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The Great Mother Archetype

Carl Jung defines the Great Mother as a significant archetype of an energy-laden image we hold in our psyche, as our mother being our first experience in this world when we were in her womb. It was through her that we experienced or first sounds, it was her breasts where we first got nourishment, her arms that first held us, and her voice that sung us to sleep.

Jung said our experiences with our mothers are our first formative ones. Later on these experiences will manifest itself on how we treat other women, other people in general, life as a whole and to some extent, our own bodies.

Modern society has a great pre-occupation with the great mother, albeit most of the time unconsciously. We show great concern to Mother Earth, from which all life on our planet came from. There is also Mother Nature who has the power to create life and destroy it. She has great power over nature from which all life depend on.

Christians also believe in Mother Mary who gave birth to the Savior of Mankind, Jesus. Such a strong belief has spawned faith in Marian apparitions at Guadalupe in Mexico, Lourdes in France and Fatima in Portugal.

The great mother archetype is a great image which is present in all of us, regardless of race, religion or gender. The image is usually of a female surrounded in shimmering light. This image connotes the unconditional love of a mother and her sacrifice for her children.

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