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Scorpio 2015 Horoscope

2015 Annual Horoscope for Scorpio: How Jupiter’s transit will affect you in 2015

Jupiter will start the year 2015 in the sign of Leo, in the 10th House of Scorpio (this House represents career, social status and the social successes).

The good news for you is that in the first 7 months of 2015, the planet of luck and opportunities, Jupiter will continue to transit the area of your career, social status and your public renown. The presence of Jupiter in your House of career encourages you to make the necessary efforts in order to accomplish your aims and work until you attain it.

Jupiter will support you to be more ambitious towards your career and also to persevere until you get where you desire. You will work hard for success, but it will deserve, because you may benefit of luck and fame. You will feel more motivated to show the world what you can achieve and you will have more confidence in your skills. It is time to assert yourself, show off your talents and prove to the world what you can do and who you are professionally!

You will encounter opportunities and chances to develop. You could obtain security and stability in your career, reaching the desired position. It will be a period when you can create a long lasting structure for your career, to make concrete, practical steps and give a certain form to your great dreams. You will have the possibility to use all the knowledge and experience accumulated in the previous years, in order to achieve a concrete success.

You may have the possibility to expand your professional horizons, you can meet opportunities to be publicly and professionally recognized, you can be renowned for your work, for your current efforts as well as for the efforts made in the past. You might be promoted or you might be supported in order to rise to a higher level.

Your public image and the way how you are seen by society could be considerably improved. Strangers or foreign countries can play an important role in your career. It may be offered to you the opportunity to work abroad or maybe you will have to travel far away, but the fact is that some way or another, you will probably have more contact with foreign countries.

In conclusion, you would better keep your ears and eyes wide open, so you will not waste any chance that could appear in the first 7 months of 2015.

2015 Horoscope for Scorpio: How Saturn’s transit will affect you in 2015

In the last two years, you probably felt that you entered in a phase of your life when you had to take the responsibility in what concerns you, to grow up, to seriously take care of yourself and to consolidate your personality. This happened because Saturn transited the House of your personality, bringing you life lessons regarding your relation with yourself.

Saturn will keep influencing you to focus on yourself and this is not exactly comfortable for your sign, because it is a sign accustomed to prioritize the relationship with others, rather than with himself. But now you are urged to look carefully in the mirror and examine closely who you are, as a person. What are your strengths that you can cultivate and use them more effectively than ever before and what are your weaknesses that you have to work on in order to have a better life and more rewarding.

Your priority in the first nine months of the year 2015 has to be your own person because you will not meet again the opportunity to evaluate yourself honestly and realistically, not until about 29 years from now. This is why it is recommended to profit from this period of your life to know yourself better, as you are, with your strengths and weaknesses. This will be a good period to build a solid foundation for your personality, a foundation that will prove to be beneficial in the future, in the coming years.

Your physical appearance, your image (the clothes, the haircut, posture), your personality, the general presentation of you will be under revaluation and questioned. You may feel that the others don’t accept you as you are, as if they cannot notice the qualities of your sign, criticizing you and judging you harsh. Or maybe you could be the one who has the disposition to be rough with you, to feel unsecure, not trusting yourself and your native qualities, having feelings of personal frustrations and being hard for you to show yourself in a favorable light.

It would be better if you would be realistic and not becoming too severe with yourself, to take responsibility for your mistakes and do not forget that no one is perfect and everybody has flaws, too. If you do not like the way you look, if you do not like your life as it is now, this transit might guide you to do the right thing for you. This period is excellent for following a weight loss program or a program to quit smoking, because you will be more disciplined and you will have more patience to make things right.

Each transit has its positive aspects and this one, of Saturn through the House of your personality, may bring you realism, discipline as well as making you more serious and more responsible in what concerns you. Saturn will support you to come back to yourself and reinvent yourself. Perhaps you will feel that this is difficult, but if you will see things from another perspective you will realize that you will actually have the opportunity to become more conscious about yourself.

