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Taurus 2016 Horoscope

taurus horoscope 2016

Dear Taurus, there are great years and there are good years. You have the makings of a great year 2016 if you use the planets properly.

Taurus Horoscope 2016 for Work

In September 9th, 2016 Jupiter will enter the 6th house in the Taurus 2016 Horoscope, which represents the sector of health, work and your daily routines from and will remain there for one whole year.

Some Taurus people will start to work in the field of medicine or law with this transit. However, it is a time to find the ideal job and also to focus on improving your health and general well being. Your efforts will receive accolades and a new position or raise is possible. You might even be in the place to travel for your work and get a new perspective. You can also find that your finances increase as a result of a better paying job.

Uranus the planet of surprises and unexpected developments is traveling the sign Aries all year long. This transit occurs in your 12 house of the Taurus Horoscope for 2016, which represents the subconscious, hidden enemies, volunteer work, solitude. Consider if the unexpected occurred in your life in the above mentioned categories. What do you think would happen? Mind you, the above descriptions are only some of the associations to this house.

You will definitely gain some surprising insights in the year 2016. You also could suddenly understand a situation differently, and your role in it. For some, you could come into contact with your anger or some other uncomfortable feelings. No question about this planet, you will have on occasion to sit down and rethink a situation or idea.

Many Taurus are experiencing Uranus in their Solar 12th house of 2016 horoscope as a period of sudden insights or suddenly realizing who is enemy and who is foe. Steer clear of big animals as well. On another level, your intuitive psychic ability becomes stronger as you eliminate what isn’t true or authentic in your life. The period that Uranus is active in this house, you will transform and grow into the person you can be, evolving spiritually and emotionally. Resistances often melt away during this period.

Symbolically the power of Uranus is like an elephant but it hits with the speed of lightening. You will be transformed. Do yourself a favor. Do not try to buck the trend but choose to flow with it. You will be happier. The status quo cannot remain as it has. It rarely does. The end result of a Uranus transit is you will feel revived and energized.

Uranus will be in retrograde phase between late July and late December 2016. This can be a time of discovery about your hidden motives and your subconscious desires that leads to spiritual enlightenment. The retrograde phase however can give you time to digest all this new information and then assess it realistically during the direct phase of this planet (January to June 2016).

Taurus Horoscope 2016 – Friendships

The 2016 Taurus Horoscope for Friendships reveals that Neptune, the planet of mystery, will continue to occupy your sector of friends, hopes, wishes and any groups/committees that you belong to. The transit of Neptune in Pisces will be especially import to you, Taurus. Use it well and you manifest your heartfelt desires.

Neptune is the ethereal, our dreams and psychic ability. In the negative it is deception, ungrounded expectations, seeing only what we want to see. It can mean also deception from an outside source. Neptune means drugs and healing. This same planet rules music and the arts. To have this planet in the year 2016 in your house of friends, hopes and wishes can be affirming and dynamic. The liability here would be to wear rose colored glasses preventing a true grasp of reality. In this situation, we only see what we want, whether it is conscious or not. We might see a new friend as we want to and not as they are.

Usually with Neptune in this house of the horoscope we manifest a long term desire. Many Taurus people have dreams fulfilled during this period. You might notice some of your goals have changed. Sometimes we do not do that enough, and what we go for and think we desire, once there, might seem strangely out of sync. It actually is important to review our set direction every few years. It is important soon this year to evaluate your goals to see if any of them need updating. Maybe you already did that. If so, what you want will work for you, but do this process at least every few years. Otherwise you could get stuck with a lemon in the your wish department.

New people will come in your life this year, reveals the 2016 horoscope Taurus. Some might feel so special you cannot believe it. Others could be artists, and some friends could be flaky or unstable. You will also might suddenly have a pal vanish unexpectedly. A Pisces could enter your life. Neptune can weave quite a haze in this ream. We might not hear others statements clearly. You also might not see people clearly. Sometimes we are deceived by friends, not even believing it is possible. So as wonderful as this transit can be, as difficult it can be.

Many of Taurus will discover how very special a friend is. On the other hand, there could be some deception also from a friend. You certainly will be or have been walking through life with rose colored shades. If someone falls off their pedestal, you only have you to blame for putting them there.

It is always wise to have friends from different walks of life. Listen to their comments about a situation or new friend. They probably do not have Neptune in the same house of 2016 horoscope and might have better or clearer vision. Ultimately it is your call.

