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Sagittarius 2015 Horoscope

2015 Annual Horoscope for Sagittarius: How Jupiter’s transit will affect you in 2015

Jupiter will start the year in the sign of Leo, in the 9th House of Sagittarius (this House represents the long distance travels, higher education, foreign countries and the relations with foreign people).

Jupiter is at his home in the 9th House and this fact allows him a better expression of his qualities. The long distance travels are emphasized, as well as higher education, religion and philosophy.

In the first 7 months of 2015, Jupiter will urge you to extend your intellectual horizons, to create a new view of life, a new philosophy of life, to experience all that life has to offer you, to approach life from a new perspective, to accumulate knowledge through experience, through study or travel, to venture and experience things that until now you have not had the courage to try.

The main aim of this transit is to extend your point of view and to open your mind. Perhaps you will feel the need to go beyond known, to comprehend other cultures and other philosophies of life. It is a period when you are filled with optimism and faith, you see the big picture and you stop tripping over the small details.

You could become interested in religion or another faith system. You will try to obtain answers to significant questions regarding the meaning and direction of your life. You might encounter a person who will be a teacher, a mentor or a spiritual master, someone who will encourage you to expand your mind beyond its current boundaries.

It is also possible that foreigners and foreign cultures can open your eyes to a brand new way of seeing the world… you can encounter opportunities to improve the relations with foreign countries and it will a favorable period if you intend to settle down abroad. You can also meet opportunities related to jobs in the foreign countries.

The 9th House is, as well, associated with the publication of books, broadcast of information, teaching, communication on a large scale and sending messages to the masses of people. Until the middle of August 2015, it can be a favorable period to share with others what you have learned by now. If you ever wanted to publish a book, will be the right time to make this step.

In case that you are in college or if you follow some other courses, it will be a good period, you will be able to learn and assimilate the knowledge more easily and you will also have good luck on your exams.

On the negative side, the presence of Jupiter in Leo can increase your negative dispositions, to become extremely stubborn, rigid and obsessed, to have fixed, unflinching opinions about the world, you will not want by no means to change your thoughts and you will be convinced that only you hold the truth.

2015 Horoscope for Sagittarius: How Saturn’s transit will affect you in 2015

Saturn will be in the sign of Scorpio, in the 12th House of Sagittarius (this House represents the collective unconscious, spirituality, sacrifice, hidden enemies, how we hurt ourselves without realizing it, what we don’t want other persons to see or know about us, serious health problems, our fears and how we self – destruct).

The 12th House brings the inconvenient image of chaos, serious diseases, madness and the loss of self. In the first 9 months of the year 2015 you will probably feel the need to protect yourself and defend from the chaos. You will further meet the consequences of your decisions and actions from the last 28-29 years. You will be forced to make “the spring cleaning of your life” and you should learn to make the connection between cause and effect.

If you will not succeed to recognize the link between the current events and the actions from the past, you will feel like a helpless victim, you will consider that your life is unfair, cruel and difficult. But if you will be able to take the responsibility for the events you will face, then this transit will accomplish to make you wiser and more mature.

Some Sagittarius might experience feelings of guilt, to feel responsible for all the suffering from the society, to feel always alone, overwhelmed by feelings of isolation, as if they would be separated from the rest of the people, no matter how much persons would surround them. If you will feel the need to withdraw from the world, you can do it, but you must not forget that there is a real world and this is not the right moment to lose yourself in fantasies. You will have the ability to work successfully from behind the scene, in private.

Generally, the transits of the planets through this sector of your life are considered to be inconvenient by most of the people, because of the association of this House with the subconscious and with what is hidden in there. This House symbolizes the things that we are not aware about ourselves and which we prefer to keep them hidden, firstly from us.

Because of the fact that the 12th House is associated with the subconscious mind and or secret enemies, this will be a favorable period to examine yourself and start a “spring cleaning”. You will be able to perceive clearly what holds you back, the things hidden in your subconscious, your fears, your self- destructive behaviors, the beliefs that limit your life, how you sabotage yourself, what you repress on you and how alone make your life more difficult. In case that you have lived inside an illusion by now, Saturn can assist you to relieve.

You could spend some more time in solitude, trying to find yourself, to revise your life and to inquire yourself. In this House the boundaries are dissolved and now, when you have Saturn present in this area of your life, you may be terrified by the lack of the boundaries, to feel connected with what is beyond reality and to be afraid of irrational. You probably fear that you will lose control and you will end up in solitary or even literally closed.

In extreme cases, some Sagittarius may be forced to pay through solitude for the mistakes made during the last 29 years and they might be literally closed, if at some point in their life they have chosen to take this path.

When Saturn travels through this House, there is a high risk of depression, because Saturn forces you to confront with the reality of your attitudes, to face your self- destructive behaviors, your addictions, “the skeletons from the closet” and consider the manner how this behaviors have blocked your progress, but also because of the fact that you meet the consequences of your actions and you have to correct what you didn’t make right in the previous 29 years.

Some Sagittarius could be obliged to take the responsibility for the care of some seriously ill persons or for somebody who is separated from society.

2015 Yearly Horoscope for Sagittarius – How Uranus transit will affect you in the year 2015

Uranus will be during the entire year 2015 in the sign of Aries, in the 5th house of Sagittarius (the house of relativity, children, love, pleasures and speculations).

