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December 2017 Monthly Horoscope

Welcome to the December Monthly Horoscope 2017 For All Zodiac Signs!

Welcome to what feels like a busy month…not only because it is the holiday season, but also due to the myriad of planetary configurations we are experiencing at this time!

Theme of the Month:


The Sagittarius Sun brings forth an explorer’s passion combined with a professor’s knowledge – it’s always ready to go somewhere it’s never gone before to do something it’s never done before in order to learn something new to apply to its journey and to share with others to assist in their journeys.

The Truth inspires freedom.

Sagittarius is most popularly known to represent freedom, exploration, and adventure. It’s a big picture way of living that is, in many ways, incurably optimistic. Sagittarius believes that there is an opportunity for growth and expansion in everything.

That said, Sagittarians can be known to run from commitment and structure for fear of being held back or contained. Sag does not want to be “fenced in” with few or no opportunities for growth. This applies to both professional and personal circumstances and relationships. Not many Sagittarians will be found in very long-term positions or relationships – not unless those roles provide a lot of learning and teaching opportunities for the Sag natives involved.

Sagittarius does not only consider physical or formal educational experiences as sources of knowledge. They also are drawn to philosophy and religion as paths to insights about themselves and others. As Sagittarians move along these paths, they are exposed to many thought and belief systems. And as they explore these systems, they begin to see the dark side of philosophy and religion…which in turn helps them see the Light:

“The Truth will set you free.”

That statement alone reveals what is at the core of Sagittarius’ approach to life: its search for Truth. And ultimately, within that Truth is the freedom that Sag is seeking. It is Truth which gives Sag inspiration and power and sets them free to be and do bigger and better in their lives with authenticity and honesty.

Hypocrisy, pretense, and fraud are the worst offenses in the eyes of Sagittarians. There is much hypocrisy, pretense, and fraud in religion and philosophy, as well as in business and in relationships. This is why Sagittarians are both eager to take on new experiences, yet why they are also hesitant to make commitments – they don’t want to be caught up in a lie. Institutions that practice full disclosure full of people who speak their minds and walk their talk are the ones that Sags look to as sources of wisdom and growth.

Sagittarians will sample around with many different things, and they will be “all in” for everything they involve themselves in. Sags always give everything and everyone an honest shot. Yet, after all is said and done, they realize that being oneself truthfully and authentically and completely is the most freedom-embracing way to live. After all, when you are pretending to be someone else, how can you be yourself?

It’s not often you find a Sagittarian who takes on others’ characteristics, identities and/or activities completely. If you do, it’s usually because they are in severe denial of the Truth of who they are. They embody the qualities of hypocrisy, pretense and fraud that they despise most, yet only because they do not know how to go about being themselves…or they really don’t want to take on responsibility for themselves. They do not know how to set themselves free…or they are afraid to set themselves free.

Of course, once Sagittarius natives or people with heavy Sagittarius influence do begin to awaken to the Truth about themselves, they want to share what they’ve found with others. Their ‘perpetual teacher’ nature kicks in, and they want others to experience their path to Truth. The thing for Sags to remember is that each person’s path to Truth is unique and individual to them. There is no one size fits all way to get there. The best thing a Sag can do is to share their experience as their experience – as their way, not as “the way”.

Look at where Sagittarius falls in your astrological chart for guidance in how to utilize this energy in your personal life journey. For more information and insights, see the December 2017 Horoscope for your zodiac sign.

December Horoscope 2017 Overview

As we look at the astrology of December 2017 we see that it has its own cosmic ebb and flow as different energies come into play.

This happens as the planets slowly shift against the backdrop of the signs. It is much like a kaleidoscope of various colours and shapes that create new patterns as you turn the tube.

The inner planets Mercury and Venus will generally be in Capricorn in December because they travel near the Sun.

During the time over the year-end the other planets can bring their flavour to the proceedings because they will not be in Capricorn. Oh, but that’s not true this year as we’ll soon see.

