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March 2016 Monthly Horoscope

Welcome to our March Monthly Horoscope 2016 For All Zodiac Signs!

Theme of the Month

You are one with EVERYTHING! Go with the flow for your dreams to come true!


Pisces is the Zodiac sign that can reconnect us with what is really True. Pisces brings forth the qualities of compassion, unconditional acceptance and Love, selfless service, transcendental healing

“If you can dream it, you can do it!” ~ Walt Disney

For the sign of Pisces, imagination and vision rule. This sign is the origin of our dreams and visions for our lives, our intuitions, our compassion and selflessness, and our connection to All-That-Is.

Many of us have dreams of what we’d like to be or do or have in our lives. We often think of them just as dreams or fantasies with no possibility of becoming the reality of our lives.

Yet, time and time again, we see evidence of dreams coming true – of people who can testify to their visions of their lives becoming the reality of their lives. We hear of or see people who say they always knew they’d become successes in a particular field or career, or that they knew they would marry the person the married from the moment they saw them, etc.

How do people do this? How do people have their dreams become the reality of their lives?

They recognize that they are connected to everything around them…and they use that energetic connection to their advantage. They understand on some level of their being (sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously) that with clear and focused intention, the circumstances of their lives will align to bring forth all that they truly desire.

Like them, YOU are also connected to EVERYTHING! You are ONE with everyone and everything around you! Once you tap into this awareness to realize that you and everything around you is all energy, making your dreams the reality of your life isn’t so far-fetched after all.

Of course, the manifestation of our dreams may not come about exactly the way we want or expect it to. This is where Pisces idealism and fantascism rears its often ugly head.

There’s nothing wrong with having ideals (or standards, as some of you may call them). You do want to have something by which to gauge the fulfillment of your dreams and aspirations. Yet, sometimes our ideals are so lofty, sometimes our standards are so high, we often miss the fulfillment of our dreams or the opportunities to fulfill them.

We miss the doors the Universe opens because we are looking for the “grand vision” or the final result rather than the work-in-progress that can become our desired outcome. We get lost in the idea of the ideal rather than facing and taking the actual and factual steps to create the space for our connection to All-That-Is to actually bring forth the ideal.

“If you can dream it, you can do it”. And it’s true…to a point.
Your dreams can indeed become your reality…as long as you don’t forget the reality of your life and circumstances while you are working to make your dreams real.

And that is another crucial detail! For some of us, the fantasy and our belief in it can easily become the reality of our lives. The idea of the dream or vision is so strong for us, it becomes more real for us than the factual and experiential reality of the matters at hand. Or we get so attached to how we want or expect something or someone to show up, we may miss it when the opportunity to have it actually does.

It’s like saying you want a cake, and someone gives you a box of cake mix. If you’re looking for a fully baked and frosted cake, you’re not going to see any value in the box of cake mix. You may even miss the box of cake mix on the counter because you’re so focused on finding the completed cake, you don’t even notice that you have everything you need to make the cake right in front of you!

But if you take your blinders off and open your mind to all of the possibilities of “cake”, you may actually notice the box on the counter and see the potential of the contents of the box. And if you’re willing to apply the time and effort to prepare it, and if you’re willing to be patient while it bakes, you realize that after all the prep and process, you’ve got cake.

It is SO important to remember that more times than not, the payoff is in the process. Occasionally, the fulfillment of our dreams and ideals will show up “fully baked”. But most times, the fulfillment of our dreams and ideals will show up as a box of mix…or sometimes even the basic components to make it completely from scratch.

It’s up to you to recognize the potential of what is being offered to you. It’s up to you to use your imagination to create ways to do what seems to be impossible to do. It’s up to you to find inspiration or to inspire others to bring about the manifestation of your vision. It’s up to you to “go with the flow” and have the patience to allow the outcome you’ve envisioned to show up in your life. Even if it doesn’t how up exactly the way you planned, let yourself be open to receive it however it comes.

And when you take on the journey of making “your cake” (or rather, your life) from scratch, you’ll often find that it’s much more fulfilling to get your end result. 😉

Look at where Pisces falls in your astrological chart for guidance in which areas of your life your dreams and fantasies originate and what inspiration to look for to bring them into the manifest reality of your personal life journey. For more information and insights, see  the March 2016 Monthly Horoscope for your zodiac sign.

This month we have a New Moon in Pisces on March 9, 2016. Pisces is a water sign and the 12th sign of the zodiac signifying the Great “Cosmic Oneness” from which we all emerge and ultimately return. This 12th and final sign of the zodiac wheel is all about “perception” and seeing with our Third Eye, using our psychic senses to perceive the hidden and unseen realms
the subtle realms of the unconscious: dreams, telepathy, psychic phenomena, precognition, mysticism and inspiration.

As we know, we are moving quickly from the density of the 3D world to a more enlightened and “en-Lifened” state of being. Pisces is the sign that provides the bridge from the third dimension to that of higher consciousness and altered states. It moves us from the physical plane into the astral worlds and beyond. Like a radio receiver, we can attune to a myriad of “channels and frequencies”.

Logic and reason dissolve in the world of the unconscious. Pisces has no sense of time (except the Dreamtime). There is no past, no future, and no separation. This is the sign of the “Christ Consciousness” of total Oneness and Compassion of the Heart.

The challenging side of Pisces is that it dissolves the Ego and one can become “lost”, confused and very easily manipulated as Neptune is the watery ruler of Pisces. The flip side of Christ-consciousness is victimization and martyrdom. It is extremely important to create boundaries for yourself and remain grounded during Piscean transits (or if you have the sign of Pisces prominent in your chart.

March 2016 Monthly Horoscope predict that some may feel helpless this month in the waters of the unseen worlds. Fear of the unknown can produce the feeling of drowning or being overwhelmed by the collective tide pool of emotional drama/trauma. TRUST is the key to working out the Piscean code. Pisces is not the way of material security or absolute control; nor is it the way of the hapless victim. It is the gift of faith that connects us to a loving and bountiful Universe of Spirit and gives us a sense of inner security, even under the most chaotic of circumstances.

The lesson of our evolution from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius is about being spiritual beings in a material world. Our bodies are not escape vehicles. We are learning to move beyond dysfunctional behaviors, addictions and victimhood as we embrace more Light and replace Fear with Love. Pisces goes beyond dogma and the Law moving us into the realms of unconditional love and surrender to Spirit.

The New Moon, as we know, is a time of “seeding” and starting a new beginning for whatever is implied by the meaning of the sign it inhabits. Pisces will rekindle our spiritual flame, open our hearts to magic and inspire our spirits to dream, soar, and create new realities over the next two weeks until Full Moon in Libra on March 23th.

If you work in healing modalities of any kind, involved in metaphysics, and/or are follow a spiritual path of any type, Pisces will help you in March 2016 to reinforce your energy levels, as long as you stay open to your inner guidance and radiate your own truth. Pisces is about compassionate service, not servitude. If you are an artist, musician, poet, dancer (or open to your own creativity in any form) your “muse” will be awakened and aroused during this Piscean New Moon. Enjoy!

This New Moon in Pisces gives us the “green light” to set our intentions for bringing more peace, harmony, and creativity into our lives. We are being impelled to dream a new dream and to create a New Earth!