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Pisces 2015 Horoscope

2015 Annual Horoscope for Pisces: How Jupiter’s transit will affect you in 2015

We start the astrological analysis of the year 2015 for Pisces Sign with Jupiter, who will begin the year 2015 in the sign of Leo, in the 6th House of Pisces (this House is related to daily routine, job, health, small health problems, hygiene, nutrition, work, employees, work environment and the services offered to the community).

The 6th House represents the House of work, daily routine, it is the House of the services in both ways – the services offered as well as the services received – it concerns your employees (if you have any employees), the coworkers, it represents the small heart issues, the personal hygiene and also the pets.

Jupiter in Leo invites you to work seriously in order to obtain opportunities related to your job. If you do not have a job, in the next few months the chances are very good to obtain it. If you want to change your job with a better one, likewise, the chances are increased and you may succeed to accomplish what you want. Your luck will be in the work that you do, in the services you offer to the society and in the services that others do for you.

You might expect better conditions at work and, as well, improved relationships at your workplace. Also, in case that until now you have not been satisfied by your job, in the first 7 months of the year 2015 you might reconsider your position. Your job will not seem as bad as before, managing to see the positive parts of your work. You dispose of an enhanced amount of energy which can help you approach positively, with optimism and wisdom your daily tasks, but also regarding your job. Perhaps your job will make you travel very much (even in foreign countries) or you may even go to work in foreign countries, if you want it.

Regarding your health, the things will seem to work pretty well, you will be protected by the Great Benefic and you may feel like you possess more vitality and energy. But be careful to eat moderately and to make enough physical exercises because you may have the tendency to eat more in this period, thus it is possible to gain some extra weight.

2015 Horoscope for Pisces: How Saturn’s transit will affect you in 2015

Saturn will be present in the 9th House of Pisces (this House represents higher education, long distance travels and foreign countries).

In the last 2 years, the area of your life related to higher education, journeys, foreign countries, conceptions and philosophies of life it was under stabilization. In the first 9 months of the year 2015, the transit of Saturn through these fields is a sign that you need to learn more lessons which you haven’t learned quiet well. Maybe you have not taken them seriously or you have even ignored them by now. You will be in a period of your life when you will have to look realistically at the knowledge that you gained in your entire life, to your beliefs, your philosophy of life, your ideals and your opinions. You may begin to question yourself about your belief system, to find the meaning of life and to understand the Universal Laws.

On the positive side, you will have the disposition to be more firm and clear about the religion, dogmas and the moral codes accepted by the society. You will be disposed to adopt a more solid mentality, a practical and functional philosophy of life, you will have the disposition to have serious, mature and wise conceptions about life and you will have responsible and profound opinions. You will want to establish once for all something to believe in and you will want to anchor yourself in a firm fulcrum in your spiritual path. You will have a cautious approach, you will think twice before taking any risks and you will want to give a concrete, tangible form to all the things you know.

Yet, on the negative side, you may also have the disposition to adopt rigid beliefs, conceptions that will limit your personal development, unshakeable truths, to act reluctant and suspicious and to approach the understanding of life through a cold, harsh and moralizing attitude. The other might consider you as having a limited thinking, limited by doctrine and rules, locked-minded, with old and weird conceptions, with a fatalistic and pessimistic philosophy of life, which doesn’t accept new ways of thinking or modern ideas.

Saturn requires steadiness and abhors the change, which is why you should be very careful to maintain your intellectual flexibility, to avoid dogmatism and rigidity, to keep being open-minded, to accept other point of view and allow the new ideas to replace the outdated ones. Maybe you will feel some restrictions, limits, obstacles and difficulties regarding your higher education, the long distance travels and the relation with foreign countries.

Perhaps you will want to travel, to explore new philosophies of life, to follow some university courses, but you will be tied to other responsibilities and it will be difficult for you to accomplish all your goals. Maybe you will feel that you do not have enough freedom to move, that you cannot go too far (literally and figuratively) because you immediately feel some limits that stop you to get lost (physically and mentally). Just like there would be some limits and beyond them your mind and your soul are not allowed to travel.

