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The Girl, the Wagon and the Lesson: Saturn and the Outer Planets

The other day I witnessed a simple scene which sparked some very deep thinking about Saturn (lessons) and how Saturn relates successfully with the outer planets for living life. The information below can be applied through natal contact, Solar Arcs or major transits.

For example we know that Saturn-Uranus can be ‘Jesus turning over the tables’ and often this type of energetic application can ‘throw the baby out with the bath water.’

Saturn-Neptune contacts can be suffering, losing focus and even depression. Saturn-Pluto contacts can be extremely painful, indicate deep times of loss and even self-destructive tendencies.

The scene was a very simple one… I was sitting on the porch feeling the warmth of a newly-thawed spring, when a father walked by pulling his daughter in small red wagon. The daughter, about three years old, was fidgeting in the wagon and at times even trying to stand up and turn around. The father was oblivious to the situation and caught up in his own moment of thought… and soon she fell out onto the sidewalk.

At first, my instinct was to holler to the father about the situation to warn him of the danger before it even happened. Instead, I chose to observe and to allow the scenario to unfold naturally. The father was angry for the interruption of his peaceful thoughts by the cries of the child ‘who had been told to sit still.’ The child was scared of the situation because things had happened so quickly and because of her father’s anger and continued to cry.

Her independence (Uranus), belief system and dreams (Neptune) and perspective (Pluto) were all being challenged (Saturn) symbolically. She had obviously challenged authority (Saturn-Uranus) by moving around in the wagon against her father’s wishes… she had been caught up in the fantasy world of a simple song she was humming and lost her grounding and orientation (Saturn-Neptune) and had never had the practical wisdom and depth of understanding (Saturn-Pluto) that she now has from actually falling and feeling the cement for herself.

The lesson here for the daughter was to learn to sit still in the wagon, while it is moving or she could fall out onto the cement. The rest of what she learned from the situation would be key, developmentally speaking.

What else could she learn from this simple episode? She could learn that the world is unsafe, that her father is mean for yelling at her, that she is stupid for not listening and many, many more things.

This was such a fun exploration because it was so ordinary and so everyday; many times I deal with clients who have such incredibly challenging issues. Yet each tiny insignificance and challenge can take us one step further on a particular path of self-understanding.

As the little girl moves forward in life (and if she has learned anything other than to sit a bit more still in a moving wagon) then she has set herself up to reflect her deepest thoughts and fears. For example, if from that moment on she thinks that her father is mean, then she will look for that in everything he does. The attention is focused and directed there only to be fulfilled in her perception of reality. Chances are high that he could appear to be mean again. The chances are also high that the father is not intent on appearing this way to her. He was certainly caught off guard and probably came on strong because of his own fears for her well-being.

So Saturn-Uranus, successfully would be incorporating individual expression into what is already known and works. Saturn-Neptune could bring a practical orientation to dreams (spirit into matter.) Saturn-Pluto could be explored less painfully by learning from others mistakes, pain and fears without having to fully experience the actual physical realities personally. Instead, one can explore the realms through the plane of observation, compassion, sympathy and a zest for life.

About the Author:

Joli Scheidler-Benns is an internationally-respected astrologer, originally from the USA. Joli also studies with Noel Tyl and has also completed several psychological-based programs, including the Dale Carnegie and the Hendrick’s coaching training.


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