2015 Yearly Horoscope for Scorpio – How Uranus transit will affect you in the year 2015

Uranus will be settled in the sign of Aries, the 6th House of Scorpio (related to daily routine, workplace, health, small health issues, hygiene, job, employees, work environment and the services we provide to community).

The transits of Uranus are associated with changes, often being quite sudden, unexpected and even surprising changes. This is why you can be certain that in the coming years you will experience significant changes in what concerns your workplace, daily routine, the relationship employer- employee, the relations with the coworkers but also in what concerns your health.

The area of your work will be more unstable, much more dynamic and more active and the speed of reaction to the events will matter. In 2015 you might as well expect sudden, unexpected changes, extremely beneficial opportunities that will surprise you in what regards your job and your work environment.

Uranus will urge you to understand this area of your life on an entirely different level. Your work may not seem to you “normal” anymore, perhaps new methods of work will be introduced, modern, less traditional ways. Maybe it will be necessary that you will be more flexible and escape the routine that you have been used with. Until 2019, Uranus will push you to discover abilities that you are not aware of right now and also to set free from the preconceived ideas of work and the work techniques. During this process you might become very unhappy of your current occupation, especially if it involves a lot of routine.

In 2015 it raises the probability to throw into some jobs, under the moment, and try something completely new for yourself. But in case that you will fight against the energy of Uranus and you will refuse to make the needed changes, then you may experience the energy of Uranus “from the exterior”, in the form of a dismissal or some temporary incapacity for work due to illness.

If you are unsatisfied with your job, you will dipose of an enegry that will help you to set free from your standard work and to try something new. It will be harder to endure boredom, the situations that make you feel trapped and you will want to stir thigs in order to create new possibilities. In case that the conditions of working are oppressive, it is likely that you will adopt a rebelious attitude and to revolt.

There is the possibility to wish to something completely different from what you have done until now, something concording with your authentic self, but also somehing that will shock and surprise everybody. Actually, this is the purpose of Uranus: to force you finding a job that willbe suited to your real personality. An extrovert is not meant to work alone, without any contact with humans. An innovative person should not work in and powerful bureaucracy.

The point is that you can more easily reach success and achieve a better performance if you consider the fact that your job matches your natural talents. You will wish to benefit of freedom in jour job, not being restricted in no way and not making a work that includes routine. Your inclination towards freedom in your job may be unmanageable and you could be uncapable to respect the restrictions or orders, therefore to break away from work and starting to work on your own, as a freelancer.

Until 2019 you will be favored in unusual jobs, preogressive, related to telecommunications, technology, computer, internet, science, electronic devices, astrology, aviation and generally jobs that require teamwork, social networks, group activities as well as professional associations.

If you are looking for a job, you should remember that the opportunities will arise from nowhere, suddenly and unexpected. And they will appear when you willallow to yourself to follow your intuition, when you will consider your original ideas and you will ahve the courage to risk. You might even quit or lose a job suddenly, unexpected, but to receive an equally unexpected new offer of employement.

Regarding to your health, some possible health issues could appear suddenly, from nowhere ot totally inexplicable. You could suffer from extreme mental stress and weird accidents at work. During this transit you could be in the position to explore alternative methods of health care.

2015 Scorpio Horoscope – How Neptune’s transit will affect you in the year 2015

Neptune will be in the sign of Pisces, in the 5th House of Scorpio (the House of creativity, children, love, pleasures and speculations).

For many years from now, Neptune will be transiting your 5th House and this position brings mystery, magic, compassion and idealism in your love relationships and with your children. On the bright side, in the next few years Neptune will help you understand what unconditional love means. You will become more romantic, filled with compassion and understanding towards your beloved. You will want to feel that you will completely merge with your beloved and you will have the predisposition to idealize him/ her, seeing your beloved as being perfect.

But, just like the other planets, Neptune has a dark side, too. Neptune can bring you vulnerability, dishonesty, secrets, credulity, self- destruction, addiction and “fog” in your relationship with your beloved. The main cause for the problems could be your disposition to not using your discernment regarding love.

