Astrology and Horoscopes

Gift-Giving by the Zodiac

Astrological Gift Guide

Select the perfect gifts for your loved ones, friends, and associates.
You don’t need to know their birth times, sizes, or sleep-mattress numbers…
only their Sun signs… and if you know their Moon and/or Rising signs, you may use those, too.


Personalized gifts. New stuff; nothing old or used!

Personalized license plates, exercise or sports equipment, games with movement and action, wood carvings or wood carving kit, tools (sharp), cutlery, dart game, fireplace accessories, BBQ grill, cactus or aloe plant, head gear (hat, cap, or helmet), diamonds.


Practical, simple, high quality gifts.

Money, stocks and bonds, a safe, purse or wallet, keepsakes, piano lessons, music, concert tickets, art and beauty supplies, perfume, earrings, soft colorful neck scarf or necktie, candy, pink flowers, plants, garden furniture and tools, collectibles, emeralds.


Gifts that appeal to the intellect.

Word games, mechanical gadgets requiring mental application, cell phone, magazine subscription, books and tapes, tape recorder, stationery, writing implements, gloves, rings, diary with a key, key ring, talking bird, bicycle, car accessories, agate gemstones.


Sentimental, thoughtful gifts.

White roses, candles, photo album, memorabilia, dolls or stuffed animals, gift certificate to a family restaurant, weekend at a cozy hotel (near water!), articles for the home, homemade food items, cookbooks and cooking utensils, night blooming plants, pearls.


Personalized, showy gifts. Be creative!

Elegant personal items, large brightly-colored flowers, a week at a sunny vacation resort, golf clubs, elaborate picnic basket, a sundial, gift certificate for a sporting event or any place of entertainment, lottery tickets, fine chocolate, vintage champagne, gold jewelry, rubys.


Useful, down-to-earth gifts.

Organizers of all kinds, storage units, tailored clothing, towels, vitamin/mineral pack with nutritional guide, medicinal herb books, first-aid kit, exercise equipment, craft items, a small pet or a gift for his/her pet, games (i.e., Trivia Pursuit), sapphire gemstones.


Gifts that are romantic and elegant.

Fine art, art supplies, the music of Bach, Mozart, or Gershwin, beauty products, fragrances, stylish clothing, embroidered articles, book of poems, something (s)he can share with a partner, tickets to a musical production, doves, candy, wine (light and sweet), flowers, wind chimes, quartz crystal jewelry, opals.


Gifts that appeal to their intense emotions.

Mystery novels and games, puzzles, garage sale bargains, books about life after death, a magician’s kit, Tarot cards, astrology reading or classes, yoga/martial arts/rolfing/rebirthing sessions, cemetery lot, life insurance policy, sexy underwear, items with a gothic flair, topaz gemstones.


Gifts that appeal to their sense of adventure.

Anything related to travel, the outdoors, and higher education. Backpack, luggage, airline tickets, sporting event tickets, sporting goods, mind-expansion books or classes. Published philosophical, religious, metaphysical, or legal literature. Turquoise gemstones.


Durable, practical gifts. Shrink-wrap the gifts!

Conservative designer clothing, skin care products, a watch or clock, leather goods, calendar, briefcase, business organizer, desk set, monogrammed items (especially ones that enhance status), real estate, garden tools, pottery, ceramics, old coins, garnet gemstones.


Unusual and unique gifts.

The latest fads or trendy items, science fiction, electronic gadgets, radio/television/stereo equipment, computer, computer accessories, astrology books/tapes/software, videos, music, membership in a club, airplane tickets, amethyst.


Use your imagination!

Poetry, music, art, angel items, bubble bath, an aquarium, dream journal, movie tickets, bar accessories, photographic supplies, footwear, fishing gear, deep-sea diving equipment, spiritual writings, meditation tapes, a metaphysical reading, reflexology, a fountain, moonstone gemstones.

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