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Aries 2016 Horoscope

aries horoscope 2016

Aries 2016 Astrological Overview

Aries made many changes in 2015, and yet somehow the overall picture feels no different. 2016 is a year of thinking deeply and understanding the key forces at work within your life that stop you being who you are or achieving as you should. Get to grip with the fundamental issues, the red lines issues in your life – should they be red lines? Should you have more red lines? Should some red lines be erased as you change as a person?

Forced this year to confront fears head on, you are going to be rediscovering that power of initiative that Aries possess and your ability to create something from nothing and go with it.

Interpersonal relationships are a key thing this year. Working with people and compromising over values and resources is an ongoing theme. Let’s face it, Aries like to lead, but this year it’s about teamwork and building something with someone else. You may be in a situation where you have to pool resources or even give up control of something you feel very personally connected to, to the group or partnership. You will need to learn how to get what you need from other people in a patient manner: relationships will have to be nurtured. When things are going wrong with your personal relationships at home and work, you need to be aware of your own traits being reflected via those you oppose. Things you may have wittingly or unwittingly done to others in the past may cause great problems in the relationship now. Be careful of who you confide in and who you voice your concerns to as allegiances are changing fast.

Another key feature of this year is role reversal i.e.: child becoming parent to the parent; husband becoming stay at home parent; taking over a company you always worked for. Somewhere in your life, a role will be reversed between you and some other person, and in most cases, this will mean much greater responsibility thrust upon you.

The Aries 2016 horoscope predicts that this can be a really productive year when you deal with the limitations in your life by either finding ingenious ways to get around them or crashing them out the way. Sometimes limitations are from others and sometimes they are mental barriers or things which we impose on ourselves consciously or unconsciously. Do not wake up one day at the end of someone else’s life: look now at how to change your beliefs about what you can and cannot do and get rid of internal barriers. Then you need to remove the external barriers in terms of commitment and situations which hold you back from living your life.

Aries welcome change and so breaking negative patterns is simpler for you than for other signs as you are so in tune with yourself and so positive about life. Everyone has a right to their unique experience on this planet, and the drive this year to express yourself and get in touch with your core purpose and goals is extremely powerful.

The 2016 Aries astrology predictions suggests that you must think with your heart and follow your heart; your heart knows your true calling, your head is conditioned to think about others first – which of course is needed in relationships, but should never lead to subservience and excessive people pleasing.

Disruptions to your plans this year or sudden events that cause changes in your life should be seen as opportunities to move towards something more positive and more in keeping with your long-term growth. Try and see unexpected events as pointers to where and what you should be doing.

Definitely a year to seize all opportunities and act with decisiveness. Do not look back; some bridges maybe be burned in 2016, but the only way is forward. There are tests for your strength of character and your self-belief this year. If you know who you are and what you want then this should present less of a problem; however, any doubts about who you are and your ability to deal with certain events, career and relationship-wise, will be brought to the fore.

The Aries 2016 zodiac predictions forecast that this will be a year where you will grow as a person and surprise yourself many a time as you discover hidden talents and also weaknesses. Your commitment to goals and your efforts to be yourself and follow your heart will be tested quite strongly. The main areas of opposition to your freedom and goals will come from authority figures, the government, financial constraints and change in the economy.

It may well be that many Arians in the light of pay freezes, layoffs, cutbacks, etc. are sparked into starting new careers or in using their talents to make more money from hobbies or opportunities online. You may leave a well-paid job to start up your own company. Within your work life; restrictions and constant opposition from superiors may force your hand. The change may happen quickly and be quite turbulent, but you will push through with determination.

An abundance of energy and ideas will carry you through this year. You are imbued with an optimism and faith in yourself that will withstand severe testing from others. Sure, others who have power over you can make this year hard, they can stand in your way. But Aries have their wits about them, and you will be able to communicate and think yourself out of corners.

You are very outgoing this year and more fiery than ever – this will help you tackle obstacles and have that oomph to fight your corner.

There will be some lavish parties to attend this year; you may even throw a big one yourself. You may be involved in a parade, a big religious festival, or in a big community event. If you are in the UK, perhaps it is the election you are involved in.