You may appreciate more your dreams and imagination, to have unrealistic ideas about relationship, to consider that the others have qualities that they don’t actually have, to put on some pink glasses and avoid watching the reality, to avoid seeing your partner how he/she really is, to put your beloved on a pedestal and falling in love with the image of somebody, rather than the real person.

You will not e able to see things clearly, it will be like having a blurred vision and you will not be capable to distinguish clearly what really happens. And from here to deception and disillusionment is only one step. You will probably begin to make more sacrifices for the person you love, but the problem is that you will offer too much and you will not receive the same. This could be a love story with suffering, sacrifices, secrets and mysteries.

You will have difficulties in defining and protecting your personal interest because of the predisposition to lose your identity and failing to establish some clear boundaries regarding the person you love.
You might fall in love with idealistic persons, who are imaginative, dreamy, tolerant, spiritual, compassionate, but there is the possibility that you would fall in love with the wrong people, who are inaccessible and deceptive.

In what concerns the relationship with your children, Neptune could make you love your children unconditionally, to idealize them and being blind to their flaws. On the negative side, Neptune could make you predisposed to not seeing them as they are, but rather how you would want them to be, to idealize them and being disappointed when they will not succeed to live up to your dreams. Some Scorpio may have some issues with their children, their health could become a cause of concern, some of them could try to save their children from using alcohol or drugs, trying to stop them and losing themselves in a disorganized and chaotic life.

Regarding gambling and risk-taking, it will be a period fairly risky for financial speculations, investing or gambling. You should be careful not to risk more than you can financially afford.

Horoscope 2015 Scorpio – How Pluto’s transit will affect you in 2015

Pluto will be present during entire year 2015 in the sign of Capricorn, in the 3rd House of Scorpio (this House is associated with communication, mentality, mind and thinking, all the things related to writing and reading, the studies, education, all sorts of communication – letters, phone calls, SMS, emails – the ideas and your thoughts, your brothers and sisters, your relatives, neighbors and the short distance travels).

For many years from now your ruling planet, Pluto, will directly influence the sector of communication, education, journeys and siblings. The presence of Pluto in this area usually symbolizes that you will be forced to transform the way you communicate with people, how you think and relate with people from neighborhood and change your kind of thinking.

Pluto will provide you an extraordinary depth, a mind of a detective and you will accomplish to go beyond the superficial thinking of everything that is ordinary. In the coming years you will equate knowledge with power.

On the bright side, Pluto will support you achieve an intellectual power and it will offer you great amounts of concentration and a penetrating mind, capable to see things in their depth. You will have a great impact on people around you and your words will have an emotional strength. You will enjoy having profound conversations, trying to get to the core of the problem, solving mysteries, discovering secrets and inquiring the minds of others.

But every transit has its negative sides and this one, of Pluto through the House of communication, may predispose you to some less desirable behaviors. Firstly you should be aware of a possible disposition to try to play with people’s minds, wanting to control them mentally and to manipulate them. You may have a mood to make use of words and information in order to dominate the others.

It is possible to become extremely aggressive verbally, trying to dominate by the power of expression, through intellectual confrontation and using words as a weapon with which to attack. You may as well experience difficulties in communication and to become extremely hidden and secretive about your thoughts, but also highly suspicious about the others.

Regarding your education, you could encounter some events that you will perceive as dangerous. For example, you may feel like you are persecuted by a teacher or a colleague, or even going through a crisis at school, which will deeply affect you.

In addition, the relationships with your siblings will be strongly affected by this transit. Maybe you have a brother or a sister who verbally abuses you, attempting to control you or dominate you. Or perhaps you have a brother or a sister that used to control you for years, but you are now ready to confront him / her. In the coming years you will be inclined to have an extreme relation with your siblings, the type love- hate, from one extreme to the other, but in the same time, a relation which includes struggles for power and verbal confrontations.

The presence of Pluto in this area of your life might also bring you some successful business contracts, you will have a great ability to persuade, to make people agree with you and this fact can bring you important benefits in your commercial activities and business negotiations.

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