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Capricorn Horoscope 2017

The Capricorn horoscope 2017 predicts that armed with the desire to explore all the potential that is hidden inside you, that Saturn is going to show you in 2017, you can create positive change in every area of your life, especially as you have assistance from Pluto who just loves it when we commit to transformation.

For those of Capricorn born at the start of the second week of January, you will feel the effects of Pluto more than most Capricorns, as he will be impacting on your Sun Sign. During this year, he will stir up your deepest fears and hidden feelings, secrets – including those you keep from yourself, and also, along with Saturn’s workings in your 12th sector, uncover those hidden talents. Don’t try to stop or resist this process.

capricorn horoscope 2017

Capricorn 2017 Horoscope: Overview

The 2017 Capricorn predictions shows that your ruler Saturn is going to spend a big part of 2017 retrograde in your 12th house. This period which runs from April 6th to August 25, 2017, is going to be all about inner learning, the acceptance of karma and of karmic debts repaid or falling due on some level. Pay close attention to who helps you and who is hindering you during this time as it is highly likely that you have either helped or hindered them in the past. Try to avoid feelings of anger, frustration of the desire to ‘pay back’ someone in kind if they are behaving in a negative way towards you.

People will show their true colours now and what will help you get through this period is maintaining a universal mindset. You do not have to forgive negative people if you are not ready to, but it will help break any karmic chains to try to step back and become the observer rather than just reacting – no matter how hard they are pushing those buttons! Capricorn, ask yourself in the grand scheme of things if this really matters? Do you want to go on repeating this dance lifetime after lifetime or do you want to now let it go? Remember, Capricorn, it is the stronger soul that lets go and walks away and sometimes that is all it takes. This is the essence of Saturn’s lessons in 2017 for you.

Of course, Capricorn, the other side to this coin are those souls paying you back for the fabulous stuff you have done for them. Those people you encounter who just want to help you without wanting anything much in return. If you benefit from this, then why not create some brand new karma and pay that forward to someone? You will be all too aware this year of what goes around, comes around, dear Capricorn.

Ever organized, Capricorn, you’re a ambitious zodiac sign, dependable and practical. Once you’ve decided what you want, you go after your goal with determination and hard work. Like the steady-footed goat that represents your sun sign, you’ll trudge ahead diligently to reach the summit of your intended lofty goal. Friends and family depend on you to be the stable and patient factor in any situation. Realism and caution color your cool-headed, reserved temperament. Getting big-ticket items at bargain prices is your modus operandi since thrift as well as quality are what really gets the Goat grooving (although you’re not really one to groove). Capricorn, you may be a bit conservative in your outlook on life and risk, of course, is not a part of your vocabulary. Sticking to solid ground that leads to a great view from the top is where it’s at for you.

With Pluto, the Planet of Transformation, in your sign, the 2017 horoscope for Capricorn zodiac sign shows that you may be in for a radical lifestyle change at the start of the year. There is great opportunity this year for you to learn and grow. You may be very surprised when you learn that certain people in your life are not really who you thought they were. Your abilities to be flexible and objective and to go with the flow will be put to good use.

A serious approach to health and fitness will pay off this year, even if you have been frustrated with yo-yo diets and passing attempts to get fit in the past. From July until the end of the year, a positive turnaround in relationships will take place regardless of whether you’re a single or hitched Capricorn.

You have had transiting Pluto passing through Capricorn sun sign from November 28, 2008. Ever so subtle or maybe not so subtle, you have been going through a complete metamorphosis and personality change for about 10 years now. Do you feel any different? Have you made any drastic changes in your personality, attitude, life style or behavior? You may not be able to see your changes, but I’m sure others can. If you should dare to know or dare to ask, perhaps those around you can testify to the changes, the mood swings and radical ups and downs you have gone through in these last several years.

Capricorn, you only have a few years left, so maybe the worst is over. Let’s hope so. You may not have enjoyed the journey much yourself. I’m sure you endured a lot of emotional traumas that were hard to deal with, but please realize most of it you created yourself. You have gone through some extremes in behavior from deeply depressed to utterly euphoric. What a roller-coaster ride you have been on in these last several years. You could have severed or destroyed many or several important relationships because you thought you were right and they were wrong. In looking back was it worth the price to lose these treasured relationships?

