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Elements Involved in a Good Astrological Reading

What constitutes a good astrological reading? What elements are involved?

To be able to read effectively for others, one must first be able to read effectively for oneself. But more is involved in the process of reading for another, especially someone that one has never met before. Therefore; an arranged appointment. Having made this statement, some readers may think that this is well and fine but “practicing astrology professionally is not for me”.

However if you study astrology even just for yourself, as many do, with no desire to pursue this understanding as a potential career; it is highly likely that friends and acquaintances will be interested in you “looking at their chart sometime”. Therefore, what follows in the next few paragraphs will have some bearing for any student of astrology and hopefully have some interest for the general reader too.

When doing a reading for yourself what are you doing? Are you fitting yourself into the chart? If so, I would suggest that you are doing a poor reading! You are not your birth-chart! Your birth-chart is merely an agreed symbolic way of arranging the heavens for your moment of birth. This chart is not you. This chart is only a cosmic map which encapsulates the seed idea for your life journey and personality development. If the context of what the chart is is not put into perspective then you will never be able to read for yourself or another.

Reading for yourself you have certain advantages. You know yourself, at least relatively well, and your chart can be used as a guide or roadmap for the understanding of your life energies. The disadvantage is if you try to force some outcome, thus becoming too caught up in subjectivity.

This is the first clue to effective readings. The chart in itself is but a guide to the reading. The reading itself should come from a much broader perspective and understanding than just regarding what is portrayed or enclosed in the nativity.

And what is this broader perspective? Surely it must involve life-experience and effective people skills. Consultants in any field draw upon a wide range of experience. This being the case, the ability to draw out and listen to the other is important too. From this interactive perspective, we can learn to see that which in the chart corresponds to the others concerns.

If we don’t get too caught up in the minutiae of interpreting symbols, but rather look at the chart as being an expression of energy, then the communication is in terms of energy. How much energy is required to move on from this point, or for a particular outcome to happen? When are the peak times when certain energies are available and others are less forthcoming? Immediately we have a much broader and less dysfunctional perspective to draw upon. We have an overall base from which astrology can give us clues, but always in the context of the all encompassing; the universals of sameness and parallels of change.

If one utilises this philosophical basis, which underlies all the assumptions and deductions of astrology, one will learn to properly read, interpret and communicate with another.

Stephen Winder

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