Saturn into Capricorn 

The big news this month is that Saturn is moving into Capricorn.

Signs that will feel this energy shift the most are Capricorn, Aquarius and anyone who is turning twenty-nine, fifty-nine or eighty-nine years old in 2018. For these people will have Saturn in Capricorn in their birth chart and this means a Saturn return is up for them.

Saturn in Capricorn is a recalibration of worthy and achievable goals that you can set. You will be limited, but only by your own hand, as you strive to build a foundation for your future.

Governments, corporations and businesses will be more transparent as the people demand honest dealings. Laws brought in to force now will restrict and contain anything that has been running rampant.

Company taxes is one area that will be addressed.

On a personal level you will learn the hard way just what your limitations are. Parents of teenagers will clamp down and try to resist the pressure from their children. Parenting itself will become a respected vocation.

Later parenting and big brother types of groups will gain strength. Discipline for youth will be brought in again.

The internet will be restructured and a fairer equity will come in.

All of these changes will evolve over the next two and a half years as Saturn transits the whole of Capricorn.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury will be retrograde for most of the month which creates a strain on Christmas shopping. The holiday crowds will be three times as likely to be annoying than usual.

Either get your seasonal shopping done in November and if you can’t do that then wait until Christmas Eve.

If you do buy stuff you will probably return the things you bought and go back to the store even before the season really starts because you are dissatisfied with your purchases.

You will be saying to yourself, “I can do better than this” as you look at the collection of gifts you bought with such hopes to give before the time.

The best shopping will be in the bag before December 3rd and unbelievably on Christmas Eve.

Avoid the crush as shoppers return three times because of the Mercury retrograde period to the shops to buy stuff that is inappropriate, wrong or damaged in some way.

This year promises to be hectic for shoppers and retailers alike. There will be words.

Expect postal delays as well because Mercury rules the post office, couriers and delivery services.

New Moon in Sagittarius – December 18, 2017

In December we have a lively and “upbeat” New Moon in Sagittarius, a fire sign. Those of us who have planets in fire signs (especially Sagittarians) are really feeling the urge to find expression through ideals and beliefs in a way that defies old boundaries. In other words, this is a month of monumental “breakthroughs” in conventional belief systems whether we are looking at politics, religion, or our own personal philosophy of life.

Setting the theme for the next month, December’s New Moon is at the Galactic Centre – 26 Sagittarius – on the 18th at 5.30 pm. Conjunct Venus and Saturn, the themes here are very future oriented. Time to get serious about planning … adventure, travel, higher learning, dissertations, spiritual goals – all those delicious fiery Sagittarian interests. After all, it’s only a few more days now till Mercury moves direct and Saturn enters Capricorn, the sign of ‘Great works’ with a capital ‘G’. The Galactic Centre is the pivotal point around which our galaxy rotates … a source of energy, aspiration, motivation and evolution. Saturn potentially brings practical structure and grounding to our projects, Venus adds grace and balance, while a trine to Uranus in Aries hints at innovation and originality.

Think big! Sagittarius loves the bigger picture – it’s a visionary sign committed to expanding our awareness and uncovering higher truths. Don’t launch into it just yet though … wait till Mercury moves direct when the Universe will offer its support to your venture.

Sagittarius expands our horizons and fuels our “quest” for Higher Consciousness. Under the Sagittarian influence, we are more open and optimistic and dislike restrictions and dishonesty of any kind. Combined with the powerful forces of Uranus in Aries, this is a time for personal revolution and breaking free of anything that feels limiting. We definitely want to “stretch, if not actually push, the envelope”.

Where in your birth chart is 26 Sagittarius? This house is the area of life where these inspirations and plans can begin to take form!

Fortunately, after December 25th, Venus is in the responsible sign of Capricorn, which offers some degree of checks and balances, but if there is any area in your life creating limitation or resentment, it will be become a real “ouch” point.

Take the opportunity of this month to exercise your personal freedom and expression, but also to honor your responsibilities and commitments.

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