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Mother's Day Gift Ideas by Star Sign

What to Give for Mother’s Day Based on the Zodiac Sign

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas by Star Sign

Happy Mother’s Day Ladies! In honor of your lovely momminess (I know, that is not a word, but it should be). Lets honor you the way you want to be honored this Sunday.

Here are a few suggestions by sign:

Aries: Surprise your Aries mommy with a framed mommy & me picture.

Taurus: Jewelry – plane and simple. Even if it is a macaroni necklace – Taurus ladies love the bling.

Gemini: Put together a special scrap book, buy a special book or memorize a poem to recite to Mom this Sunday. She will get a kick out of it for sure.

Cancer: These home loving moms will enjoy the morning off with breakfast in bed. This is a very special treat for Cancer moms as food is an expression of love for moon-moms.

Leo: Perform a song and dance or skit made up special for mom. This money-saving gift is priceless and the smile on mom’s face will be worth the time and effort. Think Cosby Show lip sync performances for inspiration.

Virgo: Help mom around the house this Sunday. Offer to do the dishes when it is not your turn; give her a day off from the chores. Better yet, hire a house cleaner for the day to do a deep clean. This is a gift that every Virgo mom will simply love!

Libra: Bring your mom flowers this Mother’s Day. Libra women love beautiful things and there is nothing more beautiful than flowers. Get her favorite ones for bonus points.

Scorpio: Scorpio’s may not say it directly, but they are a sinful lot. What better way to celebrate mommy’s darker side than with chocolate. After all, what mom alive is not a sucker for a box of chocolates? Hint: for Scorpios, the darker the chocolate the better.

Sagittarius: Playful Sagittarius moms will get a kick out of a fun trip with the family. Plan an outing or “adventure” of sorts for Sunday. Get out of the house even if the weather is not good just to say thank you.

Capricorn: There are two ways to go here. The first is straight forward: anything that says World’s #1 Mom will do the trick (t-shirt, mug, mouse pad – you get the idea) or if that is not yours or her style then go the practical route. A nice shiny pen or kitchen gadget – something that will last and can be put to good use.

Aquarius: Give your water bearing mom the day off from being a mom. Give her the day-off to go enjoy herself with girl friends – no mom duties all day.

Pisces: Show your appreciation for your Pisces mom this Sunday with lots of loves and snuggles. The more you can say I love you and the more hugs you dole out the better.

Enjoy the day ladies! You have earned it!

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