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January 2016 Monthly Horoscope

Welcome to our January Monthly Horoscope 2016 For All Zodiac Signs!

Theme of the Month:

Best Wishes for 2016. It promises to be a very eventful year with

· Neptune’s transit of it’s own sign, Pisces

· Another Venus Occultation (or Venus transit of the Sun) in June, the follow up to the 2017 transit.

· Uranus making it last of seven exact square aspects to Pluto, beginning in June.

· and the exact alignment of the December Solstice Sun with thedark band of sky near the centre of our galaxy (but not the actual Galactic Centre) which happens once every 25, 800 years.

CapricornJanuary is a quieter month, astrologically speaking, but the powerful forces of the above energies are already influencing our inner and outer realities.

January Overview

The January Full Moon falls on January 9 in the sign of Cancer. This Full Moon is free of major aspects except for a (very) wide opposition to Pluto. The Cancer Full Moon is always asking us to reflect on what home, family, caring, nurturing, belonging and emotional security (Cancer) mean for us and balance this with our needs for achievement, recognition and mastery in the outer world. This full moon therefore calls our attention to the need to create balance between our private and public lives, between nurturing and accomplishment and between family and career. The wide opposition to Pluto hints at possible power struggles and the need to face our fears about creating more balance in these domains.

The January New Moon falls on January 28 in the sign of Aquarius. It is the Chinese Lunar New Year and heralds the Year of the Monkey. For those of you who did not get around to setting clear intentions for the New Year this provides another opportunity. It is a great time to clear your clutter – physically and mentally – and reflect on what you need to embrace to move forward in your life. However with Mars stationery and preparing to move retrograde and both Jupiter and Saturn squaring the New Moon it may not be full steam ahead. The energy appears more focused on coming to terms with obstacles and reviewing HOW you have done things in the past that may no longer serve you. The whole Mars retrograde cycle will provide more illumination on this issue.

2. Mars Retrograde

Mars moves retrograde on January 24 2012 at 23 Virgo 5 and will remain retrograde until the 14thof April when it turns direct at 3 Virgo 41.

Mars is the Roman God of War and in astrology he symbolizes the action principle and the inner warrior. Normally Mars moves fairly fast through each sign of the zodiac but when he prepares to move retrograde his movement slows and he spends several months in one sign.

Mars moves retrograde every 765 days (or about 25 to 26 months) for 60 to 80 days. The last few times that Mars was retrograde were:

Mars appears to move retrograde when it is at its closest to Earth, this proximity can release repressed anger, especially at the exact opposition to the Sun which this cycle is March 4. Please take note of this date and try to avoid arguments and tension with family members who you know can be belligerent.

Key times in the cycle

  • Mars retrograde from January 24 to April 14 2016
  • Mars opposition the Sun on March 4
  • Mars in the retrograde ‘loop’ from November 18 2015 to 20 June 2016.

Whenever a planet goes retrograde (appears to move backward from our vantage point on Mother Earth) we have an opportunity to develop a new perspective on how we relate to its energy. A doorway opens and we can become develop a more objective viewpoint. It suggests atime of reflection is necessary, especially about how we deal with the affairs of the house where Mars is retrograding.

When Mars goes retrograde we have the opportunity to become conscious of habitual actions, reactions and responses. We are able to reflect on how we

  • Utilize our inner warrior
  • Go about getting what we want
  • Express or repress our aggressive and competitive urges
  • Deal with anger and assertion

… Especially in the house where Mars is retrograding in our personal birth-chart and in relation to any planets it may aspect at this time.

It may be a time of low energy where we lose interest in what we have been doing and find that what gave us energy and ‘turned us on’ no longer works and we feel confused and lacking in direction. Plans and projects may slow down and face obstacles, postponements and cancellations (by us or others) There is always a danger of acting out, or acting impulsively when Mars is retrograde so keep your finger near your pause button and try to think before you act and commit yourself. Used productively this is a time to

  • slow down and back off
  • rethink strategies (especially if there are obstacles)
  • reflect on WHAT you are doing
  • reflect on WHY you are doing it
  • reflect on HOW you are doing it.

In short it is an INVITATION TO BECOME CONSCIOUS of how you are using your energy in a specific area of your life and to decide if you want to continue this pattern. The possibility exists for CHANGE and the BREAKING OF HABITUAL PATTERNS.

Wherever Mars is transiting in your chart from January 24 to April 14 is found the sign of Virgo. Mars retrograde can challenge us around any of the Virgoan qualities in both its skilful and unskilful expression. Virgo is an earth sign and speaks of the need to order our world and function efficiently. It calls us to engage in honest self analysis and self improvement. The Virgo quest is the drive for perfection but Mars retrograde in Virgo suggests we may all need to review whether we can

  • Maintain a vision / ideal of perfection while allowing ourselves and others to be human and less than perfect
  • Embrace the principle of service while avoiding the pitfalls of self sacrifice and criticism.

This is an opportunity to become conscious of our patterns in these areas and DECIDE TO ACT DIFFERENTLY. The time from January 24 to March 4 can be a time when things slow down causing us to experience frustration and self doubt. March 4 is the trigger point in the cycle when tensions can explode as repressed feelings surface. Here we have a choice.

  • Blame others, hold onto our anger and resist self reflection
  • Look within to see what the Higher Self is trying to bring to awareness and gain clarity, perspective and objectivity that can lead to lasting change.

May the Goddess & God Bless You All!

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