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Virgo 2015 Horoscope

2015 Annual Horoscope for Virgo: How Jupiter’s transit will affect you in 2015

Jupiter starts the year 2015 in the Leo sign, in the 12th House of Virgo (this House represents the collective unconscious, the spirituality, sacrifice, hidden enemies, the way we hurt ourselves without realizing it, what we do not want to be seen or known by others about us, the serious health problems, our fears and how we self-destruct).

Perhaps you think that the luck always appears as money, people or job opportunities, but, actually, Jupiter’s transit in this position emphasizes that your inner life and your spirit are the secret to success.

Maybe, at first, it will seem strange that you need to withdraw, to isolate yourself from others, to spend more time alone, but perhaps, in time, you will realize the benefits and that this is not such a terrible thing, because it helps you to find yourself. It will be a period for redefining the relationship with the divinity, for befriending with unknown worlds and energies that could assist you on the way to yourself.

Jupiter will guide you to look for the solitude to pray and meditate in order to find God. During the presence of Jupiter in this area of your life, your faith can do miracles and you may feel like someone up there loves you.

You will have to learn to listen to your intuition and also understand your dreams. Jupiter in Leo can mean for you the unlocking of your hidden potential and turning dreams into reality. You have the ability to make friends with your enemies, and, ultimately, win because of them. Or you could get some help in secret, quietly, even at the last minute. Maybe you will become more sensitive to the needs of others and you will get to show more compassion for people in difficult situations.

In generally, the transits of the planets through this House of life are considered inconvenient by most of the people, because of the association of this house with the subconscious and what it is hidden in there. This House symbolizes the things about us that we are not aware of and which we prefer to keep hidden from ourselves, first. But Jupiter is one of the governors of this House and, consequently, it should act more easily here.

Since the 12th House is associated with the subconscious mind/ unconsciousness, in addition with our hidden enemies, who, for the most of the times, are the same, therefore the first half of 2015 will be favorable for self-examination.

You will have the opportunity to fully understand what pulls you back, the things hidden in the subconscious, your fears, your self-destructive behaviors, beliefs that limit your life, the way you sabotage yourself, how you make your own life more difficult, but in a more peaceful environment and in a way less traumatic for you. If by now you have lived in an illusion, Jupiter can help you to free yourself.

In August 11, 2015, Jupiter will enter in the sign of Virgo – it will be the beginning of a new cycle of personal development.

The good news for you is that from August 2015, the planet of luck, abundance and opportunities, Jupiter will start to transit your sign, for a year. Every 12 years, Jupiter transits your sign and 2015 will be a special year for you, because it is one of those lucky years.

If you were born under the sign of Virgo or your Ascendant is Virgo, you will be able to notice that you will expand your basic behaviors: the curiosity, spontaneity, the enthusiasm, adaptability, the ability to think logically, making connections, articulating your thoughts as well as the capability to communicate with others.

Jupiter in Virgo will reward you for the qualities of your sign, for yours eyes on details and your analytical personality, for your mobility and your wit. Jupiter will offer you opportunities, chances and possibilities to increase, you will start to be your own luck, who are you, your personality, the way you express yourself, your physical appearance, your body.

You will become more expansive, exuberant and more enthusiastic, Jupiter will raise your optimism and generosity. What happened in the past will no longer be so important to you and you will focus your attention more on your future, having faith in the universe, that everything will be solved. You will feel at ease as you are, who you are, and the others will tend to accept you more easily. You will feel better about yourself, you will have more confidence in who are you and in your qualities therefore you will be able to make the others feel good around you and make them trust you.

You will become more joyful, more optimistic, more tolerant, more sympathizing, with a more positive attitude. You will be favored to everything related to your personal development, you are invited to establish high goals, improve your physical appearance, expand your horizons (literally and figuratively), you may discover yourself a new ideal or even comprehend the meaning of your life.

You could meet opportunities related to your education, university, you are favored in everything concerning studies and education and you could encounter opportunities about overseas travels or long distance journeys.

Considering the fact that Jupiter is associated with excesses as well, you better make sure that you do not make dietary excesses (and therefore, to get fat), do not spend too much money and be careful about all the sorts of excesses. Jupiter wants your improvement, but not in the meaning of excess.

Jupiter in Virgo will influence in 2015 firstly those born in the first half of the sign, while the others Virgo will feel the generosity of the Great Benefit mostly in 2016.

2015 Horoscope for Virgo: How Saturn’s transit will affect you in 2015

Saturn will be present in the sign of Scorpio, in the 3rd House of Virgo (this House symbolizes the communication, mentality, mind and thinking, everything related to writing, reading, speaking, education, school, all forms of communication – letters, phone calls, SMS, emails – your ideas and thoughts, brothers and sisters, relatives, your neighbors and the short distance travels).

In the last two years, Saturn brought you tests and lessons regarding communication, education, journeys and your siblings. Until the September of 2015 Saturn will continue asking you to prove maturity and integrity in communication, but also in your relations with your siblings.

Saturn advises you to learn how to communicate more efficient, in a responsible way, as well as to demonstrate that you know how to get along with others. You will be confronted with the inaccuracies of thinking and it will be shown to you where you need to improve your knowledge, as well as keeping educating yourself. You may feel that you are limited in communication and that you do not have the freedom to express your ideas and opinions.

Also, you may have the disposition to think more negatively than usual. You must take care of the way you communicate, what words to choose, you should learn from your discussions, become serious in communication and you need to understand that your thoughts actually manifest in your life. You will have to learn to discipline your mind and become more responsible about what you think and what you say.

It is good to keep your mind focused on what you really want to accomplish. It is a good period to think and to make informed decisions. You have the ability to focus on the most profound and the most difficult topics.

