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Gordon Ramsay’s Affair

Gordon Ramsay is the richest TV Celebrity Chef in the UK (with a fortune estimated at around £60,000,000 or $117,000,000 if you would prefer!), a cookery writer and the owner of several restaurants around the world.

He is famous for the heavy use of bad language in the kitchen (hence one of his TV show called ‘The F-Word’…) and appeared in many TV series such as ‘Hell’s Kitchen’, ‘Kitchen Nightmares’, and more recently in ‘Gordon Ramsay Cookalong Live’, and in the US, in ‘Fox’s Hell’s Kitchen’.

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay was born on 8th November 1966 in Johnstone, Scotland (Data Source: Google SE). His time of birth is not known, but as usual I am still able to extract a tremendous amount of information just out of his date of birth (even though his rising sign, House and Moon positions are not known)!

Gordon Ramsay has a strong emphasis on the Earth and Water elements, which suggests a need for emotional and material security. It also indicates he is more sensitive than he appears to be. In fact, with both the Sun and Venus in Scorpio, his emotions and feelings go quite deep; he is intense, very loyal, passionate and has a strong sense of commitment. He is very instinctive and perceptive and has a strong, immediate ‘gut reaction’ to people. He is also strong-willed and stubborn, has tremendous energy and is capable of great achievement (Mars-Pluto conjunction).

Gordon Ramsay’s birthchart

Gordon Ramsay birthchart

Gordon Ramsay birthchart

With no Air element in his chart, Gordon is definitely not an intellectual, and he learns more readily by watching and doing than by reading or being told about something.

With the Saturn/Uranus opposition and the Saturn/Pluto opposition, he is not always flexible and can be quite prejudiced against other people, which could lead him into conflicts with others. The Saturn/ Uranus opposition and the Saturn/Pluto opposition are what I call difficult and ‘malefic forces’, and so, my guess is that at one point in his life he was rebellious against an authority and could well have gone on the other side of the law…

He is also dynamic and often prone to sudden and explosive outbursts of anger (Uranus conjunct Pluto, Pluto conjunct to his Mars/Uranus midpoint). These aspects are certainly a reflection of the impact of his tough language on others…! He is indeed famous to have said: ‘Swearing is industry language. For as long as we’re alive it’s not going to change. You’ve got to be boisterous to get results’.

I like Gordon Ramsay because he speaks with ‘his guts’, and as a typical Scorpio he is passionate and creative (Venus sextile Mars), in his case, about food. The Venus-Sun-South Node-Neptune conjunction is a clear indication of his creative flair.

He is broad-minded and usually fair in his judgement, good for business and has the ability to learn quickly (Mercury in Sagittarius trine Jupiter). Mars in Virgo makes him a perfectionist, he has indeed high standards. The sign of Virgo being associated with food, and Mars, the energy, he would put all his energy into food.

The North Node in Taurus opposite his Sun in Scorpio suggests he can be excessively egocentric or proud, needing personal recognition and wanting to be centre stage all of the time. The North Node opposite Venus indicates that personal love relationship and social life are what matters the most in his life.

With the North Node opposite his Sun/Venus midpoint, he has a friendly, open and sociable manner and may enjoy participating in artistic events.

Gordon Ramsay is currently experiencing his Uranus Return (which is what we all experience when we are about 41-43 years old and this can sometimes indicate a major change or a turning point in someone’s life or at least an opportunity to call your life into question).

In his case, Uranus is conjunct to his natal Saturn and opposite his natal Mars, making him feel a bit unsettled and perhaps somehow frustrated and under pressure.

With the transit of Saturn currently approaching his Mars (exact in September and October), he is likely to be more accident prone too.

Gordon Ramsay’s Affair

Rumour has it now that he has had a 7 year affair with Sarah Symonds, the ex-mistress of best-selling author Jeffrey Archer.

Gordon Ramsay and his wife Tana have 4 children aged 5 to 9 and have been married for 12 years. Ramsay was also voted Celebrity Father of the Year in 2006.

The has published today ( 24 NOVEMBER 2008) an interesting article about his affair.

Whether this affair is true or not, I don’t know, but what is certain at this stage, is that with Uranus currently opposed his quadruple Virgo conjunction (Uranus-Pluto-Moon-Mars), it’s going to be a bumpy ride on the domestic front.

Gordon Ramsay may encounter a great deal of turmoil, anxiety, possible depression, and may also be plagued by feelings of guilt (Saturn on his natal Moon-Pluto) and frustration (Saturn on his natal Mars and natal Pluto).

Ramsay is likely to feel very unsettled and edgy (Saturn on his natal Uranus), but as he faces his own Uranus opposition, he will be very inclined to make drastic changes to his lifestyle (Saturn on his natal Pluto can do that too). It doesn’t come as a surprise Gordon has recently announced he is planning to move to Dubai in the next 5 years with his entire family.

Whatever happens, with Uranus (the unexpected, novelty, changes) opposing both his natal Pluto (deep transformation) and natal Moon (home, feelings, emotions), drastic changes and powerful transformations can be expected on the domestic front, where a break from the past and from old routines will be required.

With Jupiter on his side, in harmony with his natal Pluto, natal Uranus (successful phase), natal Neptune (luck) and natal Moon (his feelings, home), I don’t think his marriage is at stake. It seems to me that a permanent move to Dubai would fit the picture quite well.

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