Neptune will go into retrograde (backwards) phase between June and up to November 2016. This is a time of meeting with very spiritually orientated people or forming with groups who are of the same kindred spirit. During the retrograde phase however, you may question your judgment of these people, and assess whether this is based on reality when this planet goes direct (January to June and again in December).

Taur Love Horoscope 2016: Lots of Love

During the first eight months, the ‘greater benefic’ Jupiter will occupy the sector of Taurus 2017 horoscope ruling romance, children, creativity, speculation and the pleasures of life, and will go into retrograde (backwards) phase for fifth months between January and early May 2016.

This is the best time to become a parent as the child who arrives in your life will be a huge source of happiness to you. A new romance too could make you think of marriage, even if you have never felt that way before. It is a also a time to explore your creative abilities and put it to some use, as it may prove to become a source of income further down the road.

Taurus 2016 Travel Horoscope

Pluto, the transformer of the zodiac will continue to occupy the zone of the Taurus horoscope 2016 ruling travel, higher education, studies and connections to foreign people or places.

In many ways, this transit in the area that rules education, religion, higher mind and in-laws can be most rewarding. It encourages opening up to new ideas and concepts. How one experiences this mental evolvement varies as to occupation and interests. it can be through travel or a foreigner.

The experience of growing past our mental barriers might occur through education, spiritual growth or even your in-laws, who live a different style of life. Travel might be difficult during 2016. Experience will take off any blinders you might be wearing. It is also likely to increase your interest in learning more and more.

There is nearly a spiritual power to this transit, the intensity can be that great. Do not be surprised if you or someone else in the same transit turns to religion this year.

During 2016 Pluto will turn retrograde (backwards) between April and late September 2016. Your aims and actions in these departments of your life can bring transformative conditions. You could totally alter your belief systems. This influence has been operating for many years and will continue in 2016. During the retrograde phase you may discover some deep and profound reasons for your life and perhaps even consider living in another country. During the direct phase (January to March 2016 and again from September to the end of the year) you will come to realize what truly works for you in terms of your religious and spiritual beliefs and your destiny.

Do be careful because Pluto and obsession go together. You do not want to become a member of some far out cult as appealing as it might be today. Decide in a few years if this is right. The segment of Taurus 2016 zodiac where Pluto travels is also the house of law. Make sure everything is on the up and up.

Taurus Predictions 2016 for Money

Saturn which is the taskmaster of the zodiac will continue to occupy the zone of Taurus horoscope for 2016 ruling your wills, legacies, the goods of the deceased, loans, your partner’s income or any other shared resource and will be in retrograde motion (backwards) from march 27, until august, 19th. be in retrograde (backwards) between March 27 and August 19.

This is not the time to get into debt nor attempt to borrow funds that you may find difficult to repay at a later time. Your credit may be limited or other funds made inaccessible to you during this long transit.

During the retrograde phase you may have to decide what is really important to you and how much you can take on that you can cope with. During the direct phase (between January-March and mid August-December) your level of understanding and maturity will be greater than ever and you will use this wisdom to guide you towards success.

Saturn in Sagittarius, the teacher planet, encourages a hard look at life/death issues. Handle this issue for once and for all please for your sake. Otherwise in 7 years you could have an even bigger problem.

The Eclipses of 2016

The first eclipse of the year occurs on March 9, at 18 degrees of Pisces.

In the 2016 Taurus horoscope the eclipse is in the 11th house. That’s where all your friends gather to support you. “Friends” can also be world in your corner if you get some of your writing out there and take the risk of being published. It’s also the house of a sibling one older than you or your father’s kids from a previous marriage, so any of them might pop in now.

The second eclipse of the year occurs on March 23th, at 3 degrees of Libra.

This second eclipse occurs in your 6th house of work, health, service and pets as well as a step-mom if you have one. The spotlight turns to the work place and you can see some future if you haven’t before. If you have a step-mom, she can try to squeeze into that spotlight and take center stage.

Taurus Horoscope 2016 Month by Month

Taurus January 2016: The time and energy that you devote to your career will pay off big by the end of this month. This is what you have been looking forward to. Don’t fret over those Christmas bills, you should be able to pay them all off and still have some extra money to invest in something special for yourself.