But Saturn is trying to teach you that the success depends on the efforts you make, the work that you do in order to achieve what you desire and that any obstacle that appears shouldn’t make you return from that way. Perhaps you will travel away from home, quite a bit compared to other periods in your life, and mostly for work purposes or to learn something you need to know. Probably you will not be interested to travel only for pleasure, but also for practical matters and tangible benefits.

The 9th House is also one of the areas related to your education, and this transit of Saturn means that you are guided to study hard, to take care of your education, because from September, after Saturn will enter in the area of your career, you will be able to reach a height of your achievement. You will have great ambitions regarding your education, you will wish to make concrete steps to achieve and deepen a higher level. Perhaps you will have to resume your education and make some courses that you need in order to obtain success in your profession.

If you will feel frustrated because of the limitations, challenges and obstacles appeared in the way to your dreams and ambitions, remember that Saturn will enter in the area of social success and that during this period you should get a clear view of the ideals and your goals for future, so you can obtain the rewards of your efforts. The seriousness that you showed in your education in the last two and a half years will be rewarded in the next two and a half years, after the date of September 17, 2015.

2015 Yearly Horoscope for Pisces – How Uranus transit will affect you in the year 2015

Uranus will be present in the sign of Aries, in the 2nd House of Pisces (this House is associated with money, assets, possessions).

In 2015 you will confront, as well, an interesting influence. Your financial situation will be agitated, with earnings somewhat unpredictable, with unexpected gains, overnight, but the losses will be as sudden as the gains. You may feel that the money come, but also disappear just as quickly.

Your financial situation is likely to be changed, sometimes radically. Perhaps 2015 will not be a year when you will have stability regarding your financial situation, your income may be irregular and interrupted, you may not have steady income and breaks could occur between gains.

Uranus will urge you to look for your unique and individual resources which you inherently possess, in order to determine a lifestyle which will reflect your individuality. If you will know your value, your worth, you will attract money like a magnet. You may have new, progressive ideas about money / resources and instantaneous insights, sometimes brilliant.

It is important to understand that during this transit, the keywords are “financial freedom” and you will have more to win if you will not sell your freedom for money.

You will financially benefit from the jobs related to technology, friends, computer, internet, astrology, innovation, new discoveries and humanitarian work for the betterment of society.

If you are currently in a secure job, but hate it because it makes you feel trapped, deprived of liberty, if you are stuck in a boring and uninteresting job, in the coming years you may feel a strong urge to free yourself, to rebel, to act with courage in order to experiment some new ways how you could make a living.

The means to make a living may change, you may start earning your money in unusual and inventive ways, as a result of some unique occupations or you will wish to be on your own, developing an independent activity. Your job might be unconventional, unusual, different and with uncertain or sporadic payments. It might give you more freedom, but the income will be very unstable.

You will have the disposition to make changes that will endanger, somehow, your material security, from the desire to improve the quality and authenticity of your life. But you should take care about the impulsive decisions, the rush to do business or to spend money, without thinking well before. You will be prone to reckless spending and to make financial blunders.

2015 Pisces Horoscope – How Neptune’s transit will affect you in the year 2015

Neptune will be in the sign of Pisces, in the 1st House of Pisces (the House of self).

After 164 years when it transited, one by one, the other signs, Neptune, the planet that governs you, has returned 3 years ago in your constellation. For about 11 years you will have the possibility to completely dive in the ocean of inspiration, compassion and unconditional love. You will feel like you have just arrived back home, to your true self, who you really are. The perception about you, about who you are, it will go on.

Neptune will help you to get back in touch with yourself, revealing your true nature. You will not be able to deny who you really are, how empathic and sensitive you are. The entry of Neptune in your sign is a signal that it is time to get in touch with who you are, to get to know yourself, to accept yourself as you are and to utilize correctly the special qualities that you have been gifted with! Although this transit may also bring you a period of confusion about your identity, however, it will be a favorable time to act in accordance with your ideals and insights.

It will be enhanced your psychic abilities, intuition, extrasensory perceptions. You will become extremely sensitive. You will have to get used to trust your instincts, because it could help out in many situations. Do not be surprised if you would feel assisted by unseen guides, or you will begin to have the ability to see the invisible things. You will succeed to realize, more than ever, the existence of invisible energies, from other worlds, you will be able to feel all that is unseen. You will need to learn techniques to protect yourself from negativity, to keep your energy intact, because you will be extremely sensitive to the energies of others and there is the risk of being overwhelmed by feelings and emotions that do not belong to you.

