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waxing gibbous

Understanding Personalities By Moon Phases

The natal phases reflect facets within the personality and life structure of the individual. As part of life's cycles, they ...

Astrology and The Twelve Hungers

There are twelve basic hungers, desires, or needs in astrology -one for every planet, sign, house, or aspect of the ...

Esoteric Astrology

Like life, astrology has many paths. Each path is an interpretation of the knowledge of the stars, which is a ...

The Money In Your Birth Chart

I know a lot of you are saying to yourselves: "What Happened? I used to be lucky and able to ...
moon horary astrology

The Horary Moon As Ruler

The Moon is always the co-ruler of the querent. There are times when you should use the Moon as the ruler ...
Astrology Wealth and Prosperity

Astrological Tips For Prosperity

Everyone wants more prosperity, wealth and abundance in their lives. What if you knew how to approach and understand the ...
marriage in astrology

How Astrologers View Love

What is love? Traditionally understanding Venus, Moon and the 5th and 7th houses of romance and marriage are the keys ...
Local Space Astrology

Local Space Astrology: An Introduction

The last article explained Astro*Carto*Graphy, a method of Locational Astrology Trade Marked by the deceased Jim Lewis. ACG will mark ...
Children Born Through C-section

Caesarian-sections: Can I choose the personality of my child?

Wish your child could be more confident, more successful, more attractive than you? You wouldn't be the first person to ...
marriage in astrology

What Marriage Is From The Standpoint Of Astrology

Are you in love with love? Is marriage already on your mind? Find out what marriage is from the standpoint ...
Horary Question: When Will He Propose? Nov. 27, 2001 03:01AM, Union City, NJ

Some Beginning Steps in Horary Astrology

Table Of Contents: The Hour and Day Rulers Degrees of the Moon's Travel Horary uses the Ancient Rulerships What Planet ...

How Astrology and Shamanism Blend into Astroshamanism

Many people are drawn to astrology as a means to self-understanding. Astroshamanism combines a direct and personal experience with astrological ...

The Astrology of Idealism- Dreaming On the Ground

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing ...

Astrology and Addiction

Have you ever wondered what the natal chart reveals with regard to potential for addiction? Addiction has many faces: substances: ...
as above so below

As Within, So Without: Your Challenge in Relationships

In February 2000, my husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. I often joke that if I had known ...
Personality Types, A Commentary on Human Differences

Personality Types, A Commentary on Human Differences

People are different from each other. Perhaps when we mature enough to realize this then an interest in learning about ...
How to Use AstroCartoGraphy for Gambling Success

How to Use AstroCartoGraphy for Gambling Success

$11,000 ON A $1 SLOT MACHINE "Oh, by the way, Jim, I just got back from Las Vegas, and tried ...
The Sex Planets in Astrology

The Sex Planets in Astrology

All of the planets in astrology have some sexual significance, but four in particular are of primary importance. These four ...
Happiness in the Zodiac

Psychology, Astrology & Happiness OR—Is Happiness just an Illusion?

Happiness has plagued humanity since the dawn of time, but to better understand it we must first examine it. To ...

Lost Flowers – the Deflowering of Persephone

The vi'lets from her lap, and lillies fall: She misses 'em, poor heart! and makes new moan; Her lillies, ah! ...

The Astrological Significance Of Death

It seems that a major issue is whether your life is yours to squander. Do you have a right to ...

Astrocartography (A*C*G): An Introduction to Location Astrology

Ever wonder why some places give you a feeling of security as soon as you step off the plane, while ...
Horary Astrology

Horary Astrology

A look at horary astrology, a branch of astrology perfected by William Lilly and how this compares with natal astrology ...
Why do people Bully? - The Astrology Of Bullying

Why do people Bully? – The Astrology Of Bullying

At some point in their life almost everyone has encountered a bully. Whether you have been bullied yourself or you ...
Your Birth Chart is a Life Clock

Your Birth Chart is a Life Clock

According to the Huber system of astrology (developed by Bruno and Louise Huber, with students and practitioners worldwide and The ...
prosperity astrology

Using Astrology to Become Prosperous

Ten Steps to Prosperity is based on the idea that the amount of money in the bank - or investment ...
wedding astrology

Suggestions in Choosing a Wedding Date With Astrology

Here are some suggestions in picking a wedding date: - Rule out Mercury retrograde dates. - Rule out Venus retrograde ...

Astrological Profile within the workplace

Where once astrology in the corporate world was dismissed as "hocus pocus" today's businessmen are much more tuned in to ...
embrace the darkness

Embracing the Darkness

All too often our spiritual traditions teach us to bathe ourselves in the light of whatever deity or deities we ...
Suicide Indicators From The Natal Chart

Suicide Indicators From The Natal Chart

It is more than 20 years now since the time I started studying Astrology. The reason for this study at ...
career astrology

Vocational Astrology: How To Find Your Perfect Job or Career

A beautiful client in east Texas requested I write of how you would determine what job or career would be ...

