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March 2016 Monthly Horoscope

Welcome to our March Monthly Horoscope 2016 For All Zodiac Signs!

March Horoscope Overview

March is a potent time to take some time out to reflect and maybe journal as Mercury joins Mars [and Saturn] in retrograde motion. The retrograde motion of the planets is a geocentric or earth based phenomenon that means the planets look as if they are moving backwards from ourvantage point here on Mother Earth. This is similar to the phenomenon of two trains travelling along parallel tracks: the slower moving train appears to move backwards if you are in the faster moving train.

The traditional interpretation of retrograde planets suggests that they become weak, inhibited or repressed. Psychologically we can see this quite differently: the planet is no longer functioning in its usual mode and canoffer us a new angle or perspectiveas it moves over one area of the zodiac three times. Retrograde motion always suggests a time forintrospection, reviewandrevision.

Mars opposes the Sun as part of its retrograde cycle on March 4. This may create insight into what is blocking you moving forward, but it can also inflame tensions and bring repressed anger and irritation to the surface. Beware of your own and others anger and try not to buy into others bad moods. If you find yourself getting snappy – or more anxious – try to find a few quiet moments to reflect on why you are feeling this way.

The March Full Moon falls on the 8th in the sign of Virgo. The Full Moon is conjunct Mars and therefore highlights the whole Mars retrograde process. As this comes close to Mars opposition to the Sun on March 4 it can activate subconscious anger. Virgo tends to repress anger and is more likely to get irritable, ‘picky’ and critical…and this can also mean self critical. If we use this energy constructively it invites us to engage in honest self evaluation and reflection about ourselves and anything in our life that is not working as efficiently as we would like it to work.

Jupiter trines Pluto on March 13, perhaps providing some easing of the tension that erupted during 2008 when Jupiter conjuncted Pluto and triggered the Global Financial Crisis.This image certainly appears helpful but the bigger picture is still very tense as Uranus and Pluto move towards their first encounter in June.

Venus conjuncts Jupiter on March 14 and will be worth observing. The aspect can be seen forming in the Full Moon chart above. The exact conjunction takes place at around 5pm but won’t be visible until after sunset. Look to the western horizon soon after sunset and you should see two bright lights. Venus is currently the evening star and the brightest body in the sky after the Moon so it should be quite visible if there is no cloud cover. Melburnians will need to look after evening twilight [about 8.30] and before about 9.45 pm when Venus sets… around 9 should be perfect. The conjunction will be visible for a week or two before and after the exact date as Venus applies and then separates from Jupiter.

In traditional astrology Venus is considered the lesser benefic and Jupiter the greater benefic – benefic meaning beneficial and bringer of good fortune – making this a wonderful time to make a wish! The conjunction takes place in the sign of Taurus which is ruled by Venus, making this quite a potent conjunction.

This month’s New Moon falls on March 23 in the sign of Aries and is conjunct Mercy and Uranus. The Aries New Moon is normally a time to initiate action and the conjunction from Uranus enhances the adventurous, restless, excitable and impulsive energy of Aries. However, with Aries ruler [Mars] retrograde and Mercury retrograde conjunct the Sun and Uranus it is a little more complex. The imagery suggests impulsive energy and words but with a need for restraint. It is still a potent time to initiate new ventures but the retrograde energy warns against going off ‘half cocked’ and suggests the need to re-think your tactics. It may be time to press the pause button and make sure you have thought everything through carefully before you jump into anything too adventurous.

2. Mercury Retrograde

Mercury entered the retrograde loop around February 28 in preparation for turning retrograde on March 12, a process that heralds a new Mercury cycle that will begin around March 22 when Mercury conjuncts the Sun. The retrograde process takes place in the sign of Aries & late Pisces. During 2016 the Mercury retrograde process has taking place mainly in fire signs, asking us to review how we work with the energy of fire which is all about our passion, inspiration, courage, joy, optimism and confidence.

The whole retrograde phase is a potent time for reflection and review … a time when we can become aware of habitual beliefs and thought patterns and make the adjustments necessary to align our thinking with the person we are now. This is a great time to meditate, reflect, research, seek answers, sort out your paperwork, return calls and generally attend to all the things you have been too busy to do earlier.

This is also a time when normal communications can go haywire and things often don’t run to plan. For more information go]

Remember to be patient, maintain your sense of humour, CHECK ALL PLANS, BACK UP YOUR DATA AND DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY IF THINGS GO WRONG!

Currently Mercury is still visible in the evening sky but he will disappear for about a week when he is lost in the blaze of the Sun from around March 16 to re-appear in the sky just before sunrise around March 28. In esoteric terms this is the most intense and powerful part of the retrograde process as this when Mercury assumes his alter ego as Psychopomp and Guide to the Underworld. In this role Mercury is associated with the Egyptian scribe Thoth, who has access to the Halls of Record [Akashic records]. Esoteric writers suggest that the retrograde phase of Mercury creates an opening that allows access to the wisdom of our soul and the wisdom of the Cosmos.

Remember Mercury retrograde always provides us with the opportunity to free our thinking from habitual ruts and develop a more conscious set of mental attitudes and beliefs. Concerns may arise over the first few weeks and the answers and insight can appear when the new cycle begins on March 22. Sit with your insights until after April 4 when Mercury goes direct. The next few weeks are the time to express your insights and put new plans into action.

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