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Horoscope 2015

2015 Horoscopes Overview

Horoscope for the year 2015

Dear Reader,

We want to honour the breath of fresh air that this new year brings by offering up a horoscope for 2015.

We hope our yearly horoscopes will provide you will some insightful guidance during what is a very tricky time, astrologically speaking, with the heavy planets ie Pluto and Uranus at loggerheads in cardinal signs and Neptune in Pisces calling us all to get in touch with our spiritual side.

As the song goes, “Nobody said it was easy”.  We all know the mass media pump out shows a plenty about quick fix love, money, fame and success, however life is a journey filled with challenges and obstacles designed to encourage us to find out what we are made of and who we really are.

There’s plenty of info for each sign of the zodiac, so take some time out for yourself and dive in. Our yearly Zodiac sign section gives you an idea of how to take advantage of the relationships of the planets and Zodiac Signs and what to expect for the next 1 year.  Know what is around the corner make your plans and see them through by getting your timing just right. Use this great astrology guide to help you get the very best from your all your choices.

Look forward to knowing what situations you face in the NEXT 12 months, what will be happening to you and yours and how to handle challanges & opportunities to get the most from your life? Our Horoscope will tell you everything you need to know about your life in the 2015. Timing is everything!

Update: Our exclusive Horoscope 2016 for all zodiac signs- Professional astrology predictions for the year 2016 provided by

The 2015 astrological forecast is all about rhythms and cycles. Plan creatively for your future and use all the influence available to steer your life successfully. This 2015 horoscope overall trends forecast is specific to you and shows you when the good times are around and what you can expect in love, career and money.

If you have an idea of how celestial events will affect you in 2015, this will make your planning and scheduling easier, and it will get the best out of year. Of course, things are always affected for the better or worse by your own natal chart. Ultimately it is up to you how the energy that is available is utilised.

For example, if I was to say that March would be a good time to meet a new partner, if you did not make an effort to mix and socialise during that time, your chances of meeting this person would be greatly minimised. Some people also experience the energy occurring in their own charts through somebody else. So if you do not notice anything happening directly yourself, somebody close to you may actually do so.

It’s best to read the 2015 horoscopes for both your Sun sign and Rising Sign. Those of you who know your ascendant sign, please read your Rising Sign forecast, it is where you are in your cycle of life!! If you do not know your ascendant sign, please email us and we will get you that information.

We invit you to read also the 2015 Horoscope for your Zodiac Sign, but this will not be as accurate of a reading as your Rising Sign forecast, because the ascendant provide  80% of the information. Please blend the two, the 2015 horoscope for your Rising Sign and the 2015 horoscope for your Zodiac Sign.

Embrace the good and bad and enjoy what is your unique experience. Be the hero in your own personal life movie and never hide your spotlight! Let’s get greet the new year with awareness, enthusiasm and love!

Please browse through the following 2015 forecasts for all of the Zodiac Signs and remember: timing in life is everything, so use your horoscope for success! Happy New Year, wondrous creature of the Zodiac!

This page will be updated as the year 2014 goes by.

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