The Astrology Of Creativity

What's the astrological signature of creativity? Easy, look at the 5th house, right? Well, not exactly. Since I don't have ...
advent-at-midlfe Art by Helena Nelson Reed

Astrological Influence During Mid-Life

What is Mid-Life, Astrologically Astrologically, Mid-life begins sometime during the late thirties and ends towards the mid to late forties. Mid-life ...
astrology and cars

Astrology and Your Car

Over the years a number of people have asked advice regarding their automobiles. As a neophyte astrologer, I was told that ...
Astrology Dream Interpretation

An Astrological Approach to Dream Interpretation

When I first began recording my dreams and trying to interpret them - many years ago - I thought they ...
Men growing older

Why Men Grow Up at 30 and Go Mad at 40

Why Men Grow Up at 30 Okay, so what's the Saturn return (which hits men around age 30) all about? ...
career astrology

Career Significators In Astrology

Astrologers traditionally look to the tenth house in a chart for indications of the career path an individual will take ...
astrology houses

Astrological Treasure Map

Have you ever heard of a Treasure Map? Here are the directions: Find a large piece of construction cardboard. (The ...
solar lunar returns

Predicting Stages Of Growth Through Solar (and Lunar) Returns

Introduction The chart drawn on one's birthday, at the time when the Sun reaches the same degree as at birthtime, ...
The 12 Laws of the Universe

The 12 Laws of the Universe

If you've been alive on Planet Earth for the last 10 years, you've surely heard about The Secret phenomenon, the ...

Astrology and Intuition

Astrology shows us the style by which we use our intuition. This style is demonstated in our charts by the ...
Missing Signs

Missing Signs (Where you are Lacking)

Everybody has all the planets, but not everybody has all the signs. Missing signs show what you LACK. Ideally, we ...
Astrology Inner Quest - The 4 Elements and the Key to your Personal Spiritual Lessons in Life

Astrology Inner Quest – The 4 Elements and the Key to your Personal Spiritual Lessons in Life

It seems that those with a strong Fire chart will be more ‘driven’ to embark upon the path of enlightenment ...
Traditional Astrologer

What is “Traditional” Astrology?

In seventeenth century England, astrology flourished. Most people who become interested in astrology come across the name William Lilly at some ...

Western Astrology


Who are we? What makes us the way we are? These days we seem to have all the answers. We know that we inherit characteristics from our parents and ancestors and that we are profoundly influenced by our environment. Astrology maintains that all living things are influenced by forces caused by the constantly changing positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets that make up our solar system and the annual orbit of our planet around the Sun.

Western, or occidental, astrology is based on the yearly passage of the Earth around the Sun. The passage is divided into twelve segments (the twelve Signs) that take their names from the far-away constellations of stars that have been named after ancient gods, people, and mythical beasts.

Articles (by Eleonor Buckwalter or guest writers) are constantly being added as a reference for the language and symbols of Astrology.

Planet and House of the Month by Eleanor Buckwalter

Eleanor’s series of articles that discuss the dominant Planet and House for each month. Great stuff !!!!


Interpreting eclipses through the houses and signs.

Feng Shui & Astrology

Feng Shui v. Astrology by Ola Marra Cook
This ancient art of placement is one of Ola’s specialties. Here, she relates how she also uses astrology to gain a more complete picture.

Mythology and the Planets by Georgia Stathis

A series of excerpts from Georgia’s book, Business Astrology 101 – Weaving the Web between Business and Myth dealing with The Mythological Signatures of the Planets – Vocational & Business Indicators.

The Moon – Fundamental Planet of Love by Eleanor Buckwalter
Eleanor takes an in-depth look at the Moon.

Banquet for the Moon by Eleanor Buckwalter
Discussing the Lunar appetite for homo sapiens.

Mars Retrograde 2001: Coming to Our Senses, Love and War in a Time of Chaos by Erin Sullivan part 1 and part 2
The world renowned professional astrologer, consultant, author, and speaker takes an in-depth look at the current Mars Retrograde cycle.

Numbers, Astrology, and Physics by Dwight Ennis
A look at some correlations between the meanings of Numbers, astrological Aspects, and the physical world.

The Renaissance of the Western Venus by Beatrice Garth
Venus and the historic repression of the feminine.

Neptune in Aquarius Healing with Energy (or Energy will be our Drugs)
An article including raw food recipes used at Hippocrates, and others developed by an increasing number of “raw fooders.”

A Millennium Dilemma – By Dennis Elwell

Planetary Soul Patterns – by Pamela Welch

Pluto Transits -(a 2nd house Pluto transit story) by Sue Thompson

The Neptune Test – by Rebecca Authement

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