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Libra 2016 Horoscope

Libra 2016 Horoscope

Libra Yearly Horoscope 2016: Overview

Libra, there are good years and there are great years. 2016-2017 is a great year for Libra! You might be popping celebratory bottles of champagne all year long.

Jupiter, a planet associated with good luck and opulence moves into your sign on September 9, 2016, beginning a year, hopefully, not to be forgotten. Start writing your memoirs Libra. This cycle re-occurs every 12 years, though the experience can vary each time.

Jupiter, which this astrologer refers to as the planet of good and plenty, after the pink, white and black candies draws extremes into your life. Though we all hope for only pink and white candies, occasionally a black one tumbles into our lap. What is going on here? Doesn’t Jupiter bring only good?

In life, sometimes people hang on to the familiar, though the situation might not be working for them. In this case, Jupiter’s little black candy drops in and usually blows this albatross out of your life. The purpose of this exit is to make room for better. This type of impact occurs frequently at the beginning of the transit.

The good news is if you have been living your life in synch with who you are, you will breeze into this transit without any type of the upset described in the paragraph above. You will only get pink and white candies!

According to the 2016 horoscope for Libra, Jupiter on your Sun will bring new opportunities, both professionally and emotionally. Your personality, if possible gains in charisma. Others act like bears heading for honey (you). Remember there is always better around the corner, so don’t settle or say “yes” unless you want to 100%.

Libra, the horoscope shows that in 2016 obstacles clear from your path. You might even hit the big time with your lottery ticket. Your smile radiates and others respond. Consider yourself carrying a magic wand. Knowing your goals and long term desires will be helpful too as you zero in on what you want.

Jupiter not only christens a new luck cycle for the next 12 years but also allows you to obtain some long desired goals. Some Libras could misuse this transit and go to excesses of all types. One could be indulging a sweet tooth, hence gaining weight. Though risk taking is fine, don’t gamble away your savings! Use good sense and Jupiter’s transit will mark one of the most wonderful periods of your life.

You wonder what is next, as often it seems like you struggle from one issue to another. In 2016 Uranus in your opposite sign is shaking up your universe. Pluto tests your commitment to avoid power plays through going within.

Life is certainly exciting for the Libra, but your skills and ability to dodge the bullet will be sharpened even more. The key word is detach. One planet triggers, then the other does and then another planet sparks with energy. You have tried sitting on the issues that the planets involved represent. Perhaps, a peaceful Libra or two has tried yelling at the people around the issues. And some of you could be found frozen in a peaceful Yoga position! Libra, remember the key word is detach. It is through detachment, you will move past these planetary experiences with growth and understanding.

Let’s start with the above mentioned transits. Once you gain understanding of these planets and their message, detachment happens with greater ease. Sometimes amusement also enters with perspective.

Libra Love Horoscope for 2016

The Libra Horoscope 2016 for Love and Marriage indicates that Uranus which acts like a Jack in the Box as it delivers surprise after surprise is active, well and running around in your opposite sign, which is Aries. Though it can give quite a bolt in your own sign, its impact is as strong in your opposite sign.

Uranus is an awakener. Often we accept life styles, ideas and other addendums because they are around us, or our parents have them. On some level, we might feel they are necessary, or we cannot live without them. Uranus might rip away a coveted necessity to find out we really never needed it. Sometimes it is a defense mechanism or a personality issue. We gain sudden insights with this planet and discover the pathway to our authentic self.

With men, it can be an identity crisis about themselves or work. Career could hold surprises for either sex. Single woman suddenly discover they are madly in love. Do know until this bond is proven, it can end as quickly as it came in. You also might discover the synergy of the relationship is dependent on the going and comings of this person, if he or she has a job that takes them away. Married women could find their husband changing in front of their very eyes, while others discover a renewed chemistry.

Opposing Jupiter in your sign is Saturn in Sagittarius, adding a challenge of living your life letting go of what is not effective. Saturn in Sagittarius adds a great deal of stability to Libras, which is helpful with Uranus shaking up the status quo in marriage. Sometimes you could find communications heavy or difficult. A relationship with a sibling also could be tough. Remember every chart is different and planets will tumble in a place which might not be covered here.

Libra Yearly Predictions For Family

The 2016 Libra Horoscope for Family indicates that Pluto is traveling in the sign of Capricorn in the Fourth house. The Fourth house is mother, home and on deep level, you. It squares your sun in Libra, forcing deep emotional change, but also do not be surprised to see your exterior changing to reflect your interior.

Often with this transit, people become involved with controlling people, or there need to control emerges. This activity points to a need for a resolution about individual power, even if you are not controlling, you are drawing it to you, thus you have an issue.

Your Mom might need to take better care of herself, and have issues with blood pressure or her digestion. This might be you too. The only error you can make is not to see a Doctor. Make sure Mom sees a Doc too if you can.

