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Hiring an Astrologer

Hiring an Astrologer

People go to astrologers everyday. Many experiences have been disasters. While others have been extremely helpful. To make the experience more worthwhile, clarify a few things before you make your appointment. The more you are aware, the better your experience will be.


Astrologers do not give advice. They give you possibilities of what you may feel or events that may occur. They can show you problem areas in your life and can suggest ways to change the problems into solutions. Astrology can help you to understand the events of your past and future. It is up to you to do with the information as you see fit. We have free will and choice. For example, if there is a possibility of meeting a new love, and you never leave the house, chances are you will not meet that person.


Make sure you have the exact time of your birth. The most accurate time is from your birth certificate. Please don’t rely on mom’s memory, she was busy at the time. You would be surprised at the number of mothers who get the time wrong. If your time is off by 10 minutes it can make a difference in the accuracy of the reading.


Deciding on what you want from a reading is very important. Are you going to find out about love, money, your health or your children? Do you want to know about your past life, your general future or just your hidden personality traits? Before you see an astrologer, make a list of all the possible questions you would like to ask. Refine this list and narrow it down to the important issues. You will then come away from your reading much happier if you get your needs met.


Talk to the astrologer for a few minutes on the phone before you make an appointment. Do you feel comfortable with the astrologer? Does this person listen to your questions? Do they interrupt you and then give you a long monologue? Do they seem clear and understandable? Does the astrologer ask you what you want to concentrate on?


You can expect to pay anywhere from $75 to $200 an hour for an astrological reading. Make sure you ask the fee in the beginning so you will not be surprised. Just like any other service or product, if someone charges in the higher range it does not always mean better. It can mean some people just charge more.


Ask about their work. Some astrologers only focus on the spiritual aspects of astrology. Some are more interested in past lives. It is best to go to an astrologer who is more generalized than specialized. When clients come to me, I ask the client what they are wanting to get from the reading. Clients often do not have any particular area they want to concentrate on and just want a general reading, which is fine. Others want to know more information on a specific area of their lives.


It is important for the astrologer to focus on any pressing questions first. This will enable the client to hear the rest of the reading. Do you remember being in school, having a question and the teacher saying to hold all questions until the end? I for one, could not hear the rest of the lecture because my question kept screaming in my head.


Will they tape the session? If not, ask if you can tape the session. I personally tape each session for the client so they can review their year as it unfolds. Often, the client is given so much information that unless the session is taped, it will be easy to forget a great deal of the details. There are many types of charts used by astrologers. Here is a list of the most commonly used charts for tropical astrology.


Some astrologers will read only the natal chart. All astrologers start with this one. It is the most important chart. It is a delineation of your personality and how you are in the world. This chart was set at the time of your birth. It is about your life’s lessons usually called *karma*; what you were put here on earth to do. Based on the exact time you were born; as well as, the city and date of your birth.


Secondary Progressions are how you will be feeling in the future. It is not what is often seen, but felt.


Transits are the future predictions. These charts are the events that will affect your life.


This is a chart read from birthday to birthday. Based on when the sun returns to the exact time as when you were born. It is another predictive chart.


This chart is when the moon returns to its exact natal position. It happens monthly. When you have very long transits or progressions, over several months or years, the lunar return will show when the event or feeling will most likely occur.

Enjoy and have fun with the information from your reading. When we are open to seeing the problem areas of our lives, we then can make the changes necessary to have a more fulfilling life. Knowing when an event or feeling will most likely occur, will give you more information to make better decisions.

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