge – being the knowledgeable one, the person of wisdom, the person of intellect, but not contributing. The self-identification, as involved with Gemini as the natural ruler of the third house, is also involved here. Can Gemini identify himself as a person who can be a contributor to the development of mankind and civilization? Although one of the problems of Gemini is that it is an impersonal identification – being a mental one rather than an emotional one – mind over matter, in other words.

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