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April 2017 Monthly Horoscope

Welcome to our April Monthly Horoscope 2017 For All Zodiac Signs!

Theme of the Month:

Action is creation, and creation is Love, and Love is the way of the Universe.


Aries likes to take the lead, but even more than that, Aries just likes to be the first one to go and the first one to get there…wherever “there” is.

In this month of Aries (March 20-April 20, 2017), it is important that we are conscious of our actions, both individually and collectively. As Newton’s Third Law states, “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”. Therefore, we need to be aware that the actions we choose to take will have results that match not only our deeds, but the intentions behind our deeds.

Loving and nurturing intentions will bring forth hateful and hurtful intentions. Creative intentions will bring forth destructive countermeasures. Yet remember that we would not understand nor appreciate the love we receive if we did not know its shadow. And every act of destruction – whether it is meant to hurt or help – is an act of love, for in the space cleared by that destruction something can be created in its place.

The Universe brings forth magic and miracles not from our trying to force outcomes, but from our willingness to take action to create and bring forth our heart’s desires. The Universe will generously assist us on our journey, but it will not carry us…we must be willing to take steps forward, to take ownership for what we are creating. The Universe can only assist in creation when we trust its presence and allow it to provide us with our Highest good.

So the April horoscope 2017 shows a month of energy and action…what are you willing to do for yourself to allow and enable the Universe to do what it wants to do for you? What are you willing to do to have your heart’s desires spring forth into the reality of your life experience?

Let’s find out.

April Horoscope Overview

April 2017 begins with two planets retrograde, but as the month continues, three others join them. Jupiter moved retrograde in February taking us on a new journey of expansion – exploring our ideas on relationship, especially our ideals and beliefs. Since then, all Jupiter’s aspiration, wisdom and vision has turned towards the Libran longing for inner balance and serenity. Then last month Venus moved retrograde in Aries and it got personal – our attention went to our own values, questioning our relationships, our need for independence, our financial freedom and our sense of who we really are … and what we really want.

The April horoscope shows that this month sees Venus move back into Pisces and our preoccupation with self and our identity in relationship may dissolve there into a profound yearning for peace, surrender and a loving connection with others and with the Universe. On the 6th Saturn moves retrograde at the Galactic Centre at 27 Sagittarius and we’ll begin to think about our responsibilities, our self-discipline and integrity … and as Saturn forms a long-lasting square with Venus retrograde, so issues of financial or relationship control and integrity may well play out (for more, see below), culminating in movement on that front as Venus moves direct on the 15th.

On the 10th Mercury moves retrograde in Taurus withdrawing its energy from the world of external communication … planes, trains, cars, buses, phones, computers, internet, contracts etc … and brings our attention to doing our housework – organization, re-structuring, clean-ups, meditation, reflection etc (see below). And then on the 20th, Pluto moves retrograde and we may feel the urge to go deeper, to confront our inner demons and to eliminate anything that no longer serves us.

Saturn at the Galactic Center Square Venus

The April 2017 horoscope shows that this month sees an unusual phenomenon. Normally when Venus squares Saturn it lasts a day or two as Venus is such a fast moving planet. This month both planets are stationing around 27 degrees – Venus in Pisces, Saturn in Sagittarius, so this transit will last for nearly 3 weeks! And it will particularly impact people with prominent planets or points in Libra or Taurus (ruled by Venus) or Capricorn or Aquarius (ruled by Saturn), and those with personal planets at 25 – 28 degrees of the mutable signsPisces, Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius.

So what does this mean? Saturn is about self-discipline, taking responsibility, building practical structures, dealing with fear, mortality, disease, age and hardship. In Sagittarius, it’s future oriented, controlling and defining our beliefs, education, religion, ideals … but we’re talking about the Galactic Centre here. That’s the pivotal point around which our home galaxy – The Milky Way – revolves. It’s like a gigantic black hole, bigger than 4 million Suns, a huge unknown karmic energetic force that pulls anything into it. Who knows if it’s creative or destructive? or beyond both?

And with Saturn retrograde, we may possibly be looking at a lapse in our efforts at control, an evolutionary vortex of some kind opening up in our belief system. And it is in challenging aspect to Venus, also stationing after her long retrograde journey redolent with insights about relationship, finance, self-worth and yearning for the Piscean compassionate absorption in and surrender to the ideal (or to simply escape into pleasure) … What will play out? For many this could bring up old feelings of pain, disconnection or alienation with Venus stationing conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer, and it may be a real opportunity to explore and work with our karmic wound and transfigure our understandings.

However the April horoscope suggest caution in financial or relationship matters during this period. Once Venus moves direct on the 15th, things should at least start to gain more clarity, even though you may not be ready to act since Mercury will still be retrograde (see below).