During this cycle you have gone to great lengths to accomplish your goals and ambitions and you did for the most part. You didn’t let anyone interfere or get in your way as you strived to get what you wanted out of life. But now, Capricorn, in looking back at all the bridges you burned or destroyed in your metamorphosis, have you learned how not to dominate others and to grant them the same freedom that you demand for yourself?

With Pluto energies combined with your Capricorn sun sign energies, you have learned how to play your cards close to your chest, to be secretive, keep people away or at arms length so that they can’t hurt you, so that they don’t burden you with too much responsibility or intimacy. In some ways this is good, Capricorn, but in some ways not so good. You have grown in your survival instincts and learned that not everyone is your friend.

As you can see, the Capricorn yearly astrology shows that much of your energy or focus has been firmly planted on yourself in these last 9 years. Which may or may not be a bad thing. It depends on how kind, generous and thoughtful you have been with others. The 2017 horoscope points out that if you have learned that in order to keep your wealth, your good fortune and good friends, you must share a little with others, and especially with those less fortunate, then you are in an okay place in 2017. You will not lose all that you have gained materially or financially. But if you have been very self-centered and stingy with sharing your good fortune with others, than you stand a good chance of losing much of what you have gained during this transit.

This was the big test, Capricorn, the learning lesson behind this Pluto transit through your sun sign. What is that old adage, “When given much, much is expected of you?” But there is still time to pick up the broken pieces if you failed this test. In 2017, learn to forgive others and yourself and learn how to share without strings attached. Learn how to love and be intimate with others. Learn how to share yourself with those you love and who love you. You will not be the dominant force in life forever, because transits change.

Capricorn Love And Friendship Horoscope 2017

capricorn love horoscope 2017

The Capricorn Love Horoscope 2017 shows that in October, Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion, moves into your sector of circle of friends. You may walk into a party knowing only one person, but you will leave knowing many more. With October 2017 month begins an increase in your circle of friends, and the growth continues for the next 12 months.

Make three wishes and be prepared for at least one of them to come true in the next 12 months as Jupiter changes signs on October 10 and arrives in your 11th of friends, social and business connections, goals and dreams. Interacting with the collective in a big way is promised and you can also expect your social life to expand and new and interesting people to cross your path as a result.

Although I have said to make those three wishes, it is important to understand that Jupiter is not your Fairy Godfather, Santa and the Easter Bunny all rolled into one. Yes, he wants us to attain our goals but we cannot just sit there and expect what we want to door-knock or be there at the end of our bed (or in our bed!) when we wake up one morning. We have to take action for Jupiter to send those seemingly ‘lucky’ breaks our way. If you don’t yet understand this process I recommend you read psychologist Paul Wiseman’s book on Luck which explains this perfectly.

For you, Capricorn, goal manifestation will come about via putting yourself out there and making as many and as varied friendships and professional contacts as you can. If we want our ‘luck’ to expand then we have to be willing to step out of our usual circle and meet people operating in many different spheres. All too often we restrict ourselves on so many levels because we remain in our friendship comfort zone with the same people (usually like ourselves or with whom we work). Jupiter will put new and fascinating people in your path who could end up helping you or having a big influence on your future, if you just take that first step towards finding them.

Explore different activities and groups. Instead of staring at your phone or being plugged into your MP3 player when commuting have a book or a magazine, start to look around you. Smile. Strike up conversations. You never know who you may end up talking to. The 2017 yearly predictions for Capricorn shows that the benefits will come via stepping out of your world and entering the world of others. Do this and you may be surprised at how that wish or even wishes, end up being fulfilled.

Enjoy your friends, groups and associations. You have gotten a great opportunity to be surrounded by those you enjoy. Later transits indicate you may not have as much time to spend with them, so do it now and don’t feel guilty about it. A friend may call upon you to help them out in some way. They need you to be their friend now, so do this for them. You won’t regret it. You may need a favor from them in return one day. This is a good time to visit with some close friends or talk with some you haven’t seen in a while.