The Aries horoscope 2016 predicts that you are to excel in leadership this year: your ability to inspire and imbue others with confidence is a winning formula. You can tap into the social needs, frustrations and aspirations of the people you work with and really connect with people on that level, working to get better solutions. This is a very powerful year for Aries to self-promote, and so if you need to sell yourself or sell a product or promote a new venture creativity, luck and originality will be on your side. Remember that the more your products or services are designed to help others or offer solutions to others, the more successful they can be. Offering services where you teach or offer guidance to people will also be successful. Selling hair and beauty products or even entertainment will also succeed as these things give people confidence and make people feel good.

For teachers and those who work with children, this is a really enjoyable year where you should see reward and achievement for those you tutor and teach. Lack of discipline is a big drawback this year: yes, you have ideas and motivation, but dealing with admin, bureaucracy and keeping to a timeline may be far harder. This is why having a partner this year who is good with timekeeping, routines and dotting the i’s is very beneficial.

Numbers and accounts are something you will have to get more to grips with this year – you really need to understand the financial side of your business and domestic life better. You may be making money, but you are also leaking it – have a thorough appraisal of where all your money goes, check your accounts and do bank reconciliations. This is where a partner who likes figures and bookkeeping can help.

You are warm and affectionate in relationships and will value stability and consistency from your partner. Quite a possessive side of you will reveal itself in relationships. Single Arians will look for commitment and for a relationship that settles down quickly.

It is warmth and sincerity rather than intellectual stimulation that turns you on this year. Single Aries may well meet a new love interest within an artistic environment, or love may blossom while you work with someone on an artistic project. Male Arians may fall for a woman educated in the fine arts. Shared interests in the arts and shared values in terms of enjoying peace and harmony will bring you together with someone special. Your tender side is very much in evidence in all relationships.

Highly romantic and sensual, it is very important for Arians that their partner be on the same page from the perspective of values and emotional reactions. More compromising and easy going than usual, Arians are putting a lot of effort into making even tough relationships work.

The 2016 Aries horoscope also suggests that in same-sex relationships, bonding with someone special will take precedence over forming new friendships. In fact, strong bonds may develop suddenly without you expecting them to. In all relationships, a degree of exclusivity will be demanded by Arians. Arians may even show a possessive streak, and they will demand many tangible displays of affection.

To a degree, Aries feel vulnerable in relationships and really need to hear feedback and reassurances that they are loved. While they are romantic, Aries are not always cuddly, but this year they will need more warmth and affection than usual, and if they don’t get it in regular partnerships, they may become withdrawn. Single Arians will not be attracted to new partners who are not ready for something more serious or who are the type that tease and play games.

Intimacy may suffer due to the strains in other areas of the Arian’s life, and so that is why a patient partner who wants to give loving a lot of time, not just a quick dip in, dip out, is so vital for the Ram’s emotional well-being. Arians are actually very sexual this year, but they are enjoying it slow cooker style rather than microwave and familiarity breeding content. Your close and oldest friends will be very important to you this year, and you will confide in them many a time.

Anger is an issue this year, and you must control your jealousy that can erupt for even vague reasons. You must deal with your anger issues that arise in an immediate and fair way before you jump to the wrong conclusion.

Single-minded at times, this is a year of great stamina and good physical health.

The Aries 2016 zodiac predictions forecast that older Arians must look after their hearts and watch high blood pressure and cholesterol. Stress is a key issue: sex and eating fresh food with less salt and sugar is a good way to deal with stress. This is not a year where you will want to be alone or work alone. You will relish working with people and towards goals that matter to you all. You have a collective spirit, and as long as you have leadership and autonomy within the group, you will thrive.

This is very much a masculine year in terms of being a man, manning up to situations and all of those clichés about being a man. Your inner strength will be tested as will your belief in yourself and understanding of who you really are. It is testing and exciting and all part of a new chapter that began about three years ago.

The influence of transiting planets

Aries Horoscope 2016-  Optimism and Expansion

For You, Aries, in the summertime of 2015, Jupiter moved into Virgo and your 6th house of work. You tend to be a daydreamer, and can fritter the day away if given half a chance, but how you have luck on your side on the job and you can make some headway that can make that work a day world much better… so put your shoulder to the wheel… it’ll move surprisingly easy! It’s also the house of stepmother, so you may have the opportunity to strengthen the relationship.

Then August 9, 2016, Jupiter moves in to Libra and your 7th house of mate, 2nd child, 3rd sibling after you… also mom’s mom and dad’s dad, but who’s counting? Events pick up in their lives and events go better for you by default.

