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George Bush’s “Closest Aspect”

The closest aspect in Bush’s horoscope is a sesqui-square (135°–also known as a sesqui-quadrate), a challenging angle between his 2nd house Mars and his Midheaven (see Bush’s horoscope below). The second house has to do with self-image and personal values, the Midheaven with our profession.

The closest aspect is important in any horoscope, even when it is not one of the major aspects. Because Bush sets the foreign policy for the United States, this aspect intrudes into his handling of foreign affairs. It is made all the more forceful through the Mars-Midheaven connection.

The sesqui-square is described by Bil Tierney in Dynamics of Aspect Analysis. As you read the following quote from this book, a description of the sesqui-square, note how it perfectly describes a fundamental part of Bush’s nature which has been on display throughout much of his presidency:

With this aspect, we are apt to react to minor conflicts in an overly forceful manner, which tends to throw situations off-balance or blow them out of proportion. Here we are…often at odds with an unprecedented turn-about of events out of our control. Situations under this aspect tend to break down or fall apart at the last minute…Our reactions are usually out-of-place or inappropriate for the occasion represented. The tendency to over-dramatize issues here leads towards misjudgment.

Tierney goes on to correlate the sesqui-square with individuals who try to force their subjective values on others, “remolding people thru subtle power-plays.” These attempts to remake others are met in turn with resistance which is “interpreted as harassment and domination.” These individuals, Tierney suggests, need to learn tolerance and acceptance.

Bush’s horoscope

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