When Uranus transits your 5th House, it is a sign that your children, the relation with your beloved and your creativity need a change. Until 2019 it will be a long period when Uranus will bring major changes, suddenly, unexpected and surprising and you will be exposed to some new experiences in order to have the opportunity to achieve a new understanding of your uniqueness and your creative potential. The transit of Uranus will make you encounter some situations that will force you utilize your energy in ways that are currently unknown for you.

Regarding to love and the relation with your beloved, you will have the predisposition to detach yourself emotionally and you will wish, more than anything, to love freely. Uranus will bring you a personal magnetism that will make you attractive and appealing. You will become more unconventional, you will need more space in the relationship with your beloved and you will need more free space to be yourself. You will not appreciate the limits and the constraints and you may be inclined towards platonic love stories, where you will treat your partner more likely as a friend. Also, you might fall in love suddenly and unexpected with one of your friends.

You might also fall in love on the Internet, using social networking sites. It is possible to fall in love with somebody eccentric, independent, non-conformist, different, original, inventive, a person with a certain amount of geniality and eccentricity. As mentioned before, you will be predisposed to fall in love suddenly, in the heat of the moment, without thinking too much, but this will pass just as quickly. You might feel attracted precisely by that kind of people who are not available for a relationship in the true meaning of the word, exactly to avoid involving too much.

The 5th House is as well related to the hobbies and to what we enjoy doing in order to have some fun. The “entertainments” are really a way to express the inner child, which is that part of us that enjoys playing and having fun. This will be an excellent period for you to experience different kinds of hobbies and recreational activities, no matter how unusual they may be. This transit will help you discover your creativity, youth and passion, to express yourself and to get to play more. Uranus wants to free your mind and allow your new methods of expression that, until now, you have not been aware of.

In case that you have any children, you should know that they will feel the need to have more freedom and they will act rebel if they will sense that they are limited or restricted. Some of them will wish to be on their own and they will leave the home in order to feel free. If you want to have a baby, this long transit of Uranus might help you, but you should know that you may be taken by surprise, when you do not expect it at all.

2015 Sagittarius Horoscope – How Neptune’s transit will affect you in the year 2015

Neptune will be in the sign of Pisces, in the 4th House of Sagittarius (this House is associated with family, home and the foundation of your personality).

In 2015, you will have Neptune settled for many years in the House of your family and your home. The relationship with your family may become more confusing. You will start to be more aware of the legacy of the past. During this period you might experience a sense of insecurity because of the influence of Neptune on your subconscious. You may start being confused about your past and it will be very difficult for you to stay anchored in present. You will miss your childhood more than ever, as well as the comforting arms of your mother therefore that period of your life when you felt protected and safe.

In what concerns the domestic area, this may be a favorable period for home renovations and to try building another house (or to reconstruct the existing one), to reflect better the ideas on how your ideal home should look like. You should however pay attention and be realistic, because you will be disposed to have unreachable ideals regarding to your family and home. You will begin to want your domestic life to be perfect and you will have the tendency to refuse seeing things as they really are. You will start dreaming that you will find your perfect home.

But the home of your dreams will materialize only after you will go back into the past, trying to understanding through meditation, inner reflection or by the cultivation of spiritual knowledge. The real purpose of this experience is to make you feel completely safe with yourself, your home being just a reflection of your inner self.

The planet Neptune is also associated with deception, so you should be careful about everything related to your family and home, because you will have the mood to become pretty naïve in this area of your life. You might be inclined to sacrifice for someone in your family, for a person you live with or to be welcoming to somebody who only wants to profit of your kindness. During this transit your home could become the refuge or a sanctuary for some people.

The 4th House also represents your mother and the presence of Neptune in this area may suggest some certain vulnerability, helplessness or the emotional instability of your mother. You may have to take care of you mother and try to save her from some suffering.
You will also have to pay attention regarding to some possible floods or water leaks, making sure that the foundation of your house is solid.

Horoscope 2015 Sagittarius – How Pluto’s transit will affect you in 2015

Pluto will be present for the entire year 2015 in the sign of Capricorn, in 2nd House of Sagittarius (this House is related to wealth, money, assets, income and expenses, savings and value).

Pluto will spend the next years in your 2nd House, forcing you to understand the significations of this area, the area of money, assets and of material resources. In this long period you will learn many lessons about the way how you can use your inherent talents and how you can develop a good financial basis for you. Your personal values are likely to be influenced by this transit. You could encounter some crucial events from which you will have to assess your system of values in order to discover new inner resources.

Some Sagittarius may perceive this period as one of economic collapse, a period of deep crisis in financial terms. They could be filled with debt, to feel that they have lost control over finances. If you are in this situation, you have to understand that you don’t have to despair because this financial crisis will force you to evaluate more profoundly your values (self-worth, personal resources, your talents and your skills) as well as radically change your values, your attitude towards money and assets. It is just a collapse so you can start over.

You will be pushed to reconstruct your entire financial structure from scratch, but this time, on a solid foundation. Pluto’s intention is to motivate you in order to find the hidden treasures from within yourself, the talents which haven’t been developed by now. At the end of this journey which will last 7 years you will get to find the path to true wealth.

Another warning concerns a possible tendency to become obsessed with money, wanting with at all costs to possess the power and the control over the material world. In extreme cases, you could become a slave to money, always thinking about money, seeing money as a symbol of power, trying to manipulate the others in order to obtain financial benefits, to be jealous/envious of what others have, to be able to do anything for money, thinking that “the end justifies means “.

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