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Taurus 2015 Horoscope

2015 Horoscope for Taurus: How Jupiter’s transit will affect you in 2015

Jupiter will start the year 2015 in the sign of Leo, in the 4th House of Taurus (this House is related to family, home and the foundation of your personality).

The 4th House is the House of “I feel” and it refers to our family, our roots, our origins, the foundation of our personality, our home, the place where we retire when we need help and support, it represents our personal (private) life, the genetic and emotional inheritance, the help and support that we receive from our family, the deep behavioral dispositions (from childhood), it represents our home country, traditions, our past (the personal history), it represents our childhood and the way we were raised (educated) by our parents, the relation with our mother, how we behave at home, how we are in our private life, how we will be when we will be old, how we finish things, but also our memories – both the positive and negative ones.

The planet Jupiter likes to amplify things, so transiting your 4th House will provide you opportunities and luck in everything related to 4th House (see above): family, home, your mother, your private life… It may be a very good time for you to purchase a house, to move to another house (even abroad), you may want to move into a bigger house (the house where you live now might seem too small), maybe you will encounter the opportunity to renovate your house and if you have a real estate business you might also encounter very good opportunities.

During this transit it is likely that you will become more interested in the history and traditions of your family and your country. You will want to understand your past and childhood or to focus even more your attention and energy on your personal safety. Probably Jupiter will increase your emotional comfort and you will feel more support from your family and your mother.
Perhaps the family relationships will also be good and the atmosphere of the home will be pleasant. But it is also possible that if there are unresolved issues in your family (or related to what is the 4th House), they may improve a lot.

Your family can expand and grow. Literally! Maybe a new member is on the way: a child from a family member or maybe someone in your family gets married.

To sum up, until August 2015, your luck is handy, very close to you and related to your family, your home, the place where you were born and to your own safety. Above all, in this period you should try to build a solid foundation and obtain secure roots.

2015 Horoscope for Taurus: How Saturn’s transit will affect you in 2015

Until the day of September 17 2015, Saturn will be in the 8th House of your Chart, the House concerning death and regeneration, sex, fees, inheritances, loans, debits, the others money, shared resources, power, change, transformation. Saturn’s transit through Scorpon sign may charge you for any incorrect attitude that you have in this area of your life, for the lack of responsibility and maturity.

The wise Saturn wants to teach you rely only on your resources and stop counting on the financial resources of the others (husband, wife, lover or business partner). You will not access too easily the others wealth and it may come to the surface all kinds of problems that may hurt you, things that you didn’t want to face until now and that you buried in your subconscious. Their coming to the surface might bring you more emotional stability. You will have to build a more solid foundation for your inner security. It is possible that you will perceive the others charging you with great emotional and financial responsibilities. Or the fact that some people from your life will transform into hostile forces that put pressure on you, making you feel that your personal security is threatened.

You should also consider that you are not really favored in cases and a possible divorce could cost you quite a lot. You will probably experience Saturn’s transit through Scorpion as a difficult one, but at his end you will be more aware of your personal power, you will get to better understand your negative emotions, your fears and other negative aspects of your life that you have to remove, because they sabotage your efforts to move forward.

2015 Yearly Horoscope for Taurus – How Uranus transit will affect you in the year 2015

For Taurus, in the year 2015 Uranus will be present in the 12th House (the House that represents the collective unconscious, spirituality, sacrifice, hidden enemies, the way we hurt ourselves without even knowing it, what is about us, but we don’t want it to be seen or known by the others, serious health problems, our fears and how we self-destruct).

The transits of the planets through this area are generally uncomfortable to most of the people, because of the association of this House with the subconscious and what it hidden in there. This House symbolizes the things about us that we aren’t aware of, things that we prefer to keep hidden, firstly from ourselves. Being a sign of earth that appreciates tangible, practical things, this transit might make you, at least in the beginning, feel confuse and not understanding what happens to you. But Uranus is situated in 12th House and the things hidden in your subconscious may come to surface in an abrupt, unpleasant and even shocking way for you.

The purpose of Uranus is setting you free from what holds you in place and reminding you to be who you really are, being proud of your uniqueness. Uranus in Aries will help you know your fears, how you hurt yourself without consciously knowing, what your self-destructive behaviors are and which beliefs limit your life. Suddenly, unexpectedly, you will begin to realize the way you sabotage yourself and how you make your own life more difficult. Having Aries in the House of secrets, you are not aware of your egoism, your aggressiveness and that you are afraid of losing your independence. Uranus requires you to be honest with yourself, to be sincere about what concerns the fears you have. It may reveal to yourself some secrets you keep from you (secrets you are not aware of, in this moment), or maybe it will be uncovered the secrets you keep from the others. Perhaps everything you keep hidden may come to surface in the most inconvenient moments and when you least expect it.

