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Pisces 2016 Horoscope

Pisces 2016 HoroscopePisces Horoscope 2016- Jupiter in 2016

For You, Pisces, in the summer of 2015 Jupiter moved into Virgo and your 7th house of mate. You may have gotten married if you’re living with someone, or relationship issues can just get better. Plant some good vibes to make this a foundation for the future. Your mate and/or second child can enjoy this period.

Then, in August 9, 2016, Jupiter moves into your 8th house of joint finances, and particularly that of your mate. The Pisces 2016 horoscope shows that you’re probably tired of the grindstone and would love to take some time off.

Pisces 2016 Horoscope- Saturn in 2016

For you, Pisces, Saturn is in the 10th of career and dad. And even though it tested you, it’s still came home to it’s natural house, so it was comfortable there. The Pisces horoscope for 2016 reveals that it’s a good time to get some just rewards for a long road of work behind, but you’re going to have to prove it. Hard work will get just rewards but if you try to slack off or pull some shenanigans, you’ll get reprimanded.

Saturn squares Neptune: Reality vs. Unreality

You may be the wheeler-dealer or you could be caught up in some scheme. Your reputation and stature to the world is important and now it could be very important that you don’t precipitate any schemes or be the victim of any.

Horoscope Pisces 2016- Uranus in 2016

For You, Pisces, with Uranus in Aries for the balance of its 8 year stay, it left your first house of Self and moved into your second of money. There have been substantial changes in your life in the last 8-9 years, and now it will shake up your money house for a spell. This is usually good.

The Pisces 2016 astrology shows that Piscean millionaires might have a tussle as Uranus portends a change in money, more for those who don’t have it, and less for those that do. Opportunities will suddenly present themselves, but check it out with an earth sign to keep you grounded – down to earth – and practical when you make your choices.

Pisces Horoscope 2016- Neptune in 2016

Neptune has moved into your First house and sees if you’re ready to take all you’ve learned out into the world and be known for it. You’d rather stay in the light of the moon, and delve into your inner self, but now you may be called to share your wisdom with the world under the light of the sun. Neptune is transcendental, just as Uranus/Aquarius is, but coming from the right brain rather than the left.

Some left-brained people have found they have a psychic abilities now they didn’t realize they had. Always thinking linearly, you are surprised you had insights and ‘knowing’ that just came from ‘nowhere’ and didn’t have that logical, linear path you normally expect. But the 2016 Pisces horoscope specify to be aware that you could be drawn to drugs, alcohol and unrealistic ideas during this transit.

Pisces 2016 Horoscope- Pluto in 2016

The spotlight continues, and as of 2008, Pluto has been in the 11th house. It’s an easier house, a money house, in effect – the money of the career, as well as dad’s money. The 11th is the house of career money and powerful communication, and as Pluto moves through, you can be a power in the world and your word can sway the masses. It’s good for writing and communication in some fashion.

The Pisces horoscope 2016 also indicates that you may be pushed onto the world stage in some way, but even if it’s local, where you would rather hunker down with your laptop and write, in some way you are going to make your message felt. If you aren’t in the spotlight, you can be a power behind the scenes as always.

Whenever Pluto moves through a money house, there can be a dip in finances, and then a slow move upward. So, tuck away what you’ve saved, and it should only be a blip on the radar screen. The Pisces 2016 zodiac reveals that you have the potential to make money now during this period, as well as seeing your word distributed widely in some fashion.

This is also the house of a sibling one older than you, or a mate’s first child from another relationship… or a first adopted child. You could have a power struggle with one of these relationships.

The first eclipse of the year occurs on March 9, at 18 degrees of Pisces.

The eclipse in your 1st house of self for all intent and purposes. Sure, there’s an emotional component to it, so enjoy your time in the spotlight but be ready to relinquish it to your mate in the fall.

The second eclipse of the year occurs on March 23th, at 3 degrees of Libra.

The second eclipse is in the 8th house of sex, mate’s money, grandparents’ money, as well as alimony and child support. Any of which can be coming up to deal with. Sometimes it works out for your mate, though, because it’s their money house, so beware and be prepared,¬†foretell the Pisces 2016 horoscope.

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