The Capricorn horoscope 2017 also says that there could be some changes in the family dynamic this year. Family secrets could be revealed to Capricorns. Be prepared to mind your own p’s and q’s and not mess with it if you don’t need to be involved.

Capricorn Horoscope 2017 For Finance

capricorn money horoscope 2017

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Capricorn Horoscope 2017 For Career

capricorn career horoscope 2017
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2017 Health Horoscope For Capricorn

capricorn health horoscope 2017

Well, the Capricorn 2017 predictions for health shows that transiting Saturn has been journeying through your solar 12th house, of health, since 2015, and will be here till December 23th, 2017. Have you been in the hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, visiting or helping people get to and from the doctor during this transit? These events are likely to happen with transiting Saturn transiting through the 12th house.

Let’s hope it was not you who might have had to receive hospital care, Capricorn. Let’s hope you were using this new 15-year cycle, which is a shutting down cycle or stage of life, to meditate and reflect in hidden, quiet or peaceful places, because this would have been the best way to handle this transit. It would have been a good time to write your memoirs or the book you always wanted to write or read all the books that have been piling up in your bookcase. But who can keep a Capricorn down what with all their pent up and inexhaustible energy?

Let’s hope you have had the opportunity or foresight to make money and to save money rather than spend everything that has come your way lately. You may have had to spend money on health care, but that is okay, you are worth it.
About this shutting down stage, this means that the 15-year cycle you have been going through is about to come to an end as of late December, 2017 transiting Saturn crosses your zodiac sign.

Very often friends and important relationships leave your life or you leave their life by some sort of strange coincidence in order for you, Capricorn, to begin your new 15-year cycle. Your new 15-year cycle will be a more reclusive stage of life, Capricorn, which means you won’t be thrust out into the world like you have been these past 15 years. This new cycle will put you more in the receiving end or taking-in department of life rather than the giving out to the world stage of your life. Now you are preparing to go more within in order to learn and grow on a deeper soul level. Capricorn, you will begin learning again and storing up all your knowledge for when transiting Saturn will cross your solar descendant some 16-or 17 years from now and when you will be thrust out into the public to give to others what you have learned.

2017 Fashion Horoscope for Capricorn

The fashion 2017 horoscope for Capricorn shows that with Pluto, the Planet of Transformation, in your sign, there could be a radical alteration in your appearance, especially if you were born in January. One day you may find yourself cleaning out your closet and tossing out a few old rags here and there, and pretty soon, most of your wardrobe will be pitched. You’re itching to buy the hottest clothes for a “new look.”

You dare to be different, Capricorn, and everyone will know it when you walk into the office wearing new threads. Onlookers may think your style is outrageous, but by late October through mid-November, you may start fashion trends with your good taste.

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope 2017

capricorn monthly horoscope 2017

Capricorn January 2017: Sometimes you just don’t feel like doing anything at all. You normally are a workaholic because you know that there are things that have to be done, money that needs to be made, and bills that need to be paid. But, about 6 times a year, there comes a time when you just don’t want to do a darn thing…and this is one of those months. That’s ok. It’s time to get some much-needed rest. Enjoy yourself. The world won’t fall apart without your strong shoulders to sit on. The rest and relaxation you take now will also put you in a better mood. Everyone will be grateful for that!

Capricorn February 2017: Financial frustrations seem to reach a peek, but can easily be taken care of when you have the ‘right’ plan. There is money you can tap into that you might not be aware of. Read, research, and explore your options. This is a great time to remortgage, apply for a loan, or get your taxes done. When you have your finances organized properly everything else seems to fall into place. People working in financial institutions are more than willing to help you out now. Don’t forget the people you love and make sure that their financial needs are taken care of too.

Capricorn March 2017: The changes that you make to yourself, your home, or your life in general will lead to increased self-esteem. You’ll have a better understanding of what you really want to do with your life. When you feel good about yourself and your home, you feel optimistic in all areas of your life. If your love life has seemed a little dreary lately, you just wait a little longer. Very soon you will be surprised when a very special person starts paying lots more attention to you!

