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Wallet Half-Full Or Half-Empty? What Your Zodiac Sign Says About

Wallet Half-Full Or Half-Empty? What Your Zodiac Sign Says About

Do you worry that bankruptcy hovers just around the next corner? Or do you blithely assume your guardian angel will fish you out of a cash-tight spot? Your Sun sign can shed a lot of light on how you feel about your finances.

The worriers about money and security tend to be the earth signs and certain kinds of Aquarius. Capricorn starts mapping out its retirement plans just after leaving college. All the way along, they fear they haven’t made enough for next year — and the next four decades.

Taurus is also highly security-conscious, and likes to build up little nest eggs here and there just to ensure they’re never left without life’s basic necessities. They can seem quite ungenerous at times as they have this underlying fear about being left bereft.

Virgo tends to worry about everything, so money is just another area of life’s uncertainties. They can be chaotic about cash despite their tidy reputation.

An Aquarius who is heavily influenced by Saturn can be extremely attached to what is theirs. They dislike the idea of not having status and possessions, so they tend to accumulate rather than live for the day.

A Uranus-influenced Aquarius does the opposite, and tomorrow is rarely given a second thought.

Aries and Sagittarius are much the same. They happily live hand-to-mouth since they have that unshakeable, fiery confidence that a safety net will be there for them when they most need it. Sagittarius really is the Pollyanna of the universe, since they have lucky Jupiter as a ruler. They simply know that they can rely on a break that will fund them for the next few weeks.

Oddly enough, Virgo also has that quality of being able to produce a rabbit out of the hat when the going gets tough. They are never over optimistic but they do have special powers.

Pisces, sharing Jupiter as a ruler with Sagittarius, also has a lucky streak and a gambler’s instinct that everything will get better just over the horizon.

Leo is a fire sign, but lacks the overwhelming confidence of its’ sibling fire signs, Aries and Sag. However, Leo believes they deserve riches. Money is their birthright – or so they think — and so it usually comes.

Gemini tends to be both a pessimist and an optimist, since they are the archetypal split sign: one day up — the next day down. But they are intuitive about money, and generally know which way the financial winds are blowing.

Cancer and Scorpio share a degree of Taurus’ insecurity about money, and they tend to hoard as a result. They’ll never allow themselves to go short because it’s so crucially important to them to never be poor.

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