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Gemini Tiger Personality

Tiger GeminiYou’re really something, you know that? Of course you do, being a Gemini born in a Tiger year. You’re irresistible to any prospective mate, with your hefty one-two punch of charisma and intellect — enough for two people. This stands the Tiger – Gemini in good stead throughout your swinger’s career of taking hearts and breaking them in succession, as you get bored.

But once this emotional scalp hunt of yours dies down, the Gemini in you is going to seek permanence, and that’s when you’ll find your own personal Tiger tamer, complete with whip and chair.

You never enjoy what’s really for your own good, but that’s probably due to your tendency to mistake the bad for the good and the good for the bad. You aren’t the most perceptive person on earth, but this doesn’t bother you, for you are full well convinced that you’ve got enough sizzle to disguise, at rock bottom, your fundamental lack of steak.

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