Capricorn April 2017: You will have to do everything yourself, not because you have to…but because you will want to do it that way. You may think that you want someone else in charge once in a while, especially in your romantic life, but that is just not the case. You are a power monger and you truly do enjoy being the leader. You are finally figuring out that you can’t be a leader in just one area of your life and not in others. If you want more romance in your life, then it’s time for you to initiate some romantic feelings towards that important person in your life. If you are single then it is time to get out there and become the big flirt that you know you can be. How can someone special come into your life if you are standing against the wall like a piece of the concrete? It’s time to warm up and be more aggressive. You know what you want, now go and get it!

Capricorn May 2017: Do what you should do, because you want to, not because you have to! Resentment is possible if you are overwhelmed and unhappy. Choose your thoughts wisely and decide to be happy more often. Married Capricorns are truly loved. Single Capricorns need to be less critical of themselves and others. Get out and socialize. Take a chance on love!

Capricorn June 2017: Stretch your body so that your mind can become more flexible too. The kids are out of school now and the noise may be more than you can handle. Even if you don’t personally have children, there will seem to be plenty of children around you. Those of you who adore children will have plenty of fun now. Remember dear Capricorns…you are old when you are young and you seem to get younger when you are older. Tap into your inner-child and have some fun ~ You deserve it! Barbeques, water-parks, parties of all kinds and celebrations are highlighted for you this month. Unexpected money and love can easily come your way this month too.

Capricorn July 2017: If your personal relationships are not as satisfying as you wish them to be, then you must speak up and let these people know what you want. Arguments and hurt feelings come to the surface when the people around you feel misunderstood or when you feel misunderstood by them. Try to communicate clearly and with kindness. You will be surprised at how quickly situations turn around in your favor.

Capricorn August 2017: The information that you discover this month will lead to a higher earning ability. Educational pursuits or an apprenticeship will pay off. Prepare to do a bit of traveling. Your thoughts may be on your work, or trying to get more of your completed. This may only lead to anxiety. Try to enjoy yourself. Get together with someone you have known for a long time. Rest, relax when you can, and have a romantic picnic!

Capricorn September 2017: Try not to let your career pressures disturb your most important relationships. In other words, “Don’t bring your work home with you!” Commitments are very strong. You don’t have to ever worry about your mate being unfaithful to you and you feel the same way too. Your relationships are based on being a best friend first. Take time to show appreciation towards those that are important to you…especially your number 1 best friend, mate, and spouse.

Capricorn October 2017: Be aware of how your words affect those around you. Don’t say anything negative to, or about, someone you really care about or the situation could completely backfire on you. Try to become a source of encouragement and inspiration. “Say what you mean and mean what you say.” You truly will be held responsible for your words whether you mean them or not, so “think before you speak.” You are normally not a person to be impulsive with your words, but this month you need to think twice and then think again…you really don’t want misunderstandings and you won’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. The 22nd brings luck and eases situations greatly.

Capricorn November 2017: Nurture the children in your life with love and understanding. If you don’t have any children of your own, either give more to those around you who do have children, or start thinking about creating a family of your own. Great inner satisfaction starts when you spend time with those who really know how to love life.

Capricorn December 2017: The beginning of this month may have you feeling like a Scrooge, but by mid-month your attitude will greatly improve. You are a wonderful Santa when you want to be and it’s easy for you to get children to believe. Your heart becomes warmer and you’re filled with delight…the closer it gets to Christmas night. When you see all of the smiles and know that it is true…Christmas is so special…and it’s all because of you!

Best Dates For Capricorn In 2017

Best dates for Love

Best Dates For Love

May 9
May 16
June 24
August 12
December 25

Best Dates For WorkBest Dates For Work

May 12
May 25
August 27
September 22
October 19

Best Dates For MoneyBest Dates For Money

January 2
January 28
February 14
August 22
September 13

Best Dates For LuckBest Dates For Luck

January 12
May 31
September 26, 2017

Overall, the Capricorn horoscope 2017 shows that Jupiter will enter in your 11th house until the beginning of next October. Think of yourself as lucky and able to attract the people and circumstances you need to attain your desires and love, or whatever else you are seeking will eventually find you. Embrace friends of many different faiths, nationalities and from as many spheres of life as you can and 2017 should turn into one of the best years you’ve experienced in a very long time, dear Capricorn.

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