Taurus February 2016: Even though it’s still cold outside, the feelings of spring are in your heart! If you can bring this inner-joy into your work place, you most certainly will succeed. Eliminate the negatives from your life, they hold no power over you anymore. Focus forward… your future this month is filled with love, happiness, and so much more.

Taurus March 2016: Making money… and lots of it… will be your top priority this month. Your need to feel secure with your financial status is more important to you now than it has been in a very long time. You will not want to playing ‘ a waiting game’ concerning your career. You want to be on the top and if your current employment doesn’t give you that option then it’s going to be very easy for you to say goodbye and move onto something much better.

Taurus Horoscope 2016 for April: Tragedies come and tragedies go, but they don’t have to stick to you like peanut butter. Every experience you’ve ever had has taught you how to become more independent and hopefully has strengthened your character. Living in doubt and fear is not your way. Let it go and move forward. Don’t compare your past to your future. Lessons are only repeated when you don’t pass the tests the first time, or when you choose to repeat the tests again. It’s totally your choice. Live, learn, and move on!

Taurus 2016 Horoscope for May: What does your life truly mean to you? Have you come as far as you always wanted to? Searching for the true meaning of your life should be your first priority. Forgive yourself and forgive others. A new and special responsibility will soon be added to your life. This is something that you can totally look forward to. With this new responsibility comes an abundance of joy. Don’t worry, you can handle it with ease.

Taurus June 2016: Your top priority this month should be focused upon your finances and seeing what you can do to make some additional income. A career change, advancement, or pay raise can easily be in your near future. Think BIG for some BIG results. Also, plan to do something special with the one you love most. A hot and steamy relationship will get your blood boiling just enough to add some extra spice to your life. You have been waiting for just such a time to let your animal instincts out… go for it!

Taurus July 2016 Horoscope: You may believe other people are being too judgmental, but it’s really you that may be the judgmental one towards others. Remember: Those who do not judge others, even in their minds, will not be judged by others. Think about this because most of the problems you think you have, especially in relationships, may be due to high expectations and personal judgments. Love people just as they are, quit being defensive, and don’t try to change anyone. Life is a creative process and everyone grows at his or her own speed. No one is perfect… and neither are you. Enjoy your life and everyone in it for what they are and not for what you wish they would be. If you can do this with love and kindness, you will enjoy this month of July with ease.

2016 Taurus Horoscope for August: This place and time were meant for you. You’re doing your best, enjoying yourself and attracting all the right people. Make it last by being god to everyone around you. You really love the summer and it shows. You can alternate between doing your outdoor yard work while you have the radio on so that you can sing along with your favorite tunes. You are setting a very good example that it’s possible to play while work is getting accomplished. There is also great news on the horizon as a real-estate project that you have been working on really begins to pay off.

Taurus September 2016 Horoscope: A new addition to your family brings great blessings. Is someone pregnant? Have you considered getting a new pet? Don’t worry about the finances, everything will be fine. Don’t worry about the extra responsibilities, that will all work out O.K. too. Enjoy life more. Every step of the journey is meant to be an adventure.

Taurus October 2016 Astrology: Watch what you eat because your waistline may begin to bulge! Your everyday tasks take on a whole new meaning. There is certainly going to be a lot to do. This is a great time to organize those closets and drawers. Throw out the trash and make some clean space for other things that are going to come into your life. For those of you in the career sector… get ready for that overtime. This is going to be a very busy October for you.

Taurus 2016 Horoscope for November: Put your nose in a good book and study topics that you enjoy! Take it easy. Take care of your health problems as soon as they begin to bother you. You are changing in so many positive ways and the flow of the Universe supports you. When you are truly happy with your personal relationship, then things are only going to get better. Single Taureans have a wonderful chance of meeting someone new this month. Don’t be shy. You deserve a good relationship too.

Taurus December 2016 Horoscope: Success vs. Depression, which will it be? You can ‘choose’ to be even more successful by simply being happy. Don’t fret over the littlest of details, it’s not worth your time. Keep yourself focused on the ‘bigger picture’. Travel flows quite smoothly after December 20th. Until then, plan for small delays. Enjoy each moment of this Holiday Season. Everything will work out just fine.

Step back and think Taurus. Look at the potential. This year, more so than many, you have the opportunity to visualize and create the life you want. Decide what that is. Happy New Year 2016, Taurus!

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