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Gemini On Third House Cusp

Gemini in 3rd house – Gemini on the cusp of the third house

You are highly creative and intellectual, and seek communications with and opportunities to learn from others and gather information from them, increasing your knowledge. You may be a perpetual student, constantly craving mental or intellectual stimulation.

Books, trivia games, media-news, gossip columns, and/or interactions and conversations with others feed your mind with and endless stream of incoming info. You may find that you need this constant stream to keep your mind occupied. Multi-tasking comes easily to you, but so does being easily distracted. You may start a lot of things, but leave them undone when something or someone more interesting comes along.

This is the natural location of Gemini since it is the natural ruler of the third house. With Gemini in the 3rd house we are dealing with knowledge, and we are dealing with self-identification and communication. So the responsibility of Gemini is becoming a knowledgeable person, identifying himself from the viewpoint of being an intellectual person, and communicating this to others.

The third house on this level, remember, is the house of Brotherhood, and so it is communicating knowledge to mankind, not just a select few or those who are on the same level. Knowledge gained by Gemini on the cusp of the third house should be characterized by in-depth study and not shallowness of purpose.

The rulership of Mercury, which also rules Virgo, could bring in a degree of superficiality which, of course, Gemini should avoid. In this location of Gemini, it is desirable to use knowledge to instruct people rather than to impress them. Nor should Gemini use this knowledge to mystify others, to create an aura of mysticism.

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