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The Hero Archetype

The Hero Archetype

The hero is an archetype of a person who despite trials and tribulations perseveres and triumph through them. They display courage and self-sacrifice for a greater good. In Greek Mythology, heroes like Heracles, Achilles and Perseus played an important part of Greek religion.

The hero symbolizes in us the need for triumph and glory in the face of life’s challenges and difficulties. Most often, these trials and difficulties are problems which seem insurmountable or too overwhelming. This archetype inspires us to continue and to persist.

The hero archetypes in stories usually have a quest. This quest, naturally, is fraught with challenges, enemies, threats and dangers to the hero’s life. In folk or fairy tales, heroes on a quest have to pass a certain test and end by successfully passing and marrying the princess (or similar figure). Variations like villains kidnapping the princess are common as well.

Most of us like the hero archetype because it is noble. The hero archetype is most often identified as the protagonist, someone who is self-sacrificing or a good and brave person.

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