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Sagittarius 2016 Horoscope

Sagittarius Horoscope 2016Sagittarius Horoscope 2016- Jupiter in 2016

For You, Sagittarius, Jupiter moved into your 10th house of career in August 12, 2015. The 2016 Sagittarius astrology indicates that the boss can find his business doing much better, and be able to give raises all around. Or you could move into a position of power, or decide to get into business for yourself. You could also see dad gaining beneficially in some way. The 10th house is your face to the world, so you’ll be more confident and find it ok to express yourself in front of people.

Then, in August 9 of 2016, Jupiter moves into Libra and your 11th house of friends, and money of the career. It’s also the house of dad’s money… any of which can manifest. An older sibling – one older – resides here too, so things should be looking up for him/her. On the home front, you can make friends easier who will benefit you in some way as time goes along.

Sagittarius 2016 Horoscope- Saturn in 2016

For you, Sagittarius, Saturn is in your sign, Sagittarius, and you like to be top dog, so you were chafing when authority figures wanted to ‘keep you in your place”… Your place, you have them know, is any damn well place you wanted it to be! You are much sterner now, and a bit cruel if other factors concur, so it is important to bite your tongue, and think before you speak. You may have a run-in with Dad’s mom or Mom’s dad… they are who you got it from; that serious bent, and now you might have stood up to them. Capricorn.

The Sagittarius Horoscope 2016 shows that Saturn in your First house it calls you to take charge and see this period through by learning to let things go and not be so strident about it. Speak up when you need to… but as the Dali Lama said “Always try to be kind… and it’s always possible to be kind”. You tend to be loquacious so you may be the Saturnor dispensing judgement, rather than the Saturnee, receiving it.

Saturn squares Neptune: Reality vs. Unreality

Neptune in the 4th house is at the nadir of the chart and there could be a house swindle or your mom’s investments could be at risk, or her home. A sale may seem like the best thing but turns into a nightmare. You may have to be the stern person who points this out and takes the trouble to bring it all to light.

Horoscope Sagittarius 2016- Uranus in 2016

For You, Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries is in your 5th house of children, love affairs, creativity, avocations, vacations and creativity. The Sagittarius 2016 yearly horoscope indicates that a new love can come in to your life but leave just as quickly. Some stay, some go… it just depends on whether they are here to teach you something and be on their way, or to open your world and rock it for a spell.

You like Aries people, and may actually draw in an Aries, although you don’t have to; but they are going to be more on edge and prone to outbursts more than usual now, so be careful whom you choose.

Sagittarius Horoscope 2016- Neptune in 2016

At the beginning of 2012, Neptune moved into your 4th house of home, family, mom, and the roots you send down into the soil to shore up your foundation. Uranus is in your 5th house, so those little ‘earthquakes’ in your foundation will subside. The horoscope 2016 for Sagittarius suggests that you have to make sure you keep yourself in reality when it concerns mom’s health, or real estate issues. Neptune can keep you fluid and moving and your normal desire to travel may keep you from settling down into something solid for awhile.

Real estate deals could have held a measure of deception, so you needed to look over contracts carefully. There is an element of illusion here; you might think your home is in better shape than it is. You desire the ideal now, though. You want the house with the white picket fence and the dog on the doorstep welcoming you home each night. The Sagittarius Horoscope 2016 disclose that is not a good time for real estate for awhile, unless other factors favor it… and unless you get someone not of your sign or age range to check it out.

You tend towards high finance and wheeling and dealing in the corporate world, and your foundation was a little wobbly at this time for you, Scorpio, who wants all your ducks in a row… and saluting!

Sagittarius 2016 Horoscope- Pluto in 2016

Pluto is in the 2nd house of money. You’ve got some status, some sense of power, and money can be had now – sometimes BIG money, but as it is with Pluto, there’s usually a break down period at the outset and then a steady climb… so watch your pennies for the first few years of the ingress and then make the moves you need to build up that nest egg.

The 2016 horoscope for Sagittarius reveals that the year 2016 it’s a time to understand money and how it works in your life… see what it does for you and what it doesn’t.


The first eclipse of the year occurs on March 9, at 18 degrees of Pisces.

Your home and mom will be a central focus this year. Here the eclipse is shining upon ite. It’ll be focusing on mom, but don’t let that Mars action cause an argument. Walk away from it if you need to. New things are happening in your life, and you’ll have this 6 month period to put down new roots and establish new foundations.

The second eclipse of the year occurs on March 23th, at 3 degrees of Libra.

The second eclipse occurs in your 11th house of career money and dad’s money, as well as friends and ambitions. If you need a loan dad should be able to help you… or if you prefer, climbing the corporate ladder should prove successful. Friends are likely to be new and lead you to pursue new fields of interest, shows the Sagittarius 2016 horoscope.

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