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Cancer 2015 Horoscope

2015 Annual Horoscope for Cancer: How Jupiter’s transit will affect you in 2015

Starting August 11, 2015, Jupiter will beguin its journey through the sign of Virgo, activating your 3rd House, regarding communication, mentality, mind and reflection, everything concerning writing, reading, speaking, studies, school (generally, the middle education), all types of communication (letters, phone calls, SMS, e-mails), your ideas and thoughts, your brothers and sisters, the relatives, your neighbors, the short distance travels (in the neighborhood), the means of conveyance (cars, buses), books, magazines.

Will be favored the relationships with your brothers, neighbors, the relatives, you may receive some good news (letters, phone calls, messages, SMS, lucky e-mails). Your luck will be related to your mind, to the information you have, your mentality, the ideas and your thinking. It will be a period of mental and intellectual expansiveness, you will think positively and you might meet some opportunities to learn new things, to study, to meet new people and making new friends. You will be more generous, compassionate and tolerant with people, you will be less affected by prejudices and you will try to comprehend the things by relying more on your own experience.

However, you should be careful not to become too arrogant intellectually, and do not think that you know everything, do not become an intolerant that doesn’t understand the opinions and the beliefs of others, take care not to get too superficial and detached. During the transit of Jupiter through the 3rd House you may realize that you are luckier when you are more flexible, when you move more, when you are more dynamic and you travel more. It may be a favorable period to purchase a car, to learn to drive and get your license. If you are still at school, you will discover that you manage to learn and to assimilate the knowledge much more easily.

2015 Horoscope for Cancer: How Saturn’s transit will affect you in 2015

Saturn will be present until September 17, 2015, in Scorpio sign, in the 5th House of Cancer (the House of creativity, children, of love, pleasures and speculation).

Saturn in Scorpio advises you in 2015, as well, to take a serious commitment about your children, love relationships, your creativity, in what concerns amusements and recreation. How are your relationships with your beloved, your children or your inner child? Can you say these relationships are harmonious? Or do you feel inhibited or restricted in the relations with your beloved or your children and you find it difficult to freely express your love?

Saturn compels you to try to (re)find your joy of life, to enjoy living, to show your radiance even now, in these hard times. Allow your inner child to play more, take the responsibility for that part of you which is still willing to play, be spontaneous and give to the energy of your heart a particular form, no matter what happens around you. Saturn will assist you to share the love from within yourself in many tangible ways.

In September 17, 2015, Saturn will enter in Sagittarius zodiac sign, in the 6th House of Cancer (associated with job, daily routine, the small health problems, hygiene, employees and with work environment).

Saturn will start testing you and giving you lessons about your workplace, your coworkers and subordinates, but also about your health. You will start a period of two and a half years when you will feel that you have to work hard and you will have to struggle in order to succeed on overcoming the obstacles which will seem to keep rising in your way. You might even feel like you are restricted and limited in everything concerning your job, in the relationships with the coworkers (or with your employees, in case that you are the superior).

Perhaps you will discover that a leader (or another person with authority) doesn’t admit nor appreciate the work that you do, he minimalizes your contribution and your efforts. It is also possible that you will encounter some problems in finding a job, if you are unemployed, or you may feel that you are stuck in a job that you do not like, but you are not willing to take the risk to resign it, because you are afraid that you will not find a job better than you already have now.

But each transit has its positive sides, and this one, of Saturn through the House of your service could make you become more disciplined, more serious and more responsible about your job as well as your daily routine. You will become more realistic about your work, you will begin to take things more seriously and to build everything step by step. You will have to further pay attention to the rules, to make things right, no matter how hard this may be for you, you will also have to find a way to work better and think how you can help more the others, through the work that you do.

Regarding your health, Saturn’s transiting through your 6th House won’t necessary bring health problems, but you can be aware to pay more attention to your own body and be careful with your unhealthy practices which could have impact on your health.

2015 Yearly Horoscope for Cancer – How Uranus transit will affect you in the year 2015

Uranus will be during all the year of 2015 in the sign of Aries, in the 10th House of Cancer (this House symbolizes the career, social status and social successes).

Moreover, in 2015 Uranus will activate the area of your life related to your career and social status. For the next few years, the area of career will be more unstable, much more dynamic and more active and your speed of response to events will be significant. In 2015 you can expect as well some sudden, unexpected changes, extremely beneficial and surprisingly opportunities, not only about your career, but also about the reputation and your social status. You may possible have a great change of background in your public life.

The purpose of Uranus is setting you free from what holds you in place and reminding you to be who you really are, being proud of your uniqueness. Uranus in Aries will help you to develop socially, to accomplish what you desire in your career, to bring your contribution to the world and improve your unique skills.

