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Aquarius 2015 Horoscope

2015 Annual Horoscope for Aquarius: How Jupiter’s transit will affect you in 2015

Jupiter will start the year 2015 in the sign of Leo, in the 7th House of Aquarius (this House is related to couple relationships, business association relationships, contracts, conflicts, collaborators, cases, agreements and our enemies).

The good news for you is that until June 2015 Jupiter will keep bringing you opportunities and luck in your marriage, relationships and partnerships. Because of your relations you will get to expand your view of life, to extend, to connect with different points of view, to encounter new experiences and opportunities and to meet persons who will help you open to the possibilities that life has to offer you.

If you are looking for a life partner, Jupiter will give you a helping hand, increasing your chances to meet the right partner and even marry him/ her, with the condition that you open yourself and come to meet the others.

The new people that will enter your life might have a Jupiterian character (born under the sign of Sagittarius, with the Ascendant in this sign, having Jupiter in their 1st House or being powerful in the Chart). They will be the kind of people which whom you will have to learn, they will assist your development and to expand.

The journeys can play a significant role, you could, for example, meet a person who travels a lot, overseas, maybe someone foreign, born in another country. A person who will encourage you to extend your horizons through changing your points of view therefore somebody who will stimulate you to expand beyond your previous boundaries. Perhaps you will meet more people than usually, people that, in some way, will assist your spiritual improvement.

If you have crossed a period of crisis in your relationship / marriage, in case that you temporarily separated or there is tension in the relationship, the chances are good that you overcome the problems and the misunderstandings, to restore the peaceful, loving atmosphere that you once had. However, on the negative side, you might have the disposition to become very arogant with your life partner and you may be afraid to make the changes that might be necessary.

In case that you are already involved in a relationship or you are married, you will be more opened, generous and tolerant with your partner. It will be a period when you will experience mre harmony and stability, you will wish to make something concrete together, to build something strong together, to work for a common purpose and you will succeed to understand better the needs and desires of your partner.

Regarding the legal issues and the judicial procedures, if you have any criminal cases or problems with justice, you will probably get an unexpected help, some miraculous support, something or somebody that will help you escape from your troubles.

It will be a favorable period, as well, in what concerns the professional collaborations, it is possible to have new collaborations, to sign successful organization contracts, to establish new associations and partnerships that might help you in the future.

2015 Horoscope for Aquarius: How Saturn’s transit will affect you in 2015

Saturn will be settled in the sign of Scorpio, in the 10th House of Capricorn (the House of career, success, employer and your social reputation).
Saturn is the ruler of your sign and, in addition, is the natural ruler of the area of life that he transits from about 2 years. This is the reason why this transit will have a great influence on your life, because only once in 28-30 years you have Saturn present here to help you achieve what you desire in your life.

This transit can have 2 different results, depending on your efforts made before Saturn starting to transit this area of your life.

For some of the Aquarius, the transit of Saturn might represent a period for consolidation of social position and for receiving a reward for the hard work done over the last few months (years). If you have worked hard to achieve your goal and the word “no” was not an obstacle in your way, in the first 9 months of the year 2015 you may get, finally, where you want, at the maximum ascent in your career, in an important position, but only if you deserve it. You may get a promotion or a leading position, to be recognized for the skills you have to offer, to get the respect of society for some achievement of yours and to finally feel that you took the control of your life. But an eventual social success may also bring you a greater responsibility and you will have to prove that you can accomplish everything you got.

But if the road you have traveled so far did not lead you to a social success, if you haven’t made the steps necessary to build a solid career, in the first 9 months of the year you will probably feel that you suffer the consequences and you pay for your mistakes, thus you receive the “reward”. You might feel frustrated, sensing that it is very difficult to realize your dreams, that you have to pass many tests, that you need to overcome obstacles and that you have to take too many responsibilities. It is difficult for anybody to work hard for professional purposes and not receiving the immediate benefits of these efforts made. But Saturn will show you that now is the time to prove your maturity. He wants you to learn that a career requires time, effort, patience, self-control, responsibility, ethical conduct, discipline, accountability, tangible and realistic objectives, as well as hard work.

