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April 2016 Monthly Horoscope

Welcome to our April Monthly Horoscope 2016 For All Zodiac Signs!

Theme of the Month:

The heavy retrograde focus that may have made it difficult to move forward is shifting this month. Often retrograde energy slows things down so we get a chance to reflect on how we could do things differently… an invitation to lateral thing. March was a month for reflection and re-evaluation but April is a call to action with both Mercury and Mars moving direct.

Mercury entered the retrograde loop in late February and will turn direct on April 4 and leave the loop on April 22. The few weeks between April 4 and 22 are the time to act on the insights that the retrograde cycle has provided.

The April Full Moon falls on the 7thin the sign of Libra and makes a wide conjunction to Saturn and square to Pluto.This is the Easter Full Moon and carries the images of rebirth and resurrection that are connected with the Aries Ingress in the Northern Hemisphere. For us in the Southern Hemisphere it is autumn and the energy is more introverted. Wherever you are it is a wonderful time to take some time out and engage in your preferred form of inner work whether it is meditation, silent contemplation, journaling …

The Libra Full Moon always falls around the Autumn Equinox [Southern hemisphere] and is a reminder about restoring balance in our lives. It is time to ask ourselves what we want [Sun in Aries] and how can we achieve this with respect to others [Moon in Libra]. Are you too focused on your needs or others? The wide conjunction with Saturn reminds us to act responsibly and the square to Pluto is a reminder to act ethically and to own our shadow.

Pluto moves retrograde on April 11. The times when a planet stations are when it is said to be most powerful… it is as if the God is standing still and demanding we take notice. Pluto invites us to engage in deep soul searching, confront our fears and own our shadows. The danger here isresorting to manipulative or controlling patterns or behaviours / attitudes that are motivated by fear.

Mars moves direct on April 14 after turning retrograde on January 24. However, it does not leave the retrograde loop until June 20 when it returns to the position it was when it turned retrograde. The time from April 14 to June 20 is where we are called to take action after a period of possible stagnation and review.

The Mars retrograde cycle has challenged us to become more conscious of how we use our Mars energy; how we habitually act, react and assert ourselves, especially in the house where Mars has retrograded in our chart. Mars is the God of War and symbolizes the action principle and our inner warrior.

Wherever Mars is transiting in your chart from November 18 to June 20 is found the sign of Virgo. Virgo is an earth sign and speaks of the need to order our world and function efficiently. It calls us to engage in honest self analysis and self improvement.

This month’s New Moon falls on April 21 in the sign of Taurus and is conjunct the asteroid Ceres, the Goddess of Grain and Fertility. Ceres is a symbol of our ability to nurture ourselves and others as well as our ability to share. As She conjuncts the Taurus Full Moon it creates a very abundant and fertile image that invites us to reflect on our fertility and what nurtures us. Ceres also asks us to reflect personally and collectively on what we can share with others … where is the abundance in our lives that inspires us to acts of generosity?

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