The 12th House is also associated with the secret enemies, the enemies we are not conscious of, and in the next few years you may see some people in a different light. You will be shocked to discover that some persons, that you thought they were on your side, suddenly disappoint you, attacking you from behind, where you are vulnerable, or you may even attract hidden enemies (just because of your selfish behavior, that you are not aware of). You should take your positive side, focusing on your insecure parts and trying to strengthen them. Likewise, it is recommended to pay more attention to some potential temptation to use alcohol or drugs in order to rebel, to show the others how rebellious you are, that you cannot be controlled and that you only do what you want.

Although initially you may feel this transit as an unpleasant one, in time you will see that, in fact, you benefit from the opportunity to self-examine yourself, to confront the dark side of your personality and free yourself from your hidden problems, in order to achieve a greater inner freedom.

2015 Taurus Horoscope – How Neptune’s transit will affect you in the year 2015

Neptune will be present in 2015 in the 11th House of Taurus (the House of protectors, friends, supporters, popularity, of memberships in groups and societies, of future projects).

Neptune transits your 11th House, so in the coming years your ideals, hopes and your goals have your attention. In 2015, your friends have the key to fulfilling your dreams. Positively, Neptune could make your dreams become reality, in way almost magical.

On a psychological level, you might feel like you belong to a social group that shares the vision and ideals about compassion, empathy, unconditional love, or you could easily identify with all the people who suffer. It is possible to become more sensible to the sufferings and problems of the society, or regarding to the problems of your friends. You could get involved in humanitarian activities, political or volunteering operations, in those situations that require a great amount of compassion, empathy and altruism. Another possibility could be that your friends develop more faith, move more towards spirituality, become more compassionate and generous, or maybe you will make new friends, with high spiritual aspirations, friends that will protect you and guide you accomplishing your dreams, hopes and objectives. Your ability to integrate in a group or organization will be very high, up to losing your identity.

Negatively, Neptune could make you end up more confuse about your friends, the groups and organizations, your upcoming projects and the future goals. The planet Neptune is also associated with deception, which is why you should be careful to keep your dreams anchored in reality. At the same time, you will have to be attentive about the new friends that will enter your life, to the group of your friends and to any contact you have with the organizations. Otherwise, you will have many disappointments, a chaotic social life and even betrayals from people who, posing as friends, could causing you a lot of inconvenience and loss. This doesn’t necessary mean that your friends will deceive you, but you will have the tendency, in the coming years, of seeing them unclear, the way they really are, rather seeing them how you want them to be.

Horoscope 2015 Taurus – How Pluto’s transit will affect you in 2015

For Taurus Zodiac Sign, in the year 2015 Pluto will be situated in the 9th House (the House of higher education, university, religion, philosophy of life, of relationships with foreign countries, overseas travel and foreign languages).

In 2015 your vision of the world, your concepts, your philosophy of life, the better understanding of the world and your place in it or even your religion views may encounter considerable changes. This year, you may say that Pluto “asks you”: “What are your concepts of life?”, “Which are the beliefs that limit your life?”, “Are your beliefs and theories really useful and helpful to your life?”, “Have your theories some practical use?”, “What are your goals in life?”, “What is the meaning of your life”, “Are you responsible and serious about your education?”, “Are you ready to complete your education if you know it will help you progress and develop in your life?”, “Are you persevering and constant in what concerns your higher education?” or even “Do you work hard in order to evolve and improve your intellectual capacities?”.

In 2015, Pluto opens your doors to show to the others your inner depth, the morals and ethics by which you run your life. If you considered the opportunity to complete your studies to go to college, the next 10 years could be favorable for you, from this point of view. What you do now for your education might have a deep impact and change your life. When Pluto will enter Aquarius, in 2024, the studies you follow now may prove to be a great help, it could assist you obtaining the desired career.

This year Pluto suggests you to find the meaning of life, to establish your beliefs and the philosophy of life. You might feel that your previous opinions and views are no longer adequate, they do not support you or are not appropriate for your life now… If you are not satisfied with the current religion, you might try to discover a new religion that pleases you, or, if you have not been faithful so far, to turn to God.

Changing the perspective on life may occur as a result of some experiences overseas while traveling in foreign countries (or far away from home). You can change with the help of some new information that you will encounter and which have the power to change your point of view and your philosophy of life, or as a result of life events that will force you to analyze your beliefs and principles. In extreme cases, you could notice how your philosophical system and your beliefs are completely demolished, without being able to do anything else and then it will seem to you that nothing else matters, the world will appear to be empty… but then you will reborn like the phoenix from the ashes, with a philosophical and spiritual conception more genuine and more beautiful.

However, negatively, you could tend to become fanatical in your beliefs, to feel threatened by the points of view different from yours, trying to control the others standpoints. You should not forget that each and everyone have the right to have their own beliefs and refrain imposing to others your vision of life.

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