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Get Out of Debt By Zodiac Sign

Ultimately, the only way out of debt is a combination of exercising more discipline and having more money at your disposal. But for a fun and easy guide to making financial progress, check out these helpful hints for each Sun sign!

Aries Sun Sign
You possess more energy than any other sign in the zodiac … and this means you can spend faster and with more vigor. The best way to put your restless drive to good use is to find yourself a second job. The extra income will help you pay off your credit cards faster — while also leaving you with less time to spend money!

Taurus Sun Sign
You are not known for your discipline. In fact, Bulls are known to love luxury and the good life. If you’re currently living beyond your means, you may want to try cutting up all your credit cards and dragging your designer clothes into a re-sale shop. Yes, you may get only 25 cents on the dollar for that fabulous pair of Gucci shoes, but you were sick of them anyway!

Gemini Sun Sign
Dear Gemini, let’s be frank: Your organizational skills are somewhat lacking. Your debt may be a result of simply forgetting to pay your bills — let alone paying them on time! You’re well-suited for a life coach, as you need help when it comes to getting your financial matters in order. Don’t be afraid to actually pay someone (but not too much!) to help you get it all under control.

Cancer Sun Sign
As a Crab, you may be shrewd when it comes to money and business, but you’re also an emotional spender. The best way for you to escape debt is to find some sort of reward system that does not include shopping. What soothes your soul when you’re down in the dumps — besides a new dress or a chocolate chip cookie? When stress hits, substituting a healthy reward habit like a yoga class or a home-cooked meal with a friend can go a long way toward helping you reach your goal.

Leo Sun Sign
Leos are creative by nature, and most have some kind of hobby to entertain themselves. Look at your Sun sign as a golden opportunity to turn a hobby into a side gig to pay off your debt. DJ on the weekends or needlepoint “Home Sweet Home” signs to sell at a crafts fair — the possibilities are endless! The key is to get paid for what you enjoy doing, without quitting your day job.

Virgo Sun Sign
Discipline is your middle name. Among all Sun signs, you’re best equipped to get out of a jam — if you’re in the right state of mind. Virgos often give up if a task seems too overwhelming or beyond reach, so break down your financial goals into small steps. For your first week, try reducing dining out to two nights a week; master that, then create a goal for the second week. Keep this up, and you’ll be debt-free in no time.

Libra Sun Sign
Yes, you like nice things. Yes, you have to look pretty. Yes, you have to go out to dinner with your friends. But no, you don’t have to live beyond your means. It’s time to put your charm to good use! How about hosting a “Get Me out of Debt” party where everyone pays a few dollars and brings a bottle of wine? Or setting up a blog where people can donate to the cause?

bills-debts You’re quite private and would never open up to anyone about your debt issues — unless of course, that person can help you discover why you behave the way you do financially. Try talking to a therapist or, more affordably, a trusted friend about why you live beyond your means. If you can crack the psychological code, you’ll likely break free of that monkey on your back sooner than you think.

Sagittarius Sun Sign
Known for your optimistic nature, you’re able to tell yourself that the debt collection agency calling you on a daily basis is not that big a deal. Or maybe they’ll just go away on their own, especially if you take yet another (costly) trip out of town. Truth be told, the best way to tackle your debt is to take a realistic inventory of where and how you spend your money. If you change your mindset from “Being in debt is no big deal” to “I can — and need to — get out of debt!,” you’ll surely succeed.

Capricorn Sun Sign
Let’s cut to the chase: Ask for a raise. The reality is, the more money you make, the more likely you are to crawl out from under that pile of debt. If that doesn’t work, you may want to take a long look at your current position. Are you making as much money as you could in your role? Would working elsewhere present you with a better financial opportunity? Put your ambitious nature to work!

Aquarius Sun Sign
Think out of the box — after all, this is what you do best. What routes haven’t you taken when it comes to financial management? Have you tried cutting out lattes, only to find that it makes no difference? If so, then experiment with formulas to find the right fix for yourself. Try freezing your credit cards in a block of ice in the freezer to keep your hot hands off them.

Pisces Sun Sign
Financial management is not your strength, Pisces. When the credit card bills arrive, you’re the first to toss them in the “look at this later” pile. While it’s not going to be easy, you may need to call a trusted friend to come over, help you go through your bills and take an inventory of your spending habits. Ask them to help you create a budget, and don’t be afraid to ask others help you stick to it!

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