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Greek Mythology

Greek Mythology

This section is dedicated to exploring Classical Greek myths and legends and to see how these themes have informed Western culture. Here you’ll find a listing of the major Greek gods, and the texts from which they’ve migrated through history. We’ll also look at Greek Classical motifs and how these themes are present in our daily lives, which we may not even be aware of. Also, we will review major texts that focus on specific Greek themes.

Greek mythology lives! The pantheon of gods and goddesses in Greek mythology are still a living part of our culture today. When a handsome young man is referred to as an Adonis, or a strong one as Hercules, we’re referencing the ancient Greeks. When we speak of Pandora’s box or name a submarine the Poseidon, we keep these myths alive.

Greek mythology is full of wonderful stories. The gods and goddesses have very human characteristics. They get jealous and angry and spiteful. They interfere in the affairs of mortals to help one of their favorites. They offer their aid and protection to those in need.

But myths were more than simply entertainment. They offered believers a way of understanding the world. The myth of Apollo driving a golden chariot across the sky was a way to understand the movement of the sun.

The Myths of the Greek Gods: Greek Mythology and Archetypes

The myths of the Greek gods entertain and instruct us. The stories of the ancient deities illuminate the patterns of the lives of contemporary men just as they did many centuries ago.

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The Greek gods function as archetypes in your personality. As templates that already exist in your personality, the archetypes of the Greek gods influence how you behave, how you feel and think, as well as how you relate to friends, lovers, family, and others.

Archetypes are inner images that embody a wealth of universal characteristics and experiences, universal to every culture and every time period. Archetypes are responsible for the persistent themes we see surfacing in our own lives.

Discovering your personal archetype can be an important first step on your journey to self-discovery and personal growth, It can help you use your inborn talents and abilities to help you grow in your work, health, spirit, as well as in your important relationships.

Greek gods and their myths have inhabited the human imagination and spirit for thousands of years. The Greek gods as portrayed in their stories represent the eternally masculine qualities that form the patterns of the lives of contemporary men.

The Greek gods and goddesses now known as the Olympians were the first of the ancient pagan deities to have distinctive personalities. Consequently, their myths are fascinating and full of detail. Although they were deities, each had recognizable “human” qualities.

Just as each of the Greek myths is different, each of the gods is unique — motivated by different values and priorities. Each of the gods has strikingly different characteristics, both positive traits and potentially problematic ones.

The Greek myths remain relevant in modern times. The spiritual journey for men inevitably involves a quest to claim and honor the archetypes that guide men’s lives.

Learn to recognize the gods within,

for it is the spirit of the myths of the gods

that instructs us about the patterns

that we see repeated in our lives.

Greek Gods: Their Myths and Symbols

The links on this page will give you an opportunity to learn more about these major Olympian deities.

Origins of the Classical Greek Gods

The origins of the Greek Gods, as told by Hesiod, Homer, and a few other Greek Classical authors. A look at father-son relationships and the mother goddess-son lover motif. Raises the question, “What do these two motifs have to do with the origins of civilization, and what do these themes suggest about evolution?”

Major Greek Gods

An alphabetized listing of the major Greek gods and what they are famous for.

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