Horoscope Aries 2016-  Tests and Responsibilities

For you, Aries, Saturn is in your 9th house of a second mate, 3rd child, a sibling 2 older, as well as religion, foreign travel, and law.

Saturn squares Neptune: Reality vs. Unreality

There’s been someone ‘behind the scenes’ who may be in a religious environment or someone at your mate’s job that might be looking out for themselves… also step-dad. Saturn comes into to stress from the 9th house of 2nd mate, law, religion, etc. And unmask the situation for what it is.

Aries 2016 Horoscope-  Change and Innovation

For You, Aries, when Uranus moved into your sign in 2010, it ‘exploded’ into your first house of Self. Not one to dress dowdy, anyway, now though, you may throw caution to the winds and dye your hair and get some fancy duds that are more in keeping with the ‘New You’.

You’ll be open to new ideas, and embark on new paths. Those who like to be at the front of the line will find new ways to do things and create new products. Aviation and computers will see new vistas… If that’s even possible with computers what will they (you) do next? The possible caution is to watch your explosive temper, as it will be on a short leash. Probably better to put those guns away under lock and key.

For those born in the first half of the Aries’ sign, you’ve found you have made some big changes in the last few years. Uranus is about half way through by 2016, so those in the latter degrees will see their lives open up now.

Aries Horoscope 2016-  Spirituality, Idealism and Creativity

Neptune is in Pisces, its own house, and your 12th house of the hidden. It’s all about things going on behind the scenes. It has ‘returned’ home after being ‘on the road’ since the middle 1800’s. Time to snuggle down and feel the comfort of ‘home’. It’s been a long trip and now it’s time to evaluate what it’s learned and add to your akashic record.

Neptune in the 12th heightens your artistic abilities, as well as your interest in the metaphysical and that which is outside the ‘regular world’. You can get more interested in dream work, creative visualization and artistic ventures. Your mate may have some job troubles… there’s just something s/he can’t put the finger on… also, a stepfather may not be who he seems.

Your metaphysical, new-age interests are hidden at this time, unless you actively used them in your work, and many may not know how psychic and intuitive you really are. This is a time of really moving into the higher spiritual aspects of who you are… were. You use your mind in creative visualization to express your intuitive energy.

Aries 2016 Horoscope- Power and Transformation

Pluto in the 10th of career, calls for you to be scrupulous in your application to work. Your reputation will be scrutinized and you don’t want to come up lacking. You have the opportunity during these 15 years to make some real progress in your career, so if you didn’t do all you should have in the 9th to be prepared, don’t hesitate to go back to school, travel, or in other ways get that education that will bring you success here. You may have a run-in with dad, or your employer can have authoritarian airs and test your mettle. Success doesn’t come to the weak… and you are hardly weak!

Aries Kristen Stewart, born April 9, 1990, star of the Twilight Saga, found herself caught up in an affair with a famous director, Rupert Sanders. Certainly a director fits the bill for a powerful man when Pluto moves through her 10th house of career, perhaps feeling she had no choice.

The first eclipse of the year occurs on March 9, at 18 degrees of Pisces.

This is a rather subdued eclipse for you because it’s in your 12th house. Time to work on your inner life for a spell. Maybe you’ll see everything in the larger picture and make sense of it all for us all! A step-dad could be more prominent in your life at this time.

The second eclipse of the year occurs on March 23th, at 3 degrees of Libra.

The second eclipse is in the 7th house of mate 2nd child and 3rd sibling after you if you have one. Certainly your mate and their interests are going to be center stage now, and it can all benefit you as time goes along. Surely a nice Libra eclipse can only warm the cockles of everyone’s heart.

Aries Month-by-Month Guide for 2016

Aries January 2016

An important project that you started a couple of months ago should come to completion this month. Everything will work out in your favor. You will be rewarded for being patient, although it’s not been easy, you will see that everything happens in its own time and you will be happy that you are finally getting the break that you deserve.

You can look back over the past couple of months and see how much you have learned. You are wiser now and you should be ready to begin this New Year of 2016 with an attitude of luck and prosperity. The Full Moon can be quite a romantic time indeed! Plan something special!

Aries February 2016

It’s time to focus forward and get all of your priorities in order. What aspects of your life are most important to you? What would you like to change? What you focus on, and nurture most, will grow in abundance for you.

Special friends and spiritual groups can, and will, support your decisions for your future. You are not alone. Many people love you! This is one of those great months that you can truly count your blessings!