Your creativity will be more obvious. It will be a good period to get involved in art, music, to use your imagination in writing, theater, photography or even to make a movie. You may feel a strong desire to help those who are less fortunate than you and it is a possibility that you could manifest constructively the energy of Neptune.

But there is also the risk of becoming too “altruistic”, to want “to offer everything” for those who do not deserve your sacrifice, you could have the disposition fall into the trap of sacrificing yourself for people who are just trying to take advantage of your kindness. Being under the influence of Neptune, there is the danger to become too naïve and too sensitive to the influence of others.

The positive side is to try to get involved in order to help those who are suffering and need help, but without losing yourself in this process. The key phrase used in astrology to describe your sign is “I believe”, and this is your great gift to the world: your belief in life and in people. You see all the people as being one and know that they are connected with each other, regardless of race, culture or gender.

The spirituality has always been important in your life, but in the coming years it will become even more important, as Neptune, the planet of spirituality, will cross your sign. You may start to feel more comfortable in the spiritual world than in the material one.

But beware, because you might also have a strong inclination towards “getting high” by substance abuse, alcohol, drugs, you may be tempted to dive into self-destructive substances in order to attenuate the pain of unrealized dreams, disappointment or the lost hopes. Neptune might prove to be deceptive when you look at life through blurred and emotional lens. You may become dissatisfied with reality, to have a deep sense of disappointment, discouragement or you may feel a strong need to escape from the world. You will have a strong mood to crave for another world and you will want the reality to look like your dreams. You may have problems to face the reality as it is, and if your illusions will be shattered, it will be hard to get back to what existed before, in your attempt to avoid the pain and the harsh reality of life.

Horoscope 2015 Pisces – How Pluto’s transit will affect you in 2015

Pluto will be during the whole year 2015 in the sign of Capricorn, in the 11th House of Pisces (the House of protectors, friends, supporters, popularity, memberships in groups and societies and of future projects).

For many years from now on Pluto will offer you the energy of transformation so you will direct it towards the professional organizations, the groups you belong to, your friends and your hopes for future. Pluto gives you the opportunity to manifest your dreams, hopes and wishes, not to remain just dreams and unfulfilled hopes. Anything you wish may become reality. Your goals for the future will be under transformation, you may notice that the things which used to be pretty important for you are no longer in conformity with what you want now.

Your friends and joining groups may be a vehicle for your transformation and regeneration. The long lasting friendships may go through periods of crisis and change. There might be turbulences, either you may have a strong influence on others, or perhaps the interaction with others may have a strong influence on you. You may not feel comfortable in groups, you may direct Pluto’s destructive power towards the group / friends and you may think that your friends are trying to destroy you.

Some friendships will probably end up under the influence of this transit, probably they will not suit the needs that you have now and you will decide that it is better walk in different ways. It is possible that a good friend, somebody you considered he is by you for better or for worse, may not be next to you, when you will need, therefore pushing you to find your inner strength in order to face on your own this situation. One way or another, you will probably not be able to count on your friends.

Some Pisces may become the victims of their friends, to encounter control, manipulation, blackmail, struggles for power, revenge, accusations or emotional blackmails. You may find yourself in the position to fight with some friends or members of an association which, posing as friends, or telling you that they want the best for you, will try to take control of your life, to isolate you and control you. The friendships that will survive to this long transit will become very strong and deep, for the rest of your life. The superficial friendships, without substance, which were not built on values of trust, loyalty, respect, justice, they will falter and eventually will end.

It is also possible to make new friends, especially persons with influence, powerful and on positions of power. It may enter your life at least one person who will have a great influence on you. But you should pay attention that it would be a positive influence, not a negative one, because there is also the possibility to meet shady characters. It would not be wise to associate with this kind of people.

The positive side is that in the coming years you will have the chance to heal and develop with the help of workshops, group therapies and self-help groups. These may try to help you go through important psychological changes, to change your life from the ground, to support you talk openly about some deep wounds, on a very profound level and permanent. It is possible, too, that you will have a very strong influence on others, to easily find new allies and persons who are willing to support you.

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