Your home if you own, might need plumbing or some work on the structure. If you are lucky, you might just decide to clean house and go for a new look, that more adequately reflects you and who you are on a deep level. Some of you might decide to change digs too, especially if you are renting. Clean house you will, but it is best you do by choice, not a necessity or event that forces your hand, like your mother moving in!!

Libra Horoscope 2016 for Work and Health

According to the 2016 Astrology for Libra, Neptune will impact your work life, hobbies and health. Neptune is also the King of the Sea. This nickname is very appropriate because Libras both male and female could experience water retention in some form.

Neptune also can bring a job or vocation to you that not in as million years would you have dreamt of. The other side of the coin could be you “think” you found the job of your dreams to find out quite otherwise. Libra, try to be realistic with professional matters in 2016, listening to trusted friends’ feedback. They might see something you don’t.

Neptune can also bring a deceptive older person into your life, most likely female. This could impact you at the work place.

With Neptune, walking by water, getting fresh air and perhaps owning a table fountain could help you clear and feel more centered. Libra, hop in the shower to clear confusion.

Should you get sick, often the diagnosis is off with Neptune hanging out. You will know if it is off, and need to honor that sense. You can be sure it is offbeat what you have and probably not all that serious, but take needed actions.

Neptune encourages water therapy and water exercise. On the same level, with Neptune there, you could be susceptible to some far out diet. Be smart, check in with your regular Doc before beginning this new diet. You might want to make sure it is good for you. Not every health habit is good for everyone.

The good news with Neptune here in your 2016 horoscope is your psychic ability might come forth more in your daily environment. Listen to that voice, Libra. It is speaking to you.

2016 Libra Horoscope Month by Month

Libra January 2016: Patience is the greatest virtue that you will need to tap into this month. Try to have patience with those around you, but most of all dear Libra, try to have lots of patience with your self too. You can be a creature of habit and you like to have your schedule of life set just so-so. But this month comes along and is ready to shake that all up. Nothing bad is going to happen, so quit worrying.

Libra February 2016: You are pregnant with such creative energy that you may feel that you are bursting at the seams! Now you have to decide what you want to do with all of this positive energy. Don’t let negative people or situations bring you down. Share your positive/creative energy with them. Either they will change and become inspired too, or they will walk away from you. It’s your life… Enjoy it!

March 2016 for Libra: For some unusual reason, Libra’s are going through a short period of time now where you may feel that your memory is slipping. Try to be patient with yourself. You are a great multi-tasker and you have been doing so many things for so long that your mind and your body are asking you to take a break! Do what your mind and body are asking of you and things will turn out fine.

Libra April 2016: Oh no, spring is here and you have nothing to wear… or do you? Look through your storage closet and see what you can find. It’s easy for you to assemble a brand new outfit from an old one you had forgotten about. It’s also time, for you to go shopping.

Libra May 2016 Horoscope: You truly do not have to compete with anyone around you. Try to realize that you are a special and unique person. Hold your head up high and give yourself credit for all of the good things that you do. Love yourself just as you are because when you do then other people will naturally love you too.

June 2016 Astrology for Libra: Surprises are going to come to you in all shapes and sizes. Open your heart and learn to receive. The people that love you most want to see you happy and they are going to do all that they can to make sure you are comfortable. There are some big changes taking place in your life at this time. A new you seems to be ‘birthing’ through. Like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, you are just about ready to emerge from your cocoon.

Libra July Horoscope 2016: Like transplanting a beautiful plant out of a small container and into a much bigger one where it can flourish and grow, you too are going through a phase of re-plantation. Your keywords this month are: “comfort zone.” Don’t let anyone cross your boundaries or distress your zone of comfort in any way.

August 2016 Predictions for Libra: You are in a high cycle when it comes to love and romance. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to have some fun with the one you love or to meet someone interesting if you are single. Guard against being blamed for something you didn’t do.

Libra September 2016: You will receive some news this month that will finally put your frustrations to rest. Something, or someone, you’ve been worried about will be getting the help that he/she needs. You have done you part and more than your share. Now the situation begins to finally turn around in your favor. Peace be with you. All is well.

Libra October 2016: The powerful and lucky energy of the planets will remain with you all throughout October. This is the happiest and luckiest time that you have had over the past 12 years. Focus-forward and take a chance on love. Everything wonderful is possible for you now. The main thing you need to do is understand that you ‘do’ deserve to be totally happy.

Libra Zodiac for November: Try to be conservative with your spending. It will be really easy for you to go shopping and spend all you have saved. Saving money now will allow you the peace of mind you are seeking. It’s time to get those finances under control and create a more peaceful and secure future.

Libra Horoscope for December 2016: Jupiter in Libra continues to bless you. Whatever you desire most will come into your life. Concentrate on your most important hopes, dreams, and wishes… you’ve got nothing to lose. This Holiday Season can be the best you’ve ever had and one you will remember for a long time to come. Have fun!
Libra, you are encouraged to break the status quo this year and go for what you really want. Please do not allow anyone or anything to stop you. You are off pioneering a new cycle in your life. Remember, if you can think about it, it can become a reality.

Happy New Year 2016, Libra!




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