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What is An Astrologer?

ASTROLOGER: In modern times, one who practices a form or forms of ASTROLOGY. In earlier times, an observer of the stars. – Fred Gettings, Dictionary of Astrology

Astrologer’s Personality

That is the astrologer’s constant problem: he is looking at people through his own eyes and tends to project his own psychology on everybody. Jung said very rightly that no one could lead another through the process of individuation unless he had already been through that process himself. – Gregory Szanto, astrologer

It may not be irrelevant that many (if not most) astrologers use astrology as a creative art – a sort of self-expression – with the client at the receiving end. As [W.J.] Kennick says

“The symbols in the horoscope are … sufficiently complex that the astrologer frequently reads his own personality and prejudices into the chart. Should this happen, the session will be good therapy for the astrologer but of dubious value to the client.” – Geoffrey Dean

When you practice astrology, you shouldn’t carry the joy of discovery too far where other people are concerned. That means a lot of professions are chosen and a lot of activities are undertaken as a means of compensating one’s own deficiencies, as it were. … This is also possible for astrologers, for people who practice astrology. This means, in other words, that a lack of one’s own personal experiences is compensated by an involvement in other people’s destinies in the belief that one holds the key to them; by stirring up the destinies of others, as it were, which is a pretty irresponsible thing to do, since then you’re using others to compensate for your own inability to make your own experiences. What this means, primarily, is that if you practice astrology, you should only give your opinion when you’re asked for it, never on your own. – Wolfgang Döbereiner, astrologer

Common, too, are the ‘runs’ of clients of a particular sign who turn up to see the astrologer when a certain movement is occurring in the astrologer’s own horoscope… – Liz Greene, astrologer

When an astrologer tends to be involved with a similar type of client or counseling problem over and over again, it represents some unresolved aspect of the astrologer’s psyche. – Bernard Rosenblum, astrologer

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