The planet of strictness will make you become more serious and more aware about your responsibilities and duties towards your brothers, sisters and your cousins. The relationships with them could consolidate, but there could be some situations when you will have to help them with a kind word, a wise advice or even a moral support.

You can also meet difficulties, delays and restrictions about your journeys, transport or perhaps you will have to repair or replace your car, phone, the computer or other equipments related to communication.

2015 Yearly Horoscope for Virgo – How Uranus transit will affect you in the year 2015

Uranus will be during entire year 2015 in the sign of Aries, in the 8th House of Virgo (the House of shared resources, inheritances, sexuality and of transformation).

In the next couple of years, Uranus will have a direct influence on your shared resources, power, sexuality, taxes, insurances, inheritances, on other people’s money and on your subconscious. Be prepared for surprises, sudden changes and instability in any of these areas. It is the House of power and in the next few years you can totally change your life, if you want it.

Uranus will help you become more aware of your personal power. You will better understand your negative emotions, your fears and other negative aspects of your life, aspects that you need to remove, because they sabotage your efforts to move forward.

It might come to the surface, in a surprisingly, shocking manner, when you least expect it, some painful issues for you, repressed emotions that spill over, truths that used to be taboo, dirty secrets, things that you did not want to face so far and which you have buried in your subconscious.

This could be a year of internal revolution, of awakening and of complete revision, almost overnight. Uranus will ask you to become honest with yourself and to look deep into your soul in order to make the changes needed to transform yourself. Uranus will help you better knowing yourself as well as beginning to understand what it means to be truly authentic and honest with you.

Finances, investments, debts, possessions owned jointly, all of it will change and evolve – sometimes suddenly. It is not a year when you will have stability concerning your shared resources. The finances of your partner might be irregular and interrupted, your partner may have no steady income and some breaks might occur between the money-making periods.

It is important to understand that during this transit, the keywords are “financial freedom from your partner” and “profound requirement of independence”. Therefore, if you are financially dependent of your partner, you should try to obtain your independence and stop relying on your partner for your financial security.

You will benefit financially from jobs related to technology, friends, internet, astrology, innovation, new discoveries. Regarding to inheritances, you could receive an unexpected heritage, there may be surprises from this point of view, as well.

Sex and intimacy represent another area governed by this House and the presence of Uranus here can symbolize changes from this point of view, too. You might want to have sexual freedom, to want to uncover the sexual taboos, having unconventional and progressive ideas about sexuality. A new sexual relationship may come into your life, but a surprising, unconventional, perhaps even shocking relationship, a passion suddenly triggered. It could be someone totally different from the ones you have met so far. Uranus is not known for promoting stable relationships, which is why you would better not expect stability in the intimate relationships.

2015 Virgo Horoscope – How Neptune’s transit will affect you in the year 2015

Neptune will be in the sign of Pisces, in the 7th House of Virgo (this House represents marriage, relationships and the visible enemies).

In the coming years, Neptune will transit your 7th House and this position brings you mystery, magic, compassion and idealism in your marriage as well as in the relationships with others. All of your relations are susceptible to be influenced by this transit and, usually, it is not considered a quite favorable position.

On the positive side, in the coming years Neptune will help you learn what unconditional love means, you will begin to be more romantic, more compassionate and more understanding towards others. You will become more conscious of the emotional needs of the others and you will have the disposition to spend more time and more energy in order to help those who you feel that they need your support. You will want to completely merge with your partner, you will have the mood to idealize your life partner and you will see your spouse as perfect.

But, just like all the other planets, Neptune has its dark side and it can bring you dishonor, secrets, credulity, self-destruction, addictions, and “fog” in your partnerships. The main reason for the problems could be your predisposition for not using your judgment on what concerns the others. You may have the inclination to set more value on dreams and imagination, to have unrealistic ideas about your relationship, to grant to others qualities that they don’t have.

You will have the inclination to put on your pink glasses and you will avoid seeing your partner as he really is. You will not be able to see things very clearly, it will be as if you’ll have a blurred vision and you will not distinguish clearly what really happens in you relationships / partnerships. And from here to disappointment is only one step.

You will probably begin to make great sacrifices for your partner or your relationship, but the problem is that you may offer too much and you will not receive the same. You will encounter difficulties in defining and protecting your interests, because of your predisposition for losing your identity and failing to establish some clear boundaries in the relationship with your partner.

You may attract persons who are idealistic, imaginative, dreamy, elusive, tolerant, spiritual, compassionate, but there may be the possibility of falling in love with wrong people, who are inaccessible, impractical, deceptive, unrealistic or dependent. There is also the possibility of having clandestine relationship or unacceptable in social terms.

Your business relations may also become a source of problems. The transit of Neptune may indicate a disposition to deceive or to be deceived and this is why you should be as cautious as possible.

Horoscope 2015 Virgo – How Pluto’s transit will affect you in 2015

Pluto will be present during entire year 2015 in the sign of Capricorn, in the 5th House of Virgo (the House of creativity, children, love, pleasure, speculations).

In 2015, Pluto will continue transiting your area of love and children. Pluto will “ask” you if you are able to be mature, responsible and serious in your relationship with your beloved and with your children.

If you are involved in a love relationship, Pluto can make it more intense, profound and changeable and you may become almost obsessed by your beloved. In 2015, you will also want a lasting love, you will wish to have profound feelings which will withstand the test of time, to be forever.

On the negative side, if you utilize the energy from Pluto in a negative manner, the relationship with your beloved (or with your children) might be at a turning point. The central theme could be the battles for power, the desire for power as well as the desire to dominate and control the other. Because of this desire, to obtain the power, could arise all sorts of psychological games, manipulations, emotional blackmails, accusations, therefore extreme relationships, such as love – hate.

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