Mercury Retrograde until the 4th May

The April horoscope 2017 shows that Mercury, the planet that rules thought and communication, will move retrograde at nearly 5 Taurus on the 10th and in so doing, its energy will move from the outer world to the inner world. And the result may be chaotic! And I don’t just mean delays or breakdowns of planes, trains, buses, cars, phones, computers, the internet and visible forms of communication. Misunderstandings and errors may creep into discussions, contracts, agreements and planning.

This will especially impact anyone with personal planets or angles between 0 – 5 Taurus (or Scorpio, Leo or Aquarius), and between 24 and 29 Aries (or Libra, Cancer or Capricorn).

In Taurus, the focus is on practical communication, so make sure you spell out your intentions with as much clarity and directness as possible over the next couple of weeks.

In Aries, we’re looking at watching that anger, tactlessness or impatience doesn’t distort your meaning.

It’s a perfect time however, for reviewing and housekeeping the areas Taurus and Aries rule – your finances, possessions and self-worth; your actions, identity and independence. Not to mention, retrograde times are ideal for any type of reflection and meditation.

The April astrology shows that insights may arise around the time Mercury conjuncts the Sun on the 20th, but don’t be tempted to act on them until the 4th May when Mercury finally moves direct again. I like to think of Mercury retrograde periods as a wake-up call for consciousness. With the Universe pulling it’s attention away from outer world communication, we have a golden opportunity to practice our intentionality and self-awareness.

New Moon / Supermoon In Taurus, April, 26th

This month we have a New Moon in Taurus on April 26th at 15:16 GMT. The sign of Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, which governs our relationships, our appreciation of beauty and our sensuality, as well as our connection to Mother Earth and her abundant gifts. The sign of Taurus is also about nourishing and taking care of our physical bodies, our security and material values, and our financial systems, as well as the very land we walk upon.

Ruled by Venus, still retrograde, this is a powerful lunation with Jupiter conjunct the Moon in Libra magnifying our idealistic self-questioning feelings and personal beliefs around partnership, and the place of compromise in what we want. But the Sun is shining it’s light of consciousness from Aries and conjunct Uranus, so we’ll need freedom to be ourselves … and with Pluto in Capricorn square this Moon, we’ll feel any conflict intensely. With Pluto and Uranus engaged, the potential for upheaval and transformation is strong as we seek to let go of anything that no longer serves us, just what depends on where it sits in your birth chart!

The April horoscope shows this month asks us to take a look at how we can create more abundance, more beauty, more grace in our lives by going beyond the basic “fear and survival” mode…… how can we better sustain ourselves and our planet in the face of the constant fear of financial losses and material lack? If we are stubbornly holding onto to old bad habits, this New Moon enables us to see where we have been “stuck” and to move forward.

Venus says that Beauty inspires and heals us; music, art, and dance all nourish our souls. Tuning our frequency to higher vibrations through color, sound, and smell is a very effective way to “feed” our consciousness and move us out of the “fear” bands.

Taurus puts us in touch with our physical senses and our needs. Are we paying attention to the nutrients we place in our bodies? Are we honoring all our “relations”?

The April horoscope shows that the New Moon at 6 Taurus at 10.16 pm on 26 April highlights our connection to the physical world – to nature, to our financial stability and security, to the material world around us and to our self-worth. New Moon, new beginning … where are you values-wise after the upheavals of the Venus retrograde period? This New Moon in Venus-ruled Taurus may help you ground yourself practically as the new cycle with Venus as Morning Star begins.

April is a good month to have a massage, plant an herb garden, take a walk in nature and smell the flowers. Leave the junk food and sweets behind and make yourself (and your loved ones) a healthy home-cooked meal prepared with TLC. Find an essential oil fragrance, a brightly colored scarf, or crystal that appeals to you and create a “sacred space” in your home.

In addition to just being concerned with the quality of our daily lives, are we putting more heart into our relationships? Are we willing to love ourselves as well as our significant others….and vice versa. Are we willing to be more compassionate and tolerant in our dealings with others? Are we ready to take on the “mission” of creating a New Earth?

Taurus is also the symbol of the Egyptian Goddess, Hathor, as well as the sign which rules the constellation of the Pleiades. Hathor is the Goddess of love and beauty, music and dance, as well as astrology. She is the protectress of women in child birth, as well as the souls of the dead. She serves as a “gateway” or portal connecting us to the stars (the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades), as well as to Mother Earth. Indigenous cultures around the globe believe that our ancestors came from the Pleiades, and that we are all indeed, “starseeds”.

The April 2017 horoscope shows that this month is the perfect time to “seed” our intention for adding more beauty, love and prosperity in our lives.


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