Having Aries in 10th House, you do not need encouragement to try to grow on your own. But when it is about Uranus, you have to set free your inspiration, because the best opportunities that will appear will come suddenly, unexpected and just like from nowhere. And they will show themselves when you will allow yourself to follow your intuition, when you will consider your original ideas regarding your career, your place in the world and society and you will have the courage to take a chance. It is possible to throw yourself into a job without knowing what will happen, so much strong will be your desire for freedom and you will wish not to be restrained in no way.

Your wish for freedom in your career could be uncontrollable and you may not be able to respect your routine, the restrictions or orders. The message brought by the presence of Uranus in Aries is to have the courage to venture and to enjoy the unknown. Dare to make the necessary changes and do not be worried about what people think about your decisions!

2015 Cancer Horoscope – How Neptune’s transit will affect you in the year 2015

Neptune will be in Pisces, in the 9th House of Cancer (this House is associated with higher education, long distance journeys, foreign countries).

Having Neptune in this position, you will become more dreamy and idealistic about the area of life concerning philosophy, religion, higher education, the interest towards other cultures, other foreign countries, personal development, the desire to travel in order to meet other cultures and the desire to venture into unknown. In these areas, you will be susceptible to be deceived, you will be more disposed to give, rather than receive, or the opposite, to avoid any responsibility, to ignore the reality and crave for the spirituality and the world that you imagine, as you want them to be and not how they really are.

In the positive side, you will feel the most inspired, you will strongly believe that everything is possible and you will have a great faith in the universe. It is possible to develop an interest towards the spirituality and metaphysics, travel to other dimensions, to have telepathic experiences or prophetic dreams. You will begin to take from the library those books that help you understand life, its meaning and the truth. It may be some books about religion, metaphysics, personal development or occultism. You might feel that these books are necessary in your progress and that they will assist you to understand why certain events occur in life.

It will be a favorable period for profoundly studying the spirituality, to write and publish books about spirituality and even to do spiritual peregrinations. The journeys will become the way through you will wish to enrich your soul, but you have to consider the disposition towards deception. As a result, you may end up in the situation of losing yourself after some experiences during your travels or when you get in touch with other philosophies of life, with other views and other truths.

You could become very confused, you have to be careful about what you hear or read because you will have the mood to be easily influenced by the ideas you hear and you will miss your discernment. If something does not align with what you think is true, you will have to trust your instinct. The truth is simple – if it’s complicated, do not believe it! You should learn to listen to your instincts about what you know.

This way you will protect yourself from all sorts of people who will try to tell you what is truth, what to believe in, avoid the false spiritual masters or religious frauds. You must be careful about what you “absorb”. You should take care not to go too far with your beliefs and then become a fanatic. During this period, you may be attracted by certain religion or cult, becoming convinced that there is the truth you have been looking for. You could be easily deceived by concepts, religions or cults. At the end, you will get to find out that the absolute truth is just an illusion.

Another warning brought by this issue concerns a possible disposition to neglect your education. Your attitude could be confused, insecure, indecisive and erratic, as you will have the mood to dream about what studies you should follow, rather than actually applying it.

Horoscope 2015 Cancer – How Pluto’s transit will affect you in 2015

The presence of Pluto will be felt for the entire year of 2015 in the sign of Capricorn, in the 7th House of Cancer sign (this House represents the marriage, relationships and visible enemies).

Since 2009 you have the planet of “Power” in the House of “Us two” in the zodiac sign of “Integrity.” This makes you dispose of an amazingly strong energy until 2023. Pluto brings passion and depth to the sector of your marriage.

If you are looking for a life partner or a business partner, you may find that you are suddenly attracted to Scorpio (or somebody with Ascendant in Scorpio) or to people with similar personalities (with Pluto in 1st House or powerful in the chart). Maybe some Cancer met their partner during the period August 2009 – February 2014, when the North Node (the Destiny) transited this area, a sign that a certain person would have entered their life and made significant changes.

Being Cancer and having Capricorn as a Descendant, you are very traditionalist when it comes to relationships and you want things to be done by the rules, as they should be. You appreciate the security and your points of view regarding partnerships are pretty conservative. You care about keeping integrity and morality in your intentions and you appreciate the reliability and responsibility. You need a partner who is mature, practical and reliable – someone you can trust.

Pluto brings you many opportunities to change your relations, so they would reflect who you are and what you expect from your life. It is a good period to deeply understand what a relation means, how to relate, what and how much to offer, what and how much you receive from those with whom you relate and what to expect to receive from the others.

If you will use the energy from Pluto in a negative way, in 2015 your relationships will be found at a turning point. The central theme could be the battles for power, the desire for power and to control the partner. Because of this desire, to obtain the power in relationship, all sorts of psychological games could occur, such as manipulations, emotional blackmail, accusations, a relationship brought to the extreme, like love – hate. The success in relationships will depend on you, on your ability to make important changes and to renegotiate some healthy boundaries.

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