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Temper Tantrums By Zodiac Sign

How To Handle Your Child’s Temper Tantrums By Zodiac Sign

Okay – we all know that they are unavoidable – but we also know how painful they can be. Talking with my physician today he lamented the difference between his one year old toddler’s temper-tantrum versus the ear crushing, annoyance of his three year old.

Every parent knows that the terrible two’s, three’s whatever, that yield tantrums in your child are a necessary stage of growth that allows your child to begin to individuate but must it be so painful?

Here is a little crash course in calming the torrent within based on your child’s Sun sign:

Aries Sign:

Well, you may have your hands full as these little ones can tantrum…well their entire lives if you are not careful. The ram needs to individuate and have a strong sense of self. One of the best ways to help an Aries child out of an all out screaming fit is first to try to avoid it be getting them lots of activity and secondly, if that has not worked, you need to reinforce their sense of self. Give them choices and show consequences for their actions. Ultimately, the more powerful and challenged they feel, the more apt they are to calm down quicker.

Taurus Sign:

The tantrums here can last longer than most, known for stubbornness and holding onto a grudge, these little ones are less likely to move on quickly once the boat has been rocked. One of the best strategies may be to provide a calming atmosphere. Music can often calm an agitated Taurus child. A comfy bed, a good nap, all these “luxuries” we take for granted your bull must have. If all else fails, pets help distract and pull Taurus children out of their funk.

Gemini Sign:

The good news is your child will probably get over whatever it was that got him made in the first place pretty quickly. The bad news is that these little ones can shift from happy to mad to happy again before you know what happened. If your child is grabbing every toy in the toy aisle and has elected this moment to begin tossing things about in a fit and fury, mom, take comfort that this too will pass, sometimes before it really began. Distract your little twin quickly with a fun, shiny object or a tall tale to shift the mood quickly.

Cancer Sign:

Here come the water works. Cancer children are super sensitive and can cry over seemingly the smallest things. Tantrums are a regular occurrence. This is not because these children are bad or don’t mean well, it is because they need a extra dose of Mom’s love. These little ones feel things so deeply that it can be at times difficult to understand. Mom, hold on tight as hugs help calm a crab who is over stimulated.

Leo Sign:

Drama is the key word here. If your little one is going to pitch a fit, he will make sure he has an audience and that everyone on the block knows about his mood. The good news is that these tantrums are more about putting on a show then anything else. In order to discourage this behavior, don’t reward it with too much attention. The best course of action is to calmly (I know tough sometimes), state that you understand your little one is upset and having a tough time and want to give him some space to get it out of his system. Don’t ignore your child, but don’t indulge the behavior with an excess of negative or positive attention. Time outs here are your best.

Virgo Sign:

These little ones usually only pitch a fit when something is out of sorts. They are not the loud dramatic types (depends on the entire chart of course I am generalizing for the Sun sign here) but all in all, the best course of action is to see what went awry and see if there is a solution. Is your child over tired? Nap time. Is your child missing something or has the routine been upset in some way? Help your little one regain composure with reassurance that despite things not being perfect – it will be okay. These little ones need way more reassure than parents often know. These children internalize things and worry so much that anything you can do to put their little minds at ease will help alleviate outbursts.

Libra Sign:

These little ones don’t like to be embarrassed in front of others. Tantrums may look a bit more subtle. I want this toy Daddy. Whining is more the style here. It is important with Libra’s to get to them in the moment and explain that what is most becoming is someone who knows how to make themselves happy. These little ones can look for others to make them happy. Remind them often that only we can make ourselves happy.

Scorpio Sign:

Okay, so you have your work cut out for you. Scorpios are notorious for their amazing tantrums. The good news here is that these little ones actually grow and learn from tantrums. Okay, probably not the news you were looking for, but I am trying to find a silver lining here. Your little one has intense emotions that need to be released. If you can muster it up, jump and scream with them. The reality is we all have these feelings inside of us but don’t know how to express them quite the way that Scorpios do. Don’t make it a competition and don’t make fun of them. Just let them see that you get it and feel that way too sometimes.

Sagittarius Sign:

Your little one may have a short fuse but likely that fuse can taper given the right environment. From the birth your child has had strong opinions and she is not afraid to express them to anyone who will listen. If your Sag is prone to pitching a fit if someone disagrees with her then you may need to go out of your way to help her understand that not everyone will always agree and that doesn’t mean she is bad in some way. These little ones believe that if they are not right then somehow they are wrong. Reassure them that everything is okay and there are always two sides to everything.

Capricorn Sign:

Serious and forceful. Two words that can describe a Capricorn melt down. Are you able to recognize the signs that the intensity is ratcheting up and a tantrum is pending? If you are, then lucky for you, you may just be able to avoid the outburst all together. These little ones don’t like to be misunderstood. They like their needs anticipated. If you can sense a serious face on the horizon, switch quickly into reassurance and praise mode. These little ones thrive off of knowing that they have done a good job. Often frustration stems from not being as good as they would like to be.

Aquarius Sign:

These little ones are a bit unpredictable. You can’t say for sure when they could be set off or by what. The important thing to remember is that they are independent little buggers and will likely respond well if you give them some leeway to solve their own quandary. These children have an old soul and will probably know what they need on some level to get themselves out of a funk. See if you can help them discover what they need when a melt down ensues.

Pisces Sign:

Your little one’s tantrum may look less than a tantrum than most. Pisces by nature are people pleasers. As a result, when stress comes on they tend behave more oddly than anything. Spacey, non-responsive, hiding – these are all classic Pisces tactics. Bring your Pisces back out into the real world and ground him. Engage a little one who has turned inward in times of stress.

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