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February 2016 Monthly Horoscope

Welcome to our February Monthly Horoscope 2016 For All Zodiac Signs!

Theme of the Month:

Your Light wants to shine – LET IT SHINE! Let it light up your life and the lives of others!


Aquarius is about celebrating one’s individuality within a group or collective whole. At its best, it makes a unique and positive contribution to a greater whole by simply being itself.

February Overview

The month starts with Mars retrograde and Neptune in Pisces. By the time of the New Moon later in the month the whole energy becomes very Piscean /Neptunian. This suggests heightened sensitivity that can be wonderful for spiritual practice and inner work but more challenging for getting things done.

Mars moved retrograde last month [January 24] and will not move direct until April 14. I have included a brief summary of this process here but if you would like more information then you can look at the January horoscope.

Mars is the God of War and in astrology he symbolizes the action principle and our inner warrior. Normally Mars moves fairly fast through each sign of the zodiac but when he prepares to move retrograde his movement slows and he spends several months in the sign of VIRGO.

Key times in this cycle

  • Mars retrograde from January 24 to April 14.
  • Mars opposition the Sun on March 4
  • Mars in the retrograde ‘loop’ from November 18 to 20 June

Wherever Mars is transiting in your chart from January 24 to April 14 is found the sign of Virgo. Mars retrograde can challenge us around any of the Virgoan qualities in both its skilful and unskilful expression. Virgo is an earth sign and speaks of the need to order our world and function efficiently. It calls us to engage in honest self analysis and self improvement. The Virgo quest is the drive for perfection and Mars retrograde in Virgo suggests we may all be called to examine how we relate to the Virgoan archetype. We may well be reflecting on the following [especially in the house where it falls in your horoscope]:

  • How efficient and organized are you in this area of your life?
  • Do you tend to get lost in the details here?
  • How do you relate to the need for perfection? How can you embrace the ideal but not become tyrannized by it?
  • How do you experience criticism? How self critical are you? Do you tend to be critical of others [and confuse this with being helpful]?
  • What does service mean for you? How can you be of service, especially in this area of your life?
  • Can you undertake honest, self analysis and change your routines so you can function more efficiently here?
  • How can you improve your functioning in this area of your life?

Saturn stations and turns retrograde on February 15. Saturn’s station always indicates the need for a reality check. Saturn invites us to reflect on boundaries, authority and ambition; what they mean for us and how we go about achieving them. As part of this reflection we may encounter our fears and insecurities through the voice of the Inner Critic … the internalized negative authoritarian voice. Saturn used constructively is authoritative while the negative polarity is authoritarian. Saturn always challenges us to claim our authority in a positive way and not give it away to others or the negative inner voice that tells us we are inadequate.

The effects of Saturn’s station will be experienced most strongly in the house where is transiting, the house where natal Saturn is found and where Capricorn is found. Saturn is at its closest to Earth when retrograde and this may highlight negative patterns. Just remember this is an opportunity to create

  • New forms and structures, especially in house where it retrogrades
  • A stronger sense of personal authority.
  • Clearer boundaries that enable you to function more efficiently.
  • A more conscious relationship with your inner critic.

The February New Moon falls on February 22 in the sign of Pisces and heralds a very Piscean month with a stellium in Pisces formed by the Sun, Moon, Neptune, Chiron and Mercury. As Neptune is the ruler of Pisces this creates a very Neptunian /Piscean atmosphere that can have many positive as well as challenging effectsincluding a heightened sensitivity that can be wonderful for spiritual practice and inner work but more challenging for getting things done.

2. Neptune in Pisces:

Neptune and Pisces are both highly sensitive so this transit will heighten the sensitivity [both in positive and negative ways] of those of us who already identify as sensitive. However all of us have Neptune/Pisces ruled areas of our chart so we may all find our sensitivity enhanced in these areas. Anyone having aNeptune transit will also experience this heightened sensitivity. Neptunian / Piscean sensitivity can attune us to life’s subtleties so we can easily feel overwhelmed by life if there is too much going on. We can then look for ways to escape the anxiety that follows from this. It is very important to allow extra time to process feelings so you do not feel overwhelmed and torn by life [remember Pisces is the two fish pulling in opposite directions]. If we can give our self this time over the next 14 years… then the healing power of this transit can be profound.

In a nut shell… you may find you need more time out… time to be, rather than do …time to smell the roses, meditate and reflect on WHAT YOU ARE FEELING.

The Piscean realm is also the realm of compassion, intuition, imagination and spirituality, so Neptune’s transit of Pisces will provide a counter balance to some of the challenging energies that will be around over the next few years.Neptune and Pisces seek to open our hearts and minds to the transpersonal and imaginal realms, to re-awaken us to the power of our dreams and the power of love and compassion…to see all life forms as one.

Neptuneby transit seeks to dissolve and refine old patterns, structures and forms so something new can emerge. As part of this processNeptunecan idealize and romanticize our vision, sometimes to the extent that we can put on the rose coloured glasses and only see what we want to see. There is always the danger of falling into denial, delusion, [self] deception, and eventual disappointment and cynicism. Neptune challenges us to find the middle path between cynicism and idealization.

Neptune’s transit of Pisces suggests an encounter with all things Neptunian and Piscean in both constructive and destructive ways.

Constructively it seeks to:

  • expand and sensitize our awareness and consciousness
  • enhance our compassion for all life forms
  • encourage us to trust our intuition and feelings
  • open our awareness to the power of imagination and altered states of consciousness
  • explore altered states of consciousness
  • tap us into the transpersonal realm / collective consciousness… source of all wisdom
  • enhance our creativity
  • reconcile opposites.

The more destructive encounter with the Neptunian and Piscean realms could emphasize:

  • personal or collective illusions, delusions
  • escapist and addictive patterns
  • sacrifice and victimization
  • increased sensitization of the immune systems of both individuals and Mother Earth [environmental toxins]
  • disappointment, scepticism and cynicism
  • people / movements / beliefs that have been idealized falling off their pedestals.

Neptune / Pisces rules the following and its transit of Pisces may play out in any of the areas below in both constructive and destructive ways.

  • · Reserves of oil and gas
  • · Water supplies and the oceans
  • · Spirituality
  • · The Arts: including design, clothing, architecture, film, music and dance
  • · The psychic and intuitive realms: E.S.P., energy healing, telepathy
  • · Altered states of conscious: meditation, dreams and mind altering drugs
  • · The search for ecstasy and transcendence of ego boundaries
  • · New visions of world peace

This may play out as greater prominence of the Piscean archetypes of savior, victim, martyr and spiritual warrior and a greater sensitizing of the earth’s and individual’s immune system through exposure to pollution and environmental toxins.

Neptune is also the God of the Sea and rules not only the oceans but all the world’s waters and oil supplies. During his time in his own sign I am sure the importance of these realms will come increasingly to the fore.

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