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The Gemini Woman

The Gemini woman has an absolutely communicative character that makes her nice, amusing and brilliant. She is very much interested in the outside world, and she needs contact in the social world to live in an exchange, intellective and mental dimension.

We will see this woman being interested in communication, shows, educational sciences, commerce; in any case, her way of projecting herself and her way of being makes her always seem very open and able to easily enter into contact with the most disparate people. Generally she plays things down with humour and manages to create that bridge that allows her to communicate with anybody.

As in case of the man, the Gemini woman remains in contact with her strongly adolescent side in which the dimension of knowledge is at its initial level: each adventure is knowledge and each experience must be used to drive her conscience, which did not appear beforehand.

The Gemini Woman finds it easy to talk, uses humour wisely and often, and her darkness is located behind her humour; in fact, through humour she eliminates the part of life that is difficult to face, in a certain sense, making things that should not be superficial too superficial.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that, being a woman, she must maintain a strong relationship with her sentiments and emotions, since otherwise, this will be more dangerous than with a man, because it ends up being a real detachment from herself.

The real difficulties for the sign of Gemini regards the emotional side of life; in fact they are purely mental; their Air nature leads them to be ethereal and light, to be very much in the mind rather than in the heart. However, this can be very complicated for the woman because she is intimate and must relate to the “Eros” part of her energy, and like her, the dimension cannot live on sentiment and on emotions without remaining somehow or other damaged deep down.

The Gemini woman must thus learn by experience to give sense and value to things that she experiences and to transdorm them into support to be able to be used by the mind to develop;, the difficulty in comparison, the fear of exclusion are things that lead to the need of cut out external factors that make her suffer, especially if in her childhood their inwardness was not appreciated as much as their intellectual brilliance. This is how she learnt “to do everything in her mind”, to always, and in any case, think about what is happening and to forget the importance of “feelings”.

Without this dimension the woman loses contact with the profound ability of taking heart in difficulties, of containing and supporting her emotional part and also of having stability in difficult circumstances and “to take care of” what cannot be substituted by something on a mental level.

The recovery of the sensitive part will thus be an important passage to avoid being identified completely in the archetype “PUELLA”, which is a great thing during adolescence, but in the adult phase of life, is a kind of continuous tension towards the possibility, avoiding to confront the reality, which is unsustainable because of the commitments you do not manage to take responsibility for, since you are not grown-up enough. A kind of “fantastic melancholy” as Kirkegaard stated, or, a real incapacity to face life and to act in a way which overcomes the psychological state of adolescence.

Behind these problems it is possible to establish a kind of depression that originates at not-knowing themselves, that makes the need for new encunters useless, since it is not an occasion that can bring a benefit, but just a dispersion of oneself.

Thus, the Gemini woman has aparticular need to enter into a relationship with the receptive part of herself, that once explored allows her to eovercome her fragility and weakness, that one that does not allow her to enter inside the problems and the sentiments because she escapes when faced with such feelings.

Her mind must be her strength, and however, without this passage, it can be her “prison”, that one that blocks the development of the female part without allowing her to enter and give support on the inside.

Behind this woman there is usually a father “PUER” idealised who has imprisoned her in what he appreciates, without, however, giving any importance to the soul of a woman.

The recovery of her emotional part will allow her to be able to become a fantastic woman, full of verve, able to show her playful side and able at the same time to give depth to her sentiments and affections.

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