Keep in mind that the tough lessons are designed to help you learn how you can become a better leader to gain the respect and the admiration of society. It is possible that you feel insecure because this cycle will help you learn the limits and boundaries of social interaction. You will have to discover what success means to you, ask yourself why you want to reach a position of authority, assess the reasons behind your desire to succeed in society.

2015 Yearly Horoscope for Aquarius – How Uranus transit will affect you in the year 2015

Uranus will be in the sign of Aries, in the 3rd House of Aquarius (this House symbolizes the communication, mentality, mind and thinking, everything related to writing, reading, speaking, education, school, all forms of communication – letters, phone calls, SMS, emails – your ideas and thoughts, brothers and sisters, relatives, your neighbors and the short distance travels).

Being one of the rulers of your sign, the presence of Uranus will make you in 2015 and many years from now to strongly focus on these areas of your life. Having Uranus transiting your 3rd House, in the coming years your mind will be more independent, original, creative, unconventional, curious, perhaps somewhat eccentric and unusual. This transit can make you get up, it may open your eyes to new ways of thinking, it may bring surprises, sudden and unexpected changes regarding your education, the communication, your siblings and the journeys around.

The people around you, sometimes, may not understand what you think or why you expressed your thoughts in a certain way. This might happen because you may think hasty, to have progressive ideas, sometimes even brilliant ideas. Your thinking will be nonconformist and different, your ideas and thoughts will come to you rapidly, as a lightning.

You will devote a lot of time to communicate and get information especially about new and unique concepts. It is possible to become interested in a new area and you will begin to study it. You may think you have found information that will change people’s perspective and their awareness. However, the way how you communicate may alienate you from the ordinary people who cannot understand the latest research, the scientific discoveries and the new developments.

You will wish more than ever to have freedom of thought, to reach your own conclusions, to express yourself freely, without being limited or restricted. You will not be willing to accept to be limited by restricting ideas. You will tend to innovate in various fields of knowledge, to create new ways of thinking.

If you follow some courses, you are favored in the fields of science, computer science, IT, astrology, aviation and engineering. You are also favored regarding the education via the Internet and you may follow some courses online. Some of Aquarius might decide to pursue a form of education in a field of study which they haven’t considered by now. You may also experience a mental restlessness, to be always looking for new information and knowledge and the news media, mobile phones, internet, coffee gossip, siblings, neighbors and your friends will fill your hours.

Perhaps you will travel a lot, mostly around or by airplane. The short distance travels may bring you unusual experiences, huge surprises and radical changes in your way of thinking. Or it could be somewhat different, to have something unique. It is possible to have to leave suddenly, when you do not expect at all. In addition, it might be a good period to buy a car or to take your driver’s license.

The relationships with your siblings and neighbors are susceptible to become unusual and some tense moments may appear. You will make new friends and you will often find them via the internet, using social networking sites. The new people that you will encounter may seem eccentric, unusual, nonconformist, rebellious, very independent and original. All the interactions with your close environment will appear electrified and accelerated.

2015 Aquarius Horoscope – How Neptune’s transit will affect you in the year 2015

Neptune will be in the sign of Pisces, in the 2nd House of Aquarius (this House is related to money, assets and possessions).

Having Neptune present in Pisces, you will focus more attention on money. But there is also the risk to be shrouded in the fog of Neptune, to fail seeing the reality and starting to value more your dreams and imagination, rather than what is real and possible. It is quite hard to manage to successfully combine everything related to the material world with a planet that is less attached to personal assets, in other words the planet which is the least worldly of the planets.

This position of Neptune may indicate doubts about the finances or about the income sources, confusion and chaos on finances, values and personal resources, as well as an inclination towards a spiritual attitude regarding money and possessions.

Neptune is also associated with deception, so pay attention to keep your dreams anchored in reality, take off your pink glasses so you will not face any deceptions, inconveniences or financial losses. You will have to make sure that things are truly what they appear to be and do not let yourself stolen by the lure of gaining. It would be wise to be skeptical of the dubious, unclear investments and the business proposals that seem too good to be true.

You must be careful about people who promise you that you will get rich through quick schemes because, as already mentioned, there is an increased risk of being deceived by some people who promise you “easy way” to make money. During the coming years should be very careful about what you do, because some of the business ideas that will be proposed to you will prove to be deceptive, empty promises, so be very careful who you trust.

The lack of judgment and a disposition towards gullibility might bring you many problems. It might be pretty hard for you to say “no” to those who will seek your financial aid, to be easily influenced or fooled. You may be tempted to give even all you have, being very merciful and believing that in this way you will obtain an emotional closeness. You might be extremely moved by the less fortunate or by those who are unable to face the practical part of life. Neptune’s compassion may allow it the drain of your own resources, to you “lose” your money, to make them “get lost” or your money may be used deceptively by others.

On the positive side, in the coming years the money will be your means through fulfilling your dreams. You will have some intuitions regarding about ways to earn money, your attitude towards material security will tend to become more flexible. Your approach to the finances will be fuller of imagination and you will tend to help those who need financial support.

The 2nd House is also associated with the inner resources and innate talents. Therefore, it can be a good period for you to harness these talents or at least try to give them expression. You will benefit financially from jobs that are related to spirituality, intuition, imagination, dreams, charitable acts, the sea, ocean, dance, photography, chemicals, medicines, liquids and drinks, the jobs which bring emotional wellbeing, compassion, tolerance and unconditional love.

You can best use this transit to examine your inner values and more spiritual side of life. If you will focus too much on the material aspects of life, material goods can “dissolve” in order to bring you back to your goal. The real meaning of this transit is to find what is truly important to you in life. The lesson brought to you by Neptune in the area of your money and assets is to learn to pay attention to the material world, but not to become a victim of it.

Horoscope 2015 Aquarius – How Pluto’s transit will affect you in 2015

Pluto will be during the entire year 2015 in the sign of Capricorn, in the 12th House of Aquarius (this House represents the collective unconscious, spirituality, sacrifice, hidden enemies, how we hurt ourselves without realizing it, what we don’t want other persons to see or know about us, serious health problems, our fears and how we self – destruct).

In 2015 you will as well have the opportunity to discover what lies behind your conscious mind, you will have to examine yourself and transform yourself by letting go of those issues that create chaos in your life.

Having Pluto transiting the area of your life regarding your subconscious and beliefs, the negative behaviors, your obsessions and your secret wishes, therefore all your destructive dispositions will seem to highlight.

The change brought by Pluto will try to penetrate your unconscious in order to help you escape from any excess baggage that you carry and which causes you troubles in your life. Pluto wants to bring out to the surfaces those repressed parts, weak and developed without even knowing, so you can confront them and integrate them into your personality.

The blocked energies in your subconscious can be released through therapy or self-analysis. You may feel a strong impulse to study psychology, dreams and other methods of discovering the mysteries of the universe, to be able to explore the depths of your subconscious and the unconscious realms of the human psyche.

For most Aquarius people it will not be a very pleasant experience, but Pluto will also give you the opportunity to remove obstacles that you have put in your way. Once you recognize them and bring them to the light of consciousness, they will no longer have power over you.

In 2015 you will also have insights and you will manifest an increased interest towards secrets, dreams, unconscious, mystery and faith. You could be just like a psychic sponge that absorbs the negativity around you, all the pain unexpressed, the other people’s fears that they hide behind some happy faces. The problematic areas are those related to unseen forces, addictions and an overwhelming sense of guilt and helplessness.

In the coming years you may be very vulnerable to what is dark and destructive to society. You will be sensitive to the negative forces of society, you could have a subconscious disposition to self-destruct and you might feel that you are controlled by powerful forces.

It will be a challenge for you not to let yourself overwhelmed by the collective shadow of suffering, sadness and pain. Because otherwise you may have unbearable feelings of guilt, nightmares, it will seem to you that you are persecuted, that you have powerful enemies and that you are a victim. But you will also dispose of a reservoir of healing power, of a high capacity to regenerate and the power to face terror.

In the coming years you may go through periods of inner transformation and personal crises. It will be a good period to get rid of your bad habits such as smoking, alcohol or substance abuse.

If you will make enough efforts in order to change you inside, you certainly will discover that you have many talents and inner resources that have not been used before. You’ll be more connected to your inner self, with God, the universe, with unconditional love. And at the end of this journey of 7 years, you will reborn and you will discover the wonderful person that you are, the person who expects to be brought to the surface in order to transform your life in one truly beautiful.

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