Aries March 2016

Winter is still hanging around, but you are more than ready for SPRING! Don’t wait for the weather to change, try wearing brighter colors and using your vibrant energy to bring the ‘feel’ of spring in early! Aries, you can be the trend setters for the rest of us. Your positive attitude matters in more ways than you may realize. There are many people around you that look to you for guidance and support. When you have a great attitude, then they will too!

There are many chances for you to get ahead in your career this month. Don’t push yourself and think that you have to ‘show off’ in order to get the attention of those in the positions to promote you. Take your time and do your best. Your natural talent will shine through and that alone will get you the promotion.

When it comes to love this month, what you are looking for is someone who will take the time to really get to know the real you. The more spiritual the connection, the happier you will be!

Aries April 2016

If your space is cluttered, so too will your mind be. Get rid of old clothes and objects that you no longer need. New opportunities will only present themselves when there is room for them to grow. Let go of the past and clear a positive pathway for your future!

You are radiant as the powerful Sun shines down on YOU! Try not to take for granted this very lucky time. Make the most of it!

Aries May 2016

Aries May 2016

Be careful of what you say to others. Think before you speak. Choose your words carefully and say only what you truly mean. Avoid gossip. Your word is your honor, so say things that represent only the honorable side of you. Now is the month to stick up for what you believe in. Now is the month to set boundaries and not allow anyone to have control over you or your financial situation. Total independence is what will set you free.

When it comes to your love life, you will be able to see so much clearer who are the people that love your and who is using you. Now comes a time to set yourself free from all negative situations. A positive change regarding your residential situation is on the horizon.

Aries June 2016

Watch your temper. Try not to fly off of the handle when you feel that things aren’t going exactly the way that you had planned. Take control of your own actions. Set a good example for others to follow. The old saying, “Do as I say and not what I do” will not work out for you now. If you want others to volunteer to cooperate with you, you must be willing to be understanding and cooperate with them too. Although this may not be very easy at times, everyone will be happier if you do. Teamwork will bring you respect and possibly a very good promotion.

Aries July 2016

Most of the month will center on your home and family. Your job is to be supportive and bring as much peace and security into your home environment as possible. The more easy-going you are, the easier situations will be. Even your most frustrating situations will become more bearable, as you stop taking things so personally. Learn to go with the natural flow of life. If you want positive opportunities to be attracted to you…then have an attractive attitude that other people desire to be around. You will even be able to get along better with yourself too. Count your blessings. This is going to be a wonderful month for you!

Aries August 2016

It can get somewhat confusing as you alternate between knowing what you want and being unsure if you can really get it. You might be feeling like the lighthearted fun in your life is slipping away and you will be left with heavy responsibilities and too much work. It’s a frightening proposition, especially if love feels harder to come by. Don’t fall into the trap of fear. You’ll be fine. There is plenty of fun to go around. If you need to be serious for a spell, don’t worry. The good times will return by mid-month, but it’s up to you to learn how to relax and go with the flow. You can have lots of fun this month and romance too if you just allow yourself to take a well-earned vacation.

Aries September 2016

When you see someone, who needs your help, don’t think twice, do what you can to make his/her life better. The more effort you put forth, the more good karma, good luck, you will receive. This month brings you much good fortune. You will seem to be at the right place, at the right time, to get what you desire and need. A short trip, to somewhere special, opens doors of opportunity that you never thought possible. Say “Yes” and have fun!

Aries October 2016

Your most personal relationships will continue to be your top priority. The time you spend quietly helping, caring, and loving these precious people in your life will create wonderful memories that will be cherished by all. You may think you don’t have the time, but if you stop all the hectic running around that you do and allow yourself to have fun you will be glad that you did. This October is for celebrating your life and the lives of those around you.

Aries November 2016

This is a month of some serious decisions for you. It’s time to stop procrastination and do what you know you have to do. You are determined, courageous, and full of enthusiasm! The groups you belong to can have much influence over you. Try not to feel pushed into decisions that you don’t want to make. Be a leader and show these people what you can do. Soon you will understand that it’s your leadership that makes the difference.

Aries December 2016

As we come to the end of this year, concentrate on those you hold dear. Counting your blessings is the right thing to do. Someone, very special, has their heart set on you. Be adventurous and have fun. Someone you haven’t seen in a very long time comes back into the picture once again. Happy reunions of all kinds will have your heart singing with joy!


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