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Get That Raise Using Astrology

Funding issues cramping your style? Consider asking the boss for a salary adjustment. Perhaps it’s a bold move in the current economy, but knowing your astrological sign’s secret key to success could be just the lucky edge you need to get that raise.

ARIES: Outperform
The competitive Ram realizes that in order to get more, you have to do more. Once you find out what others are getting paid in your field, and learn as much as you can about the specific services they perform for that salary, getting a raise is simple. You just do a service that is worth bigger money, and ask to be compensated for it.

TAURUS: Volunteer
Anyone can do what they’re told. You understand that it’s what you do that’s above and beyond what you’re told that makes you a special asset to your company. So when the boss needs someone to get extra training or put in longer hours, be the first to raise your hand, even knowing the effort may not be immediately rewarded. When you finally do request a salary adjustment, it’ll be easy for the boss to see why you deserve it.

Maybe in a perfectly just world, salary would be based on merit alone and every worker would be compensated strictly for the effort they put in. But it’s not that kind of world. And often the boss makes decisions based on emotion instead of logic. So be sure to bring a good feeling to the workplace. Still do your work, but when it comes time to ask for a pay increase, you’ll get it because you’re pleasant, likeable and fun to be around.

CANCER: Nurture
Whatever your task may be, you care about people and put them first. That’s why it doesn’t take you long to make yourself indispensable on the job. Never give an ultimatum when asking for a raise, but do let the powers-that-be know that the personal touch and special attention you bring to the job is a rare asset, deserving of financial acknowledgment.

Get-The-Raise-AstrologyLEO: Shine
You are a master at creating a public perception. Your enthusiasm and natural ease with the general public draws people in. And when you act in behalf of your company, you increase business. It’s your salesmanship that should be emphasized when you ask for a raise. Bottom line: The amount of money you can ask for and get, correlates directly to the amount of money you bring in.

VIRGO: Just ask
That’s probably all you have to do. However, Virgos feel as confident as they are prepared. Therefore, write down all of the reasons you deserve a raise. Make a case for yourself. Study what you wrote, practice it in the mirror and store it in your head. This rehearsal process gives you so much confidence that when you finally get the boss alone and deliver your straightforward request, you won’t even have to discuss details of why you deserve it. You’ll quickly get to ‘yes.’

LIBRA: Get political
For social Librans, work is about relationships. The value you add to your organization has everything to do with the inroads you create between colleagues, departments and customers. You are constantly networking, providing opportunities for people to work together and uniting the team. The relationships you build make the organization stronger, which should be the basis of your salary negotiation.

One of your specialties is reading the moment, sensing the mood and being present to the nuances and layers of the situation. You do more than merely observe what’s going on — you feel it out. Using your intuition you can tell what is needed in an organization and how you can supply it. Stay tuned in and you’ll also know when the timing is perfect to ask for more money.

You love to learn by doing a job. And you’re not content to have one little area of expertise. Once you master a role, you enjoy moving around and learning other aspects of operations. Your well-rounded knowledge of your workplace will be crucial in attaining a higher salary. The more versatile you are, the more you’ll be paid.

Even if you are in an entry-level position, you are a leader. Your ability to set a tone that others will follow will be the key to your career success. Realize that you have influence, and that people do as you do. When you take a high level of responsibility for the outcomes of your company, you are inspiring others to do the same. Point this truth out to your boss to attain your higher salary.

AQUARIUS: Envision
As the sign of the future, you have a strong sense of where your organization is going. You were probably hired in the first place for being a breath of fresh air with skills and an attitude that fits into a rapidly changing world. This is the edge you should play up when asking for a raise. Emphasize your technological knowledge, your willingness to learn and stay on the cutting-edge, and your usefulness in a new marketplace.

PISCES: Empathize
Use your Piscean powers of empathy to see things from your boss’s point of view. Understand how you fit into the bigger picture of your company and you’ll have a better idea as to how you can add value from that position. Think about how your boss will justify your salary bump to his or her superiors. Supply the reasons that your services are well worth the extra bucks so